St Winifred's School
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                                                                  Summer Term number 9
                                                                  23rd June 2017

Dear Parents, 

Thank you for your support at the Summer Fete which was very successful and we will update you with the final total next week.  A huge thank you to Winifriends and especially to Mrs Cooper who oversaw all the arrangements.  

I really enjoyed Sports Day and we liked the 'weather safe' arrangements for the children to be under the trees so much that we will definitely do the same next year!  It was lovely to see so many of you there.  We are completing the throwing and jumping activities next week and then we will have a House winner!  

The Gregg School have invited parents to their GCSE Art, Textiles and Photography Exhibition on Tuesday 27th June from 4 - 6 pm.  Wine and cheese will be served!    

Also,  Mrs Sellers has invited St.Winifred's to take part in The Gregg School Summer Fair on Saturday 8th July. We have been asked to present songs from our Wind in the Willows show at 12noon in the marquee on the Sundial Lawn. We will perform for approximately 30 minutes. The Summer Fair runs from 11am to 4pm and families are invited to visit the stalls and take part in a range of activities around the school grounds - I do hope you can join us.  

We are looking forward to performing Wind in the Willows - the children have worked really hard and it is looking and sounding great!  There are a few tickets left for each performance - please contact the office.  Final call for costumes on Monday please!!  Fingers crossed for a cooler week next week!  

More details about Speech Day arrangements will be sent next week.  

Best wishes 

Jan Caddy 
Form 6 this week
As we prepare to perform 'Wind in the Willows' this week, we will be using all our drama, speaking and listening skills to the full. The children have worked hard in rehearsals and we all wish Year 6 and all the children the best of success!

In English this week, we will be completing our own narrative poems about a favourite drink using vivid adjectives, expanded noun phrases, powerful verbs and rhythm and rhyme to make our work effective for a younger audience.

In Maths, we will be continuing with real-life data handling, completing our analysis of the Summer Fete and Sports day. We will be calculating sectors for pie charts, scales for bar charts and thinking up statements and question to help an audience best understand the data.

In Science, we are continuing with our human reproduction and relationships education, working in separate boy and girl groups to discuss changes in puberty and looking at the second video 'How babies are made'.

And in topic, we will be investigating the first flight across the Atlantic, whilst in R.S. we will be reflecting on all we have learnt from our assembly presentation last week.
Form 5 this week

Form 5 will be visiting perimeter and area in Maths for the last time this year. We will be checking any last misunderstandings and playing around with area and perimeter problems.
In English we will be starting our last topic of the term: narrative poetry with a focus on the Highwayman by Alfred Noyes. We will be looking at poetry conventions and working on our own poems.
In Science we will be studying how scientific ideas have changed over time by finding out about Margaret Hamilton's life and her involvement with the space shuttle programme.
In History we will be looking at changes to the British holiday industry starting with Billy Butlin and his famous holiday camps.
Coming up in Form 1
In Maths this week Form 1 will be doubling and halving different numbers up to thirty and beyond. We will start by looking at doubling numbers and thinking about the strategies they can use to help them do this. Later in the week we will look at halving different numbers beginning with numbers that can be halved without remainders and then moving onto those numbers which have them.

English: This week the children will be finishing off writing their own fantasy story. They will be using their plans to help them check their ideas 'flow' and that their story makes sense to them and also to their readers.

In Science this week we will be continuing to look at materials. The children will be continuing to link this with their 'castles' topic. Using some of the information which they found on their recent trip to 'Portchester castle' they will be have a go at building their own boats, using the same materials that would have been available to them in Medieval times and would be able to successfully and safely sail across the waters of the English Channel and beyond!

