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Is the Christian Reward really...HEAVEN? 

September 16, 2011

 Is the Christian Reward really...HEAVEN?

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The Vigilant Watchman continues to reach out to the scattered Church to WATCH and WARN, trumpeting out the Truth of God across the Laodicean landscape in hopes of EDUCATING AND EDIFYING the collective Church of God toward the fullness and stature of Jesus Christ! 

The Vigilant Church of God is firmly dedicated in the direction that was envisioned from the beginning of this work, continuing in harmony with Christ, as He Knocks on the door of His sheep!

Please visit the new and refined webstite at , as Christ is now opening doors for this Work to go forth with POWER AND ZEAL in hopes of reaching all of the Scattered Church throughout Laodicea today! The present Work of Jesus Christ plows forward with urgency in announcing "The Call to Rise" to the scattered sheep of God! Please take note of this dynamic website, and save the new domain address as one of your "favorites".

We are living in sobering but exciting times, and truly welcome your thoughts on how we may improve our efforts to spread the message of Revelation 3:20 to the Church of God scattered throughout the churches of Laodicea.

L. F. Maschio

 Is the Christian Reward really...HEAVEN?


If one is "saved." where would he/she SPEND ETERNITY? Do you really know? Where does God (not man) say he/she would be? God's WORD is the FINAL AUTHORITY! Let us put aside for a moment what we have always assumed to be true, because most have been taught that when a Christian dies, he/she will automatically go to Heaven forever and ever (existing in a state of idleness and ease), possibly playing harps and having little to do.

Have you ever looked into the Bible to see what GOD SAYS about the "saved" going to Heaven?

Let's let the Bible interpret itself, and not let it be interpreted by human tradition! What does the Bible reveal about what the "saved" shall inherit for eternity? What is the truth? This study will PROVE what THE TRUTH about this subject really is!


By L.F.Maschio

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