Colombia in 20 Days: Volume 2
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Colombia in 20 Days
360 Digital Co.
Bogota, Colombia

Volume 2!

Volume 2 of the series of Colombia in 20 Days covers 780 kilometers thru the south of the country, passing by one of the most complicated roads due to its historic guerrilla presence. The Cordillera Central, and the road to Tumaco. This time, it was going to get tougher. Our Photographic, Motorcycle Diaries thru Colombia Continue. 



"...It?s been 2 hours on the road since we last came across something alive. Or we believe so, because clearly in the thickness of the mountains there?s plenty of life, but we couldn?t see any. I couldn?t let this moment walk by without stopping to take a picture. It was scary indeed, desolated but rather beautiful...."


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