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December 31 st ,2016, Jose, a first responder  Benemeritus Nicaragua Firefighters Corp, went to the Huembes Market to buy food for his partners. The Huembes Market is located right in front of the Firefighters Station. Jose watched a crowd and decided to get closer in case that someone was needing his assistance People told him that there was a leak inside a small structure, but they did not tell him which kind of leak. The unsuspected Jose approaches and realizes that a leak comes out from some gas tanks; suddenly at the last second a gas explosion bursts up.  Jose was seriously injured by the explosion and other 17 people as well.  CLICK HERE for more

Thank you Rotary Club of Greater Portage County for donating funds to purchase the fabric that volunteers in Nicaragua will use to custom make his treatment garments, and to L'BRI PURE n' NATURAL for supplying aloe vera to help sooth the skin healing process.   

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