November 2017
Video Pirates: The New TV Service Providers?
Content providers have been buoyed by consumers going outside of the traditional pay TV service to access OTT to get their content (or, at least supplement it). If subscribers will directly access proprietary services like Disney/ESPN and HBO, the content owners can distribute their content and skip paying the aggregators. But this begs the question: Can the pirates reasonably fulfill that aggregation role? Learn the answer. 
vMVPD Services: Haven't We Been Here Before?
Now that Netflix and Amazon have made the all-you-can-eat on-demand services a formidable part of the video-service landscape, the industry is moving to the "everything old is new again" phase. Now, consumers can buy "me too" linear and on-demand TV services from content aggregators that mimic traditional pay TV. The rush to deliver all things video on the internet, though, comes with some considerable bandwidth (or lack thereof) issues that directly impact Quality of Experience (QoE). Read more. 
Pressure Builds on Hisense to Give Up Sharp TV Brand
The ongoing battle between Foxconn-led Sharp Electronics and Chinese TV maker Hisense continues unabated as Sharp piles on litigation, claiming misuse of the Sharp TV brand that Hisense licenses in the U.S. market. Sharp/Foxconn is further buoyed by its proposed $10 billion LCD display fab in Wisconsin, which could bring them favor with the Trump Administration. Will Hisense keep its Sharp TV licensing deal given the protracted attacks from its licensor? Learn more. 
Case Study: Accessing Hard-to-Find Intelligence    
A patent pool requiring specific research for an audio technology quickly realized that technical specifications and product information was scarce and not easily accessible. This made it extremely difficult to identify the use of specific technologies within products in the marketplace. Find out how DTC provided a customized solution that included an in-depth analysis of the use of multiple technologies across 23 categories of consumer electronic products.  
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