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September   2011
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EasyLobby Introduces Visitor Kiosk Software
Article in Campus Safety Magazine about Managing Healthcare Visitors
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What's the most important aspect of managing visitors?


Like many EasyLobby customers, you probably have a number of issues to consider. We use the above graphic in our trade show booth to highlight some of the items.


Whatever your reason for choosing EasyLobby, we hope our solutions have allowed you to present a more professional image of a well-managed organization, one that is concerned about the security of all guests and employees.


We enjoy helping you expand how you use our visitor management software. We'll be exhibiting at two trade shows the next few months, and if you are attending we hope you can stop by our booth to discuss how we can help you further.


Next week, September 19 - 21, we will be exhibiting at the ASIS 2011 in Orlando, FL. We're in booth #2157.


On November 2 - 3 we'll be exhibiting at ISC Solutions at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in NYC, booth #1739.


In this month's newsletter we have decided to focus on a single article about an exciting new product that we recently introduced. It's called EasyLobby eKiosk™, and it gives you more flexibility in the way you manage visitors at your facilities.


As always, feel free to contact us if we can help with any of your visitor management needs.




Your EasyLobby Team
EasyLobby Introduces Visitor Kiosk Software for Apple iPad
EasyLobby eKiosk

EasyLobby eKiosk™ software turns any Apple iPad, tablet computer or smart phone into a self-registration kiosk for visitors.

Visitor self-registration is becoming more and more popular in nearly every market segment. Because many customer sites don't have space in the lobby for a traditional self-standing Kiosk, we developed this application as a smaller, more intimate alternative.

With built-in touch screen and very intuitive ease of use, an iPad or other tablet computer can be handed to the visitor when they arrive, allowing the guest to fill out the registration form and print their visitor badge.

When used in combination with EasyLobby's eAdvance web pre-registration software, the new EasyLobby eKiosk software makes it fast and easy for visitors to register themselves upon arrival.

The host employee can pre-register the visitor in eAdvance from their own computer; eAdvance then sends the visitor a confirmation email with their registration number. When the visitor arrives and is handed an eKiosk-enabled devices, they simply enter their name or  the registration number, and their record will automatically come up.

EasyLobby customers can configure the visitor form on any eKiosk device to include whatever fields they want, including designating required fields. Customers can also display a PDF or HTML file with eKiosk for visitors to review and acknowledge or agree to.

eKiosk also has the ability to screen visitors against a pre-registered visitor list and/or internal Watch List to keep unwanted or unauthorized people out. When the visitor checks in using eKiosk, and email or SMS text is automatically sent to the employee being visited.

EasyLobby eKiosk is available immediately and can be purchased directly from EasyLobby or any authorized reseller of EasyLobby products

Contact us for more information and a price quote.

The Use of Visitor Systems Published in Campus Safety Magazine

Campus Safety

The August 2011 issue of Campus Safety Magazine highlighted the use of visitor registration at healthcare facilities.

The article, bylined by EasyLobby, focuses on the benefits that hospitals and healthcare facilities achieve by managing visitors with badge software.

"Healthcare organization are today adapting to chaning conditions and what it means to have an open facility. Like institutions in many different fields, healthcare facilities are increasingly using an electronic visitor management system to control and monitor guest access."

The article reviews the benefits of integrating visitor software with important healthcare systems such as HL7 for real-time patient feeds, Status Blue for approved vendors, and access control integration.

Screening visitors against either internal or external watch lists are also a key part of visitor software for hospitals.

Some of the most prestigious and largest healthcare campuses in the country are using visitor management software to screen badge and track every visitor and vendor entering their buildings. Consequently, they are able to identify each and every guest from a driver's license scan, capture that information securely while keeping it confidential from other visitors, and provide a unique visitor badge that looks professional.

Read the entire Campus Safety article.

Contact Us for more information about using visitor management for healthcare and hospitals.

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