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Most people think of Spring as the transition time for their skin when the effects of the cold, wind and indoor heat have left them feeling dry, dehydrated and even flaky.  In addition, your exercising ability has been limited.  Living in Southern California, we are now experiencing weather in the 90's which has its own dehydrating effects on our skin.    


Salts in Row - no names

Exfoliating is the perfect way to have absolutely radiant, soft and smooth skin which is essential when the elements have not been kind. Why not consider two beneficial Body Smoothers just perfect for exfoliation:


Purifying & Detoxing Bath and Salt Rub and the Exfoliating Body Smoother.   Choose the formula that is perfect for your individual needs.  Click Here  


Every year, I cannot wait until Pantone introduces the Color of the Year which Pantone states is a symbolic color section; a color snapshot of what we see taking place in our global culture that serves as an expression of a mood and attitude.  The 2017 Color of the Year is Greenery - Pantone 15-0343, a refreshing and revitalizing shade, a symbolic of new beginnings.  Greenery is a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature's greens revive, restore and renew.   


On the right side, check out ideas to help maintain your healthy skin and attitude, as we enter Springtime, as well as ideas to add a little "Greenery" to your everyday life.     


In addition, let me know if you need help with your Her Pampering Gift gift-giving needs throughout the year.  I want to help make your shopping easy and less stressful.   Click Here 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any hints or ideas, and I will include them in my future Newsletters.

Sincerely, Dolores

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The Who Makes Sense? Store on my website features unique, vintage and one-of-a-kind items, such as paintings, prints, crystal, ceramics, jewelry, collectibles and books. If known, the history or story of the item will be included.  The one-of-a-kind items will change on a regular basis, as they are sold, then replaced with new finds so have fun browsing on a regular basis. 

The most popular category is Vintage Fragrances/ Discontinued Fragrances.  Women's and men's fragrances that have been discontinued by cosmetic and fragrance houses are featured, such as:  Uninhibited by Cher, Eau de Calandre by Paco Rabanne, Charlie and Deneuve.  With your order, you will receive a gift from Vinci & Rakos. 
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With your order, you will receive a gift from
Vinci & Rakos. 
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Descriptions of 200+ Parfums

Fragrance Suggestions  
for Springtime
These scents will help you embrace Springtime and all it has to offer with the emergence of new flowers and fruits and their scented blossoms.
Boudoir Parfum 
The perfect floral fragrance with a semi-oriental twist to the senses.  Starts off with a blend of fruity top notes of orange blossom, bergamot and apricot.  Expands into a sensual middle of jasmine, tuberose, lily of the valley and ylang ylang.  The warm ending of tonka, musk and amber makes this the perfect evening fragrance.  The fragrance can take you all the way to Summer.  Boucheron type.  

Citrus Parfum 

An uplifting combination of fresh and cool citrus notes with a warm herbal base.  The ideal clean and refreshing scent for the man and woman of action.

Honeysuckle Parfum
Honeysuckle is a sweet, highly nectar scent with hints of green and fruity.  In order to capture the natural honeysuckle scent, other floral notes have been blended together to help create this highly fragrant, slightly passionate and spicy aroma.  

White Embrace A classic and timeless French inspired floral blend dominated with tuberose and highlighted with notes of gardenia, jasmine, lily, rose and lilac.  Finishes with a smooth, powdery and captivating base to help embrace your being.  White Shoulders type.  

Sheer Ginseng Gold

In the spirit of the original Ginseng Gold scent but with a lighter blend of spices, amber and vanilla accented with touches of bright citrus and green notes.  Warm and spicy created with an uplifting twist and great for the Spring and Summer months and the daytime.  

Sheer Jasmine
Jasmine has always been considered the king of flowers and a favorite of all perfumers.  A fresh, floral, honey-like sweet scent with a fruity-herb like undertone.  Its aroma can be intense so Sheer Jasmine was created to be lighter in its delivery and elegance. 


