Colombia in 20 Days: Volume 3
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Colombia in 20 Days
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Bogota, Colombia

Volume 3!

Volume 3 of the series of Colombia in 20 days covers 1192 km of the country, and one of the best stories of adventure of the journey. A failed December 31 in Popay´┐Żn, and the experience of sleeping in an Indigenous Reservation, in the mountains of the department of Cauca.



"...During the two-hour journey through the desolate Cauca Mountains, we only met with a dog across the road. It was such event that I had to stop to take a picture of the only living creature around. I think that it helped us that it was the 1st of January, because everyone was asleep or still drunk continuing the celebration of New Year...

...The whole situation, night creeping on us, the difficulty of the route, not being able to stop because of the insecurity, the magnificence of the place, and the expectation of sleeping in a native's home, made of this day, January first, one of the best ones. We are discovering the true Colombia. The feeling is really great, overwhelming..."   


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