Mataura brown trout fly fishing
I Hope you are all well and if you are in Australia or New Zealand are having or about to have a fun season.

Things in my part of the world have been super super busy.
With the season starting and after months of delay the new building starting all at the same time.

With it all going at once and still camping out with my port-a-loo its not ideal to say the least.
Especially when it was full and blew over the other day in strong wind, Stinky stuff!.

Never mind the new season has been on fire with low clear water
John  my client the day before landed 12 out of 21 large browns on small mayfly Cripple dry  flies and size 18,16 Deadly nymphs.

Then the next day he landed a nice brown just over 5lb and then got onto this big fellow.

I still have spaces for anyone wanting casting lessons or guiding this season , though not too many.

Have a great day. Cheers Stu And Trigger.
nz fly fishing school
From black fingers to green fingers
 The neighbors have been laughing at me. As in my last place I chopped down all the trees and anything that basically had leaves was nuked.

Some of them called me Black Finger Stu as I was never know to love gardens and green stuff.

For the past year the new land has been transformed from just a bare field to a native plant wonderland with plenty of planting going on.

Just maybe! they will start to call me green fingers Stu. (providing I water the bloody things).

 A few weeks ago my best mate and neighbor Super Kev past away at 58 .
 Many of you reading this that have helped me at the shop and stayed with me over the years will have known Super Kev, well.
He was a awesome man who helped many of you with your broken camper vans and also your friends.
Always wanting nothing for helping you and always giving you a beer or food.
Makes me realize you just never know when its your time is up.

                   SAD NEWS - BUT GOOD

After just over ten years of operating the world famous little shack shop here in Athol and creating some of my dreams and goals.

 It's doors to the public have closed for good. BUT not online!

 It was a fun journey and still is. It much more hard work and stress than I could have ever imagined.
 In ten years i did twenty years of work  hours and managed to keep its doors open for many years. The first few years and the last few from my own pocket.

It would have been great to keep it going . Though I realized many years ago things would need to change with the shop and my life, to be able to move forward with my dreams and goals.

Especially the need free up time to work on the NZ fly fishing school side and also my little NZ fly and Design company Stu's Superior flies Ltd.

So I sold my shop and land and house early last season bought a bare section of land down by the Mataura river a few years ago(that I had my eyes on for ten years) and nowadays gradually getting my own cube style house built with a special office and creative area down stairs, as well as a lovely area to teach the school and casting in.

Unless someone has booked me for casting or a NZ Fly school my home is not open to the public at all. 

The only place  in the world you will be able to get Stu's Superior flies is online direct from the web site, which can be sent to your home or accommodation.

 I am still doing my guiding, casting lessons,NZ fly schools all out of my base here in Athol, there is just no shop to visit.

The old shop and house has now been converted to become a large modern art gallery here in Athol which will be great for the area.

I will miss having the fiscal shop and meeting everybody and I thank you all for visiting through the years. I look forward to your orders online and sending them all out asap.

Keep supporting Stu's fly shop online and enjoy what the future will bring from the new inspirational creative space.

Cheers Stu & Trigger

With the building taking so long. It looks like it will be around 5 months in total living in my box. So I decided to pimp up my port-a-loo with some trees one cold morning. Notice my cooker,yeti fridge and bathing barrel of water! 

NZ water ways one of many new films about whats is actually going on! 
NZ water! one of the many new films about what is actually going on!

   We don,t have many wilderness areas in the world left untouched! 
We do not have many wilderness areas in the world, left untouched!

Stu's Ninja nymph also comes in olive, black,brown and grey

Trigger checking out the scaffolding on the new NZ fly school building. She loves going up there on her own and running around maybe it's short dog syndrome? 
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