Coming up for Form 3
This week in Maths, we will be adding and subtracting with money. We will add three or four 2-digit numbers using expanded column then compact column written addition. We will use mental subtraction to count back to find change from £5, £10 and £20. We will also count up to find a difference between amounts of money.
In English, We will be starting a new topic looking at animal poems.  Children will be fully immersed in poems all about animals. They will read, discuss and perform different styles of poems, comparing then collecting ones they like to create their own anthologies. They will even write their own additions to their poetry collection.
In Science this week, children will use bar magnets to find out like poles repel and opposite poles attract. They will become aware that the Earth acts like a large bar magnet & that two poles are called north and south. 
This Week:

Summer  menu week 1

Tuesday 27th June
NO CLUBS except Drama Club

Wednesday 28th June
Wind in the Willows 4pm
collect pupils at 5.45pm

Thursday 29th June
Choir until 4.15pm

Friday 30th June
Wind in the Willows 4pm
collect pupils at 5.45pm
Advance Dates:

Friday 7th July
Speech Day

Saturday 8th July
The Gregg School 

Wednesday 12th July
12noon End of Term

In Form 2 this week

In English this week we will read and enjoy listening to poems and learn a poem by heart. Our focus will be on identifying and using adjectives and thinking of imaginative description. Form 2 will try to write poems based on what they have read. We will enjoy sharing the poems and reading them out to the others in the group. Finally we will look to identify similes and sequence sentences to write a poem using them.  

In Maths next week Form 2 will focus on using money to find a difference between two 2 digit numbers by counting up and by totalling more than 20. We will also practise subtracting by counting up or counting back. The children will need to decide whether it would be more efficient to subtract by counting back or counting up.

In Science we will continue to focus on the characteristics of living and non-living things. The children will go outside to make a collection of things and bring them back indoors to sort out into living and non-living things. We will talk about treating the living things with care and kindness.

Topic- Continuing on the theme of our school and the local area, we will focus on our school playground. Form 2 will use simple compass directions and locational and directional language. We will devise a simple map and use and construct basic symbols in a key. 

Reception and Preschool in the coming week

Early Years will be listening to and discussing the story 'The Snail and the Whale' by Julia Donaldson.   We will be working on creating the children's tabards ready for Speech day.  Thank you for providing clothes for your child for this event.

In Reception the children will be thinking about their own abilities linked to the story- even though the snail is small, he helps to save the whale.   Reception will write about an adventure the small creature could go on.  In Maths, we will be exploring counting, addition and subtraction to develop and embed their understanding in this area; working on their mental addition and subtraction of sums. 

In Preschool we will be looking at capacity and size in our themed maths activities.  We will be talking about how we can help each other and what it means to be a good friend. We will also be designing our tabard for speech day. Please bring your child's leggings/shorts and tops in to school by Monday 26th June.

Phonic of the week: 'w'

Letters and sounds: Rhythm and Rhyme

Preschool parents, if you have not already done so please provide a labelled suncream and sunhat for your child to use during outdoor activities. We would also appreciate it if you provided a change of clothes for your child and a bag to keep it in to be left at school for any unexpected spillages or wet accidents, thank you.
Form 4 this week
English: We shall be continuing with Stories with Humour this week as pupils will be using their imagination to develop rounded characters for a story as they explore their own humorous style.
Maths: A final attack at fractions for form four as we identify equivalent fractions, including decimals as well as finding non-unit fractions of amounts. We shall solve fraction word problems too and for some attempt to add and subtract fractions with different denominators.
Science: Thomas Edison is our scientist in focus for this week as we discover his work with electricity and his inventions. We will identify electrical appliances around school, and will consider what life would be like without electricity.
RS: In the fourth lesson of this unit, children make their own Wesak lantern to demonstrate understanding of the most important Buddhist festival of Vesākha, also known as Buddha Day.
After School Clubs week beginning 26th June

Dance Club with Miss Cutler
Preschool and Reception 3.30-to 4pm
Form 1 and Form 2 from 4 to 4.30pm
No further Homework Club for this term

Spanish Class with Ruth Kibble for Forms 1,2 and 3 from 8.15-8.45am
No After School Clubs today except Drama
Drama Club 3.30pm to 4.30pm

Spanish Class with Ruth Kibble for Forms 4,5 and 6 from 8.15-8.45am

CHOIR for Reception to Form 6 with Mrs Caddy from 3.30pm to 4.15pm.
No Multi Sports Club today

No further Homework Club for this term