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Volunteer Spotlight
Montessori School of Denver
Across Montessori School of Denver’s (MSD) campus, students are finding ways to “do good” in the community, big and small. MSD Kindergarten teachers, Robin Haugland and Rachel Northrop, have volunteered with Warren Village for many years after an introduction to the organization by former Trustee and incredible supporter, Tracy Schwartz. They were looking for ways to engage their students volunteerism, and thought combining their love for Warren Village with their students’ desire to help other kids was the perfect combination!

The Montessori Kindergarten students spent three days this year assembling holiday themed craft kits and delivered them to our Learning Center. When we asked the class what they enjoyed about making crafts for other kids, they spoke about the joy of sharing. Kindergarten student Roman, said, “I feel happy making other kids happy”, while his classmate, Parsa, said, “It makes me feel good (to give to Warren Village) because it’s a do-good project. It’s helping other people, and I like helping other people.”

Instilling a love of volunteering from an early age is a noble pursuit, and we are grateful to the Montessori School of Denver! Kids helping kids is a joy to be a part of.