St Winifred's School
    View from the Window
                                                                  Summer Term number 10
                                                                  2nd July 2017

Dear Parents, 

We hope you have enjoyed watching Wind in the Willows as much as we enjoyed performing it for you.  I was so impressed with all the cast whether they were soloists or in the chorus - they all worked so hard and acted and sung with such enthusiasm.  One very proud Headteacher!. Thank you for the amazing costumes you all put together.  Team St Winnie's at its best! 

We are now busy preparing for Speech Day which takes place at 2pm on Friday 7th July at the Turner Sims Concert Hall, Salisbury Road, Southampton, SO17 1BJ.  Please note that this year pupils will be expected to attend School in the morning and will be transferred by minibus to the venue. All pupils must wear smart summer uniform, no blazers or school bags on Friday please. Parents are invited to meet us at the Turner Sims for a 2pm start to celebrate the year's achievements.  This is a ticketed event, parents are required to reserve tickets through the Turner Sims box office by telephoning 023 8059 5151. The box office is open Monday - Friday from 10am to 5pm.   

We have arranged with Turner Sims that parents can park with a permit between Hampton Car Park (off Broadlands Road, next to Brewed Awakening - SO17 3AT) and the Avenue Campus with a permit.  Space cannot be guaranteed within Hampton Car Park alone due to the potential number of vehicles, so therefore Avenue Campus can be used either in preference or as overflow parking.  The Pay & Display car park at Highfield should also have some spaces available, but this would be strictly on a Pay & Display basis and a permit would not be valid there.
Please click the link for the permit, which can be printed for each of the cars & displayed clearly on the dashboard. Please see linked a map of the Highfield Campus, which shows the Hampton car park in the top right corner. Copies of the permit and map are available from the school office. 

After proceedings this year we would like to invite you to a family and staff buffet at St.Winifred's from 4pm to 6pm. Please confirm numbers and any dietary requirements with the school office by Wednesday 5th July.

We are having our final Achievement Assembly for this year on Monday 10th July.  Please encourage your child to bring in any certificates or other things about which they are proud - we love to celebrate what they are doing out of school. 

Our annual whole school Activities Day on Tuesday 11th July promises to be an exciting day with the Happy Puzzle Company coming in to do workshops with the separate classes.  We are having a picnic together at The Gregg School and then doing a variety of games, challenges in the beautiful grounds.  Normal school times but please could you provide a packed lunch for your child. This day is partly funded by our PTA so there is no additional charge to parents - thank you Winifriends!  

We have a few children able to help us sing at  The Gregg School Summer Fair  on Saturday 8th July. We are going to present songs from our Wind in the Willows show at 12noon in the marquee on the Sundial Lawn. We will perform for approximately 30 minutes. Please contact the office if you are able to take part - the more the better!   

Best wishes 

Jan Caddy 
Form 6 this week
This week, we will be using our writing and speaking skills very much again as we build up to Speech day on Friday!  I'm sure all of Year 6 will enjoy preparing and delivering their speeches - a great opportunity to reflect on their School lives at St Winifred's as well as get used to a bigger audience! 
Also, as an end of Year treat after SATs and the School production, we will be taking Year 6 to Rock Up on Tuesday morning followed by a picnic at Mrs Caddy's farm (as we did last year).  This is a great way to spend time together as a reward for all Year 6's hard work this year. Please bring a packed lunch! SATs results will also arrive this week and will be emailed out on Wednesday 5th July. 
In English, in addition to speech day prep, we will be completing our poetry inspired by our favourite drinks and beginning a short unit on non-chronological reports on the theme of technology. 
In Maths, we will be reviewing our Curriculum targets from across the year and covering any important areas through quizzes as well as finishing our real life data work. 
In Science, we will cover the last session on 'How babies are born', looking at how couple's prepare for a baby's arrival as well.  And in topic, we will be comparing how World War 1 and World War 2 advanced flight technology, and we will be evaluating our assembly presentations in R.S. 
Form 5 this week

In Science we will be finding out about another great scientist - Leonardo Da Vinci - and his famous Vitruvian Man sketch. We will carry out an experiment to test the accuracy of the sketch.

In English we will be continuing with our narrative poetry unit by investigating poetry structure as well as planning out a different ending to the Highwayman.
In Maths we will be finishing the term off recapping measure paying close attention to finding the volumes of different shapes.  
Coming up in Form 1
Maths: This week the children will be looking at number patterns where they will be expected to try and work out what happens between each of the different numbers and identifying some of the different strategies they can use to help them to do this. 

English: This week the children will be writing a recount based upon a day in the life of one of their chosen fantasy characters. They will be identifying where their character could wake up, what they might do and where they may go at night. The children will also be expected to write their recounts using a range of time connectives correctly.

