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Volunteer Spotlight
Henry Springer & Hadley Siegel
Henry and Hadley relocated to Denver from the East Coast to pursue higher education, and settled in our Cheesman Park neighborhood. After continually passing by Warren Village, they attended volunteer orientation to see how they could get involved in their new community. Both are passionate about education and now volunteer their time providing one-on-one and small group tutoring at our after school Homework Club. 

They enjoy seeing the same kids each week and providing academic support. Henry helped one student make basic multiplication flash cards so she could break down larger math problems. He loved seeing great improvements in her problem solving.
"Using creative study strategies helps students enjoy homework," says Hadley. One student she worked with was struggling with spelling, so Hadley and Henry utilized her love of cooking and encouraged her to design a menu with correct spelling.
Thank you Hadley and Henry for bringing your combined brainpower to Warren Village’s Kids Club. We can’t wait to see what creative approaches you come up with next!