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Volunteer Spotlight
The Kilen Family
Troy, Michele, Maile, and Melina Kilen are "rock star" volunteers with Warren Village's First Step program. Troy, a former case manager in human services, always had a passion for families and the growing issue of homelessness. Troy knew about Warren Village and decided to get involved in Community Night. What started out as a service project for the girls’ soccer teams has become a habitual volunteer day for the Kilens and their friends and family. 

Multiple times a year, the Kilens, with the help of their community, host dinner and activities for families at First Step—Warren Village's one-year, communal living housing program. For Troy, Community Night is an opportunity to share a meal where people come together over their similarities instead of differences and personalize the issues of homelessness.

“Serving meals and meeting new people are easy ways to make a difference," said Maile. When discussing why Community Night is impactful, Melina said, “This experience has really opened my eyes. These parents are smart, hardworking and kindhearted and just need a safe and supportive place to reset their lives." 

Thank you to the Kilen Family and the community they have engaged over many years. Their dedication to our families reminds us how impactful volunteers are on our program!