In Science this week we will be concluding our study of materials. The children will be finishing off designing their own boat from last week and then testing how well each of their boats float. The children will finish off by recording the results and then evaluating the outcomes and what they noticed about the performance of each of the boats and the different materials used.

Coming up for Form 3
In English this week, we will continue to look at animal poems, focusing on writing extended sentences with more than one clause, reading and discussing descriptive shape poems, planning a shaped poem and writing a first draft of spiral poems.  The children will hear lots of examples of animal poems such as  Mice by Rose Fyleman, Lone Dog by Irene Mcleod, The Wild, the Free by Lord Byron and Ducks' Ditty by Kenneth Grahame.
In Science this week, we will explore a range of different shaped magnets, identifying their poles. The children will use sealed iron filings to show the magnetic fields. Discuss everyday uses of magnets at home, at school and in games/toys. Children will design a new product using magnets.
In Maths, we will be learning about fractions this week. We will understand fractions as both numbers and operators. We will find unit and non-unit fractions of amounts.  We will add and subtract fractions with the same denominator within one whole. We will also find fractions equivalent to ½ and ¼.   
This Week:

Summer  menu week 2

Monday 3rd July
Final Dance Club
All preschool and reception to attend please until 4pm.

Tuesday 4th July
Form 6 trip to Rock Up
NO after school clubs

Wednesday 5th July
No after school clubs except JUDO

Thursday 6th July
Choir until 4.15pm

Friday 7th July
Speech Day 2pm
Turner Sims
Buffet at St.Winifred's from 4pm
No After school Care today
Advance Dates:

Saturday 8th July
The Gregg School 
St.Winifred's singing songs from Wind in the Willows 12noon.

Monday 10th July
Achievement Assembly

Tuesday 11th July
Activity Day at St.Winifred's and The Gregg School

Wednesday 12th July
12noon End of Term

In Form 2 this week

In English next week, Form 2 will continue with the poetry theme. They will memorise familiar poems and prepare to perform these. They will look at extending their vocabulary and use their imaginations to produce original descriptions. They will use appropriate punctuation when writing a list poem.

Next week in Maths, Form 2 will look at identifying the properties of 3D shapes by counting the faces and corners. They will revise telling the time to the nearest quarter hour on analogue clocks and match the times to digital clocks. Form 2 will begin to read the time to the nearest 5 minutes on an analogue clock.

Science- Having continued focusing on living things, Form 2 have begun to look at animal habitats around the world. They will continue their mini projects about habitats as well as looking at the habitats of plants and creatures found in our local area.

Topic- Form 2 will continue to use simple compass directions and use locational and directional language, looking at keys and creating simple maps.
Reception and Preschool in the coming week

Early Years will be listening to and discussing the story 'The Singing Mermaid' by Julia Donaldson.   We will be working on rehearsing for Speech day.  The children are all very excited.

In Reception the children will be thinking about their own achievements for this academic year and about moving on .   Reception will write a letter from the singing mermaid to her friends in the ocean while she was in the circus.  In Maths, we will be having lots of fun with practical activities involving direct comparison of capacity, length and weight

In Preschool, the children will also be talking about how they have changed and what they have learnt this year.  We will be busy finalising our speech day dance and songs, ready for the performance on Friday 7th July.  After reading the Singing Mermaid, the children will be attempting their own magic tricks, maybe performing them to Reception. 
Form 4 this week
English: To conclude our Stories with humour topic Form 4 will be planning and writing their own stories which will be filled with humour, perfect punctuation and grammar.
Maths: We will be reading the 24-hour clock and converting times to am and pm, with digital and analogue formats. Form 4 will also be finding time intervals using 24-hour clock and convert between units of time too.
Science: In this lesson children have the chance to invent their own toothpaste. They will find out about the inventor Dr Washington Sheffield, who created the first modern toothpaste, then compare their own creation to real brands of toothpaste.
Our topic comes to a close as we plan our trip to our chosen European destination. We shall be exploring the landscape, culture, industry and climate of cities, and then children will compare their research with other members of the group. Children will then identify similarities and differences between different locations across Europe.
RS: We learn about the Buddhist scriptures this week as children create their own guide sheet to explain the Tipitaka.
After School Clubs week beginning 3rd July

Dance Club with Miss Cutler
Preschool and Reception 3.30-to 4pm
Form 1 and Form 2 from 4 to 4.30pm
No further Homework Club for this term

Spanish Class with Ruth Kibble for Forms 1,2 and 3 from 8.15-8.45am

Spanish Class with Ruth Kibble for Forms 4,5 and 6 from 8.15-8.45am

CHOIR for Reception to Form 6 with Mrs Caddy from 3.30pm to 4.15pm.
No Multi Sports Club today

No further Homework Club for this term