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Promoting Virginia Authors
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Welcome New Virginia Naturally Partners!

The schools and organizations listed below have recently joined the Virginia Naturally network. Visit their websites and the other Virginia Naturally partners on the map


Bluestone High School


Cabell Brand Center for Global Poverty and Resource Sustainability 


Denizen Media 


Forest Middle School


Goose Creek Association


Living Classrooms


Nature Investigations 


Portsmouth Catholic Regional School 


Potomac Conservancy


Renaissance Academy


Spring Hill Elementary School


Sussex Central Middle School 


Virginia Association of Museums

Check to make sure that your organization's information is up-to-date.  If not, go to 

Become a Virginia Naturally partner and click on sign up to enter your new or updated contact information.

Promoting  Virginia Authors

The Children Outdoors page offers a variety of ideas and places to visit to encourage people to spend time outside. How exciting it is to read a book and recognize Virginia landmarks. There are Virginia authors who have written specifically about Virginia and the environment. If you know of books written by Virginians that have environmental messages please fill out the survey on the Children Outdoors page. Under "Featured Topics"  on the Children Outdoors page there is a link to take you to books by Virginians and about Virginia.

The Flora of Virginia

The Flora of Virginia is a state-of-the-art reference manual for all of the native and naturalized flora in the commonwealth. The book describes more than 3,500 plant species in 200 families, accompanied by 1,400 captioned, scaled,and botanically accurate illustrations. This is the first manual to identify Virginia's plants since 1762's Flora Virginia.

Professional Development and Conference Opportunities
The Environment Virginia Symposium is April 9 - 11 in Lexington. Registration for the conference is open. 


Virginia Naturally's Professional Development

webpage is being updated with spring and summer opportunities for formal and non-formal educators. Plan to participate in a Chesapeake Experience this summer.  Applications for the Virginia Initiative for Science Teaching and Achievement (VISTA) are being accepted for the 2013 - 2014 school year. 


If you have an event to add to the Virginia Naturally Calendar, please send the information to Sheila Barnett.

Grant for Urban Green Infrastructure Assistance Associated with Watershed Restoration Projects
The Chesapeake Bay Trust has a new grant fund opportunity, "The Green Streets-Green Jobs- Green Towns Grant Program." The deadline is March 22. Remember to check the Virginia Naturally grants funding page for other opportunities.

Historic Homes of Virginia
The Virginia Association of Museums (VAM) has partnered with the executive mansion and the governor's office to promote 2013 as the Year of the Virginia Historic Home. Note that the website has a time traveler program. Download a "passport" and visit at least eight historic homes then send your passport to the governor's office to receive official recognition of your participation in this program.


Many of these homes have lovely grounds that you can visit. Learn about our sustainable history and how people lived off of the land.

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