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2015 August Newsletter 
This Saturday!

August 8th, it's Second Saturday  
Come along for some fun!  
                            It's time for a ride.

Choose to explore the Hood River Valley and the Gorge today and take the time to visit the museum to
hear, smell and see some vintage motorcycles & snowmobiles take a spin around the yard.
WAAAM is open 9-5
the Second Saturday living history action is between 10am & 2pm
The Pacific Northwest Vintage Snowmobile Club will be displaying and driving throughout the day, as well as some of the old bikes off the museum floor: the 1925 Sun Beam, 1923 Henderson and more!
What else will fly in or drive in ? You have to be here to see all of the "going-ons". (Cars and planes will be out too)

You are Invited Bring your Motorcycle or Snowmobile to Show  
Live and learn history here. 
9-5       Museum is Open
9           Snowmobiles start getting fired up
10-2     Action: See and hear the past
10:30   Shop Tour
11-1     Lunch hot off the grill 
11:30   Talk by Jeremy Young:
                        Owning the 1923 Henderson Motorcycle
12        Caboose Tour
1          Shop tour
5          Museum closes: Thank you for your interest and                   support! Tell all your friends!

Next Month? It's time for the Annual Hood River Fly-in! Come see hundreds and hundreds of planes flying in from all over the US

Keep track of what is happening when you can't stop by.  Watch us on Facebook/WAAAMuseum

9 Months, 2500 Hours
and a Beauty is Born 

Rearwin Speedster and crew
            Photo 2015 copyright Rick A. Brown of RAB Imaging                      www.rabimaging.com    Posted with permission


1938 Rearwin 6000M Speedster


Designed in 1934, the Speedster is one of Rearwin's most exciting designs! But, it's inability to successfully complete spin testing kept it off the market for several years and by the time that the problem was corrected in 1937 production of the chosen engine had ended and the market for the Speedster had passed.  


The narrow-fuselage Speedster was built for speed and it demonstrated that speed in a 30-mile free-for-all race at the Miami Air Races, averaging 149.7 MPH around the course. Despite this performance and an extended national tour of the airplane that garnered enthusiastic attention, sales did not follow. Oddly, the Speedster is one of the most popular old airplanes among model airplane builders.


Our 1938 Rearwin Speedster has been part of the original WAAAM collection when the museum first opened in 2007 but it was tucked away in the restoration hangar where most didn't notice it. While many other projects have been completed, this one got a jump start when a 1940 Rearwin Cloudster was donated to the museum. From that point, the race was on to finish the Speedster so that all three of WAAAM's Rearwins could be together.

It took our volunteer crew 9 months to finish the project, which will have it's paperwork and inspection done in time to fly some time in the next few weeks. This project would not have been possible in the time frame without the generosity of  Consolidated Aircraft Coatings who donated the fabric for the airplane. Additional thanks to  Bild Industries for donating much of the hardware used on the airplane and to Oregon Aero for creating the Speedster's seat cushions.

Museum Restoration Staff Member (and volunteer too) Jay Matson-Bell lead our great, hardworking, knowledgeable and eager to learn volunteers in this ground up restoration.  Volunteer Chief Pilot Ben Davidson said "If we had this at the Oshkosh  AirVenture show this year it would have won a Lindy!"  
We would like to express our many thanks and ask you to join us in giving a pat on back to these dedicated volunteers  who put in 1,500 hours of work during the restoration of WAAAM's 1938 Rearwin Speedster. 
Butch Huntington, Todd O'Mealy, Joe Brenisor, Dale Young, Bob Madsen, Dan Armesto,  Pete Forsyth, Doug Davie, Steve Koepl, Ron Wilkins, Geoff Wallin,  Steve Green, Mark Stanfield, Don Summers, Larry McCallum, Timm O'Donnell, Bill Avolio, Ben Davidson, Jeremy Young and all of the behind the scene volunteers who have helped make this restoration happen. YOU make WAAAM wonderful. 
See You at the Fly-in! 


In Need of New Skin

1925 WACO 9

Donated and Delivered is a Rare OX-5 powered
1925 WACO 9 !!!!




1925 WACO Nine


As of July 2015 there are only 6 registered WACO Nines in the FAA database including WAAAMs. Built under the Advance Aircraft Corporation, the WACO Nine in our collection provides a great visual bridge to better understand the evolution of the very early airplanes to the later airplanes of the 30s on display in the museum.  

  • Maximum speed: 92 mph
  • Cruise speed: 79 mph
  • Stall speed: 32 mph
  • Range: 375-400 miles

The Model 9 was of rugged construction to meet the barnstorming requirements of the period. The cost when new was between $2,025 and $2,500.These were the first aircraft to be fitted with aluminum floats by the EDO Corporation back in 1928.


Note that the landing gear is much like the Jenny gear of bungee suspension with a solid axle and a tail skid.

This too is a bi plane and fabric covered. The WACO 9 is the museums ninth OX-5 powered aircraft! With number like that... this collection is a separate museum in itself.  


 **WACO 9 Wing1Starting the peal** 

The Nine had a critter problem. Mice have gnawed on nearly all of the rib stitching. This requires that the Restoration Crew gets to do another
full fabric job this winter!   
Pictured above are Joe Breniser and Butch Hunting.
Below is Dale Young
All Volunteers helping to keep history alive.
WACO 9 Wing2

    Fly-in Volunteers needed!  
Sept. 12 & 13 
Issue 8, 2015
Visitors Quote:

Visitor says after the shop tour:   "That young man has so much knowledge for his age. I can't believe it - I am so impressed"
Visitor said "I have to take a break from looking and learning and let my  brain decompress!"

August 8
Second Saturday
Motorcycles and Snowmobiles!
Old and New

August 22
Model T
Driving School
 (Class is full)

September 11
Pilot Nite.

September 12
Second Saturday
 100's of planes

September 12 &13 
Annual Hood River Fly-in

September 19
International Model A Day

October 10
Second Saturday
The 20's- Cars, Planes and More.

November 14
Second Saturday
Local History Spotlight-
General Airways

December 12
Second Saturday
Paper Airplane Contest.
Start practicing now

As promised
 in last months news letter... here is what is new!


 Scheduled for Arrival August 30/31

A new donation is flying in!
WAAAM has been gifted a 1933  WACO UIC
 The newest to the collection is a "CABIN WACO"
Dope and fabric, biplane, radial engine, seating for 4, enclosed cabin!

This airplane was completely restored in 1983.The engine is a Continental 220. Max gross weight is 2800 lbs, empty weight is 2064 lbs making the useful load 736lbs. 
1933 WACO UIC Panel
View from the cockpit
  1933 WACO UIC interior
Plush interior seating for a pilot and 3 passengers

Our Volunteers will soon head to Minnesota to take delivery and start their flight across the country. They will post on
facebook.com/waaamuseum as the trip takes flight to keep you up to speed on how she flies, where we stop, what we see!  


Oldsmobile 88
Donated this month by
Paul and Judy Kuter.

"This is a rarely seen solid, original 1950 Oldsmobile88 Holiday hardtop that was mechanically restored and cosmetically refurbished in 1995. It has very seldom been seen or show. the Paint is Ivy Green with a Sand Beige roof. It has been converted to a 12 volt system." per the appraisal.

12,682  Holiday Hardtops were produced in 1950. Look for this "Futuramic Oldsmobile" which is now on display in the M3 building.


1925 WACO 9 
Donated and delivered is a rare OX-5 powered WACO 9  !!!! 
See article below/left


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1953 PA-20 Pacer

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