Spring Bouquet  

Beautiful femininity, gentleness and romantic love created with lush florals of lilac, violet and tuberose and spirited fruity notes of orange blossom and citrus.  Warmed with powdery, woody notes of sandalwood, musk and vanilla to create a breathless, floral experience.  Beautiful type.

White Rain  
Gently blended with notes of soft white musk, smooth woods and powdery heliotrope.  Delicate hints of green and moss notes round out this crystal clear water blend.  A clean scent almost like wearing nothing but softness.   



*For those clients who are ready to embrace Spring, now is the time to experience lighter, and sheer scents.      


Parfum web site

*Florals, Florals, Florals are everywhere when it comes to your wardrobe. Invest in a great floral top or jacket that can go from day to evening.  However, be careful not to go floral from head to toe.   Men can also spruce up their wardrobe with a floral tie or shirt. 


*There are inexpensive ways to liven up your Living Room and Bedroom to get you in the mood for Spring.  If fresh flowers are out of the question, fill large bowls or vases with silk flowers in soft and gentle colors of pale yellow, mint green and even light pink to help capture the feeling.  You can also spray your favorite fragrance on the silk flowers.   


*Consider changing out your throw pillows to match the dawning of the new Season.  Since "Greenery" is the Color of the Year, all of the stores and discount outlets are filled with this refreshing color and patterns with this color  All light shades of green will work, as long as they are uplifting, such as, seafoam, mint and spearmint.  The result is a feeling of relaxation and calmness.     


*Now that Spring has arrived, cosmetic companies are once again featuring lipsticks that are Matte in their delivery.   And, there are so many different versions of the color NUDE that everyone will be satisfied.    


*STILL HOT:  Your brows are the perfect way to frame your face.  If your brows have issues, you can fill them in with liquid, pencil or powders.  I found that powders are easier to work with.  I discovered the MUA Professional Complete Brow Kit that includes two universal brow shades, brow wax, brow gel with brush and a double-ended angled brush/rounded brush.   The two shades help you created the perfect brow color.  


*If you go from morning to night without anytime to freshen your makeup, you might want a more long-lasting facial foundation.  Consider Revlon's Colorstay which comes in 32 shades, and in two formulas, combo/oily & normal/dry.  However, don't go too dark this time of the year.    


*STILL HOT:  Eyeliner helps create a soft, dramatic or sexy look.  I am a lover of eye liner and found that Almay's Liquid Eyeliner has the perfect flexible tip to help create the perfect line or wing.  It has all day wear and is water resistant.  


*Mascara will help brighten your eyes no matter what time of day it is.  And, at night, apply an extra coat of mascara to create a "let's go out" tonight look.  All the beauty magazines are featuring lots and lots of mascara as a must have for Spring.  Cake mascaras are hot once again. 

*Keep using your sunscreen/sunblock before outdoor activities. Don't let the clouds fool you, the sun will still get through, especially on your face, earlobes, neck and throat.  A BB Cream is also the perfect way to combine sun protection, light color and facial moisturizing   
*Sometimes it is so hard to exercise outdoors when it is raining or you are running late.  Why not consider The Sanddune which is the most perfect exercise companion?   I use mine several times a day to keep me in tip-top shape and my balance in check.  I even blow dry my hair while on The Sanddune to save time.  To review,  Click Here  


*Men need to make sure that they are taking care of themselves all year long.   My  Herbal Invigorating Foot & Muscle Rub is one of their favorite products.  Great when used before putting on your socks and shoes or after a day of golf or exercise.  Why not give each other beneficial foot massages? Click Here 


Foot Balm 2 ARC







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A great way to experience over 200 beautiful Vinci & Rakos Parfums. Each sample is a full-bodied Parfum with no added alcohol or extenders. $25.00 for seven (7) Parfums of your choice, packaged in a drawstring organza bag. The Parfums are presented on individual vial cards so you can record your comments & keep track of your personal preferences. Size of vial is a 1/6 dram with plug top and tiny dip wand.  



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