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March 2016
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NeighborMasons Helping Neighbors 
WAMC Program Partners with Lodges to Help Older Adults Age in Place

Washington Masonic Charities (WAMC) has an exciting new program, called Masons Helping Neighbors.  This program was created to assist Masonic Lodges to help older adults and people with disabilities to remain independent in their homes and apartments.
Our goal is to partner with Lodges to support and encourage their Members to aid older adults, including Masons, Widows, and the general public who are struggling with the basics of home upkeep and repair.  This kind of support can make the difference between staying at home or moving into care facilities, which is both cost effective and better for these individuals' mental and social well-being.
This program has an initial $30,000 available and will match or reimburse 60 Lodges that apply in advance (first-come, first-served) up to a maximum of $500 each between March 1, 2016 and April 30, 2017. These funds may match or reimburse Lodges for the cost of supplies, paint, tool rental, parts, etc.

For more information or to apply, visit our website at

Working Together - Fiscal Sponsorship
How Lodges and WA Masonic Charities Can Work Together 

One of our goals is to help Blue Lodges be successful in their charitable activity in the community.  Washington Masonic Charities (WAMC) accomplishes this is by acting in the capacity of a fiscal sponsor for Lodges and projects. Examples of fiscal sponsorship include receiving and holding donations for programs, such as Bikes for Books.
Fiscal sponsorship is a mechanism whereby WAMC, as a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit corporation may provide a variety of services and supports to a sponsored project without requiring that the group, such as a Lodge, start a separate 501  (c) 3.
To assure that WAMC is in compliance with IRS rules and regulations, WAMC requires that any entity wishing to work through WAMC enter into a fiscal sponsorship agreement.
Examples of services provided through a fiscal sponsorship agreement include:
  • Finance and Accounting.
    • Receiving and managing Project Funds and provide accounting services for the project.
    •  Maintaining project funds in a bank account.
    •  Providing accounting reports to the sponsored organization.   
    • Making sure project funds and assets are properly managed and included in the WA Masonic Charities annual audit process.
    •  Securely maintain hard and/or electronic copies of official financial records.
    • Send all required acknowledgments to donors of tax-deductible contributions and submit all required grant reports.
  • Resource Development
    • Review project solicitations.
    • Maintain database and donor records for donors to the Project.
    • Issue acknowledgement letters for the donors to the Project.
  • Additional Services - Additional services may be provided by agreement.
Fiscal sponsorship agreements typically require the sponsored organization to adhere to certain rules and requirements related to the purpose of the funds, as well as solicitation and the use of the charity organization's good name.  In addition, fiscal sponsorship with WAMC will involve an administrative fee to cover the costs related to management & reporting, banking, and audit, plus any out of pocket expenses related to the project.
For more information on fiscal sponsorship, go to the National Network of Fiscal Sponsors web site at
Lodges that currently have funds held by WAMC will be asked to complete Fiscal Sponsorship agreements prior to April 15 th to help WAMC assure that it is compliant. 

Click here for a sample financial sponsorship agreement:

Since the beginning of 2016 WA Masonic Charities has been gaining tremendous traction in the community.  We have been progressively increasing the number of people we are serving each month.  In February we served a staggering 50 new clients in our Masonic Outreach Services program alone.  The need is great, and fortunately we have this program available to Masons, widows, and members of the general public.

I had the privilege this past month to attend the Conference of Grand Masters of North America.  I was provided the opportunity to conduct two breakout sessions on Masonic Outreach and Marketing - these were well attended sessions, and feedback from those attending was positive.  The Washington Jurisdiction is becoming known for its innovative approach to partnerships and focus on aging in place.

A common theme at this conference, and several that I have attended, is how to bridge not only the generational divide between our older and younger Masons, but also how to bridge the differences in communication styles and platforms.  WA Masonic Charities is working hard to be part of the solution to this challenge, so look out for new and improved communication from us over the next few months.

One thing to remember is that none of this is possible without support from individual Masons and Masonic Lodges.  WA Masonic Charities appreciate each and every gift individuals and Lodges make - the dollars are put to work to make sure that our least able and most vulnerable are able to get by with dignity.  If you haven't yet, please consider contributing to WA Masonic Charities.

All in all, WA Masonic Charities is tracking well and moving forward on providing the best services and supports to the Brethren, widows, and the community generally.  I'm looking forward to sharing more as we evolve.
- Br. Ken Gibson, MNPL, Executive Director
Childrens_ProgramsChildren's Programs - Youth Success
Homeless Youth Program Update
WA Masonic Charities is continuing its work on identifying ways to support our least advantaged kids who are attending school.  Fantastic conversations have been had with superintendents and schools foundation directors.  Progress is being made, and we continue to explore ways that Lodges can assists in getting engaged.

WA Masonic Charities is currently exploring opportunities to assist homeless youth avoid hunger at times when school is out.  A child who comes to school prepared and ready to learn by having proper nutrition will be better able to focus and achieve.  Currently we are looking at ways to partner with the Edmonds Schools Foundation and their Nourishing Network as a pilot project.  For more information on this program, visit their website at

WA Safety ID Program (CHIPS) Update
Work is being performed to produce a new and simplified manual and training program for the WA Safety ID Program (CHIPS).
With the rapid advance in technology, we are seeing new and simplified EZ Child ID mini-kits and even smart phone applications.  WA Masonic Charities will be purchasing four of these new units and once the manual and program is ready, we will be working with interested Lodge teams to be certified and trained on the new program.  Stay tuned - more to follow.

District Deputies - We need your help!  We will be sending out a survey form by email and asking you to complete it to provide WAMC with information about which Lodges in your district are participating/have interest in participating in Bikes for Books, CHIPS, and Scholarships programs.  We are working on reporting out on the collective impact Masons are having in Washington with respect to certain charitable activities.

