Volunteer Updates
More volunteer opportunities are coming your way! Check out the latest, including our Back to School dash!

Please reply if you have questions
or if you can join us!

UPDATE: Back to School Drive
Assembly Days are here - and almost  gone !

Community partners, students, and staff showed up for Richmond! 

Tuesday the team wiped out 300 bags of school supplies in no time flat. One hour, to be exact! 

This Wednesday we have one more item to add and then we are set to make deliveries. 

Our distribution list is growing. Do you know a community that could use packs of 
pens, pencils, folders, glue sticks, notebooks, highlighters, hand sanitizer, crayons, scissors, and erasers? Let us know. We'll see what we can do.

Left to right: Sandee Smith (Center for Workforce Innovation), Derrick Wadley (Center for Workforce Innovation), Melissa Lucas (VCU), Antonia Hyman, Khiana Meade, Debbie Stewart (VCU Faculty Affairs), Sonya Hung, Ettora Burrell, Alisa Brewer, Tia Contreras (VCU), and James Friday. Photo courtesy of photographer and fellow packer, Jeanne Schlesinger.
Upcoming Community Events
4th Tabernacle 
Community Day

4th Tabernacle Church to host their 15th annual community day for Church Hill / 7th District residents. 

100 participants are expected this year. Free boxed lunches to all who attend! 
Join us for children's book giveaways, reading and health tips.

Where: 4th Tabernacle Church | 501 N 31st St RVA 23223
When: Sunday, August 20th from 12pm - 4pm
Mosby Community Day

Celebrate community pride and unity in the East End neighborhood of Mosby Court!

Each year bigger and better. Join in for fun, food, music and activities for kids and grownups.

Where: 1943 Coalter St RVA 23223
When: Saturday, September 9th from 11am - 2pm
East End Community Field Day

Get ready for the 5th Annual East End Community Field Day!
This year's theme is
"The East End Community: Ordinary People Making Extraordinary Things Happen."
Coordinators are looking for interactive and engaging information. We'll be there with books and family tips for health and reading.

This event is free and open to the entire East End community. Between 750 and 900 people in attendance is expected. 
See pictures of last year's Field Day:  click here

Where: Peter Paul Development Center | 1708 N 22nd St RVA 23223
When: Saturday, September 16th from 11am - 2pm
'Family Life Day' at Ephesus 7th Day Adventist Church

Come for an afternoon celebration of family with the Ephesus church community.

Join us for children's book giveaways, family literacy and reading tips.

Where: 3700 Midlothian Turnpike RVA 23234
When: Saturday, September 23rd from 4pm - 6pm
HandsOn Day 2017!

Over 55 nonprofit school, community, or government agencies are ready for a 10th annual day of service!

Lend a hand and stick around for a celebration at the Diamond - activities, vendors, food, drink, and watching muralists in action.

Claim your spot now and join others to help transform the Richmond region.

Where: Various locations city-wide
When: Saturday, September 23rd from 9am - 1pm
VCU Center Health Disparities | (804) 827-2075 | www.healthdisparities.vcu.edu