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March 2011


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We have many ways for you to make a difference in your community. Please visit our website for our upcoming events and food drives.


Upcoming Family Volunteer Days:    

April 30 in Fairfield
May 1 in Concord

Family volunteer days enable families with younger children, ages 5 and up to see our warehouse and volunteer. Tours, art projects, and a simple sorting activity enable families to volunteer together. If you are interested in attending or for more information, please call Concord  (925) 676-7543 or Fairfield (707) 421-9777.


Volunteer Groups: Macy's Bag Hunger

What is Bag Hunger? It is a nationwide Macy's food and money drive during the month of March. Employees from the local stores in Contra Costa and Solano counties collect food and money and come to the food bank warehouses in both Fairfield and Concord to volunteer. Macy's employees are always ready to help their communities.



Empty Bowls:
March 28 in Concord March 29 in Fairfield

Join the Food Bank for a simple meal served in a handcrafted bowl. The purpose is to share a meal and learn how we are working to get more food to people in need. The events will be held at our Concord warehouse and at Rockville Presbyterian Fellowship in Fairfield. 


Both events cost $10 and begin at 5:30 pm. Lots of fun and great prizes! RSVP is required as space is limited - please specify which location. For reservations or more information, please contact Rene Baptiste at or (925) 771-1310.

What is going well and where do we need help?   

We are happy to report that our sorting and boxing groups are working hard and our Saturday shifts seem to be scheduled further ahead than in previous years. While our Saturdays are full in the Concord warehouse for the next few months we still have room in our new expanded sorting area in Fairfield. 


Bingo Volunteers Needed

The Food Bank is trying a new fund raising opportunity with Blue Devils Bingo which is just down the street from us at 4065 Nelson Avenue in Concord. Every Monday morning we need to provide volunteers who work for

Bingo March 2011

Jason Katz and Food Bank Volunteers Going Bingo

several hours helping the bingo hall staff. The volunteers help set up the bingo, welcome guests, and sell the bingo cards. The Food Bank receives a donation for collaborating in this effort. One of our volunteers said it is her Monday morning exercise because she spends the whole time moving around the room "working the crowd".

Why was the sorting room in Concord moved? What is happening in the "old space"?

As you all know, the need is up and we are trying to serve more people in our community. Those of you who volunteer in the warehouses may have noticed we are obtaining more freshMangos produce. Those huge totes of cabbages (some bigger than our heads) were everywhere recently and last week we had beautiful mangos...can you believe that? In order to handle and distribute that healthy produce we needed more cooler space. Our sorting area was originally built in a manner conducive to conversion. The original isolation room could then be converted to a new sorting area. The new area has large windows with better natural light and an outside entrance. 


Volunteers Help with Special Projects 

Sometimes our volunteers just see a need and take that need on.

Maggie small Maggie Petersen is a regular volunteer at the Food Bank.  While helping in the sorting room she saw a special need. Baby food needs to be set aside when the groups are sorting donated food. It is then checked carefully for expiration dates and any damage and boxed separately. Maggie, just like so many wonderful volunteers has seen a specific need and filled that void. 


Letter Carriers' Food Drive is Saturday, May 14

Please tell everyone you know to put a bag of nonperishable food LCFD 2011 smallout for their letter carriers on Saturday, May 14th. The letter carriers will pick up your bag of food and bring it back to the post offices where we have volunteers who take the food and put it into trucks bound for the Food Bank and those we serve. The carriers are volunteers that day too because they have to work extra hard to bring all that food back in! Last year they brought in over 209,000 pounds of food in one day. Let's help them beat that total. 


If you have any questions or comments, please contact Sharon Zeppegno at (925) 771-1306 or

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