Please call Ken Gibson or send him an email at for more information at (844) 288-3531 toll free.  

Here is a reminder of the next steps in the process. 

2/28-3/13 - Lodge Committee evaluates applications and selects Lodge finalists.
3/14 - Lodge Committee forwards Lodge finalists to District Deputy for District evaluation.
3/15-3/22 - District Deputies (or District Deputy Committee evaluate applications and select District finalists.
3/23 - District Deputies forward District finalists to WAMC Scholarships/Public Schools Outreach Committee.
3/25 - All District finalist's applications must be in the hands of Public Schools Outreach Chairman for final statewide competition.
3/26 - Scholarship Committee meets to perform evaluation and ranking of all statewide competitors. This meeting will be at Ellensburg Lodge No. 39.
The following is a reminder on how many scholarships each lodge can submit to their District Deputy:
The lodge may submit four academic winners:
  • The top Junior Girl
  • The top Junior Boy
  • The top Senior Girl
  • The top Senior Boy
In addition, each lodge may submit one each of the following categories:
  • One Boy or Girl Vocational Scholarship
  • One Educator of Year
  • One Masonic Family Scholarship--This scholarship is for students participating in DeMolay, Rainbow or Job's Daughters. We look forward to receiving up to three applications in this category for the top applicant from each lodge from these 3 youth organizations. They should be submitted separately from the school award selection(s).
The District Deputy selects the top four academic applicants from their district in each of the above categories and one each of the Vocational and Teacher of the year.

For the Masonic Family, the District Deputy may select three applicants for the district, the top DeMolay, the top Rainbow Girl and the top Job's Daughter applicant, to be submitted to the Public Schools Outreach Committee. 

Please ensure the category represented is clearly marked on each application. Please DO NOT send the committee all of the applications submitted in your district.  Please only send the top applications from your district as outlined above.  
Thank you for all of your support!
- WB Darrick Hayman,WAMC Scholarships/ Public Schools Outreach Committee Chairman

If you have questions, please contact WB Darrick Hayman at . If your Lodge is interested in partnering with WA Masonic Charities on your Lodge scholarship program via Fiscal Sponsorship, please contact Ken Gibson at (844) 288-3531 or click here to send an email

Masonic Outreach Services 

Community Impact Event Coming Up in April - Join Us in Partnership with Rebuilding Together!
WA Masonic Charities is partnering with Rebuilding Together in several locations throughout Washington to help older adults live independently in late April.  These projects include building ramps, tending to yard care and assisting with other light home repair and modification. Brethren who participated in October 2015 had a fantastic time doing charitible work while experiencing fellowship.  Don't miss out!

If you want to know more about how your Lodge can participate, please contact Masonic Outreach Services Director, Byron Cregeur at (844) 281-3531 toll free, or

Masonic Outreach - Services Offered
Our goal is to help older Masons and their widows to be able to live their lives with meaning and dignity.  Our case management staff are trained and available to assist, whether it is to help plan for the future, to address an urgent need..  We help individuals and families directly, but can also assist Masonic Lodges to develop plans and programs for staying connected with their older Brethren and widows to make sure that they have the resources and information they need.

  • Education Outreach Programs & Talks
  • Information & Referral
  • Financial Stabilization Planning
  • Light Home Modification Coordination & Assistance
  • Case Management
  • Care Transition Planning & Assistance - both from skilled care to home, and from home to skilled care
  • Ongoing Monitoring & Home or Facility Visits
Lodge leaders who are interested in collaborating with Masonic Outreach Services for training, or to develop ongoing programs and methods to support their older Brethren and widows may contact us below and we will work directly with you.

Many Masons have questions about Masonic Outreach Services and its work following the closure of the Masonic Retirement Center.  We have updated our website with a Frequently Asked Questions Page.  Please visit. 

Please send an email to or call (844) 288-3531 x 404 and we'll get you an answer to your questions, schedule a talk or training, or provide other assistance as needed.
Library & Museum Update
Volunteers and Hours
The Library & Museum is alive and active with many volunteers helping with curatorial and research activities.

We are looking for individuals who are willing to commit to a few hours of volunteer time to help us open the doors for longer hours.  Being a Mason is not a requirement to volunteer, and ladies are more than welcome.  Volunteering with the Library & Museum is a great way to contribute to keeping the Fraternity's heritage alive and visible, and it's also an opportunity to get out and be with a very friendly group of volunteers.

The Washington Masonic Library & Museum is open Mon-Wed from 9 AM - Noon, and by appointment.

You can visit the Washington Masonic Library & Museum online by going to the following link:

Please call Library & Museum Committee Chairman, Todd Johnstone at  (253) 625-7895 for more information.
Leave a Legacy

For generations, Freemasons have generously shared with others.  We are called to be charitable.  What better way to leave a legacy than to consider an estate or planned gift.  We feel strongly that anyone who leaves an estate gift to WA Masonic Charities should have the expectation that those dollars will continue to good well into the future, which is why our focus is on creating endowments to support older adults, our young people, and to preserve the Masonic heritage of Washington.  

If you are thinking about leaving a legacy to a charitable organization or would like more information, WA Masonic Charities can help you to learn where to find estate planning attorneys and financial planners who can help.  If you are considering leaving a gift to WA Masonic Charities, please let us know!

Call or email Ken Gibson at (844) 288-3531 X 403 or
Charity - Our M ost Important Virtue

If you would like to support WA Masonic Charities you may also send a check to:
Washington Masonic Charities
4970 Bridgeport Way W
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Attn: Ken Gibson

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