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2016 July Newsletter 

2016 WAAAM Traffic Jam

Special Admission Price:
Just $10 per adult/ $5 per kid!

8:00 - Museum Opens Early
8:00 - Lions Breakfast
8:00 - Cars Start Arriving
8:00 - Swap Meet Open for Business
9:00 - Demos, Classes, etc. - all day
10:00 - Caboose Tour
11:00 - Lunch Starts!
11:00 - Restoration Shop Tour
12:00 - Judging Begins
1:00 - Model T Demo Build
1:30 - Caboose Tour
2:00 - Ballots Due for Awards
2:00 - Restoration Shop Tour
3:00 - Awards/ Trophies
5:00 - Museum Closes

Keep on learning... every day!
WAAAM Camp - Aviation - 
An  Introduction for Kids 

Learn and have fun at The WAAAM Air & Auto Museum the week of July 11 thru 14, as we 
explore early aviation and what it takes to keep 
an airplane in the air.

You will build a flying glider. 
It will fly because you made an air foil! Let's do 
a radio check and learn the call sign of our 
favorite WAAAM Airplane. Downwind, base, final....see you at WAAAM... Lots of great stuff 
you can teach your parents later. 

YOU will earn a 'Student Solo Membership' to 
the Museum that will allow you admission to WAAAM for the rest of the year!
Age Req: Entering 2nd grade or older
Day(s): M, Tu, W, Th 
Time:  9:00 AM
Sessions:  4
Cost:  $110.00
Instructor:  Donna Davidson 
Class Size: 12

# Y3047-SS16a 
Here's the link to sign up:
https://hoodriver.cr3.rschooltoday.com/p ublic/costoption/class_id/2817/public/1/ stoption/class_id/2817/public/1/

Every wonder how we keep the fleet up 
and going? 
We have this massive fundraiser! 
Come one and all!

We're having a 50/50 raffle during the event!
Have a cool auto, motorcycle or tractor to share 
with the world? We've got special Friday night activities including a cruise through town, old fashioned drive-in movie and even dinner! But remember, this part of our event is only open to 
folks who are in the car show.

Raven's Nest will have food available on Friday for the cruise participants - the closed portion of our event.

On 4th of July annual Independence Day parade WAAAM's was out in force! 

The 1910 Aultman & Taylor Steam Traction Tractor lead the parade behind the Grand 
Marshal who was also in a WAAAM car. 

Some of the museum's L-Birds flew overhead 

and a number of other jeeps and cars showed 
off in town.

WAAAM Car Guys*
"Monthly Smoke Signals!"
June has passed by with a blur and July has an 
equally full plate for The Car Guys.

On June 16, we rounded up 7 WAAAM cars that 
were no newer than 1939 for a trip through the 
Twin Tunnels to Mosier.   ODOT was holding a 
meeting at the Columbia Gorge Hotel that 
culminated with a ride for about 20 dignitaries...
including Hood Rivers past mayor Arthur Babitz, 
current mayor, Paul Blackburn and Mosier mayor  
Arlene Burns.

ODOT is celebrating the Centennial of the old 
Columbia Gorge Highway. We picked up up the 
riders at the hotel and made the round trip without 
any major issues and covered about 25 miles in 

The Model-T class on June 25 was full and three 
of the attendees were ladies!   Women are always encouraged to take the Model-T class, too.

The class for "Cars of the 50s" is scheduled for August 6, 2016. Please sign up for these 
educational and hands on driving classes.

The next Model-T class is on July 23. 

Please note that all of the funds earned by these 
classes go towards repair and maintenance of 
WAAAM's fleet of vehicles.

The Hood River annual 4th of July parade had 
several WAAAM vehicles in it, including our 1931 Chevrolet Phaeton that carried this year's Grand Marshall, Jean Harmon. Our WAAAM pilots flew 
the L-Birds overhead!

Because Traffic Jam is on this Second Saturday, 
July 9, there will not be any car rides this month. 
Regular car rides resume on August 13 from 10am 
to 2 pm.

The Car Guys are actively seeking additional 
volunteers to join our team. We have need for 
volunteers who can do basic auto maintenance, upholstery, wood body or metal body repair, 
fabrication, electrical, mechanical and grant 
writing. Additionally, we need car ride drivers for 
all Second Saturday events, parades, cruise boat 
guests and special events, as well as WAAAM car 
ride hosts to load/unload people.

We hope you are interested in becoming a WAAAM 
Car Guy Volunteer, if so please contact Stephanie 

Dale Nicol

*used in plural to refer to the members of a group 
regardless of sex <saw her and the rest of the guys>

Aircraft Restoration 
Progress Report from Jay

Last month we were testing the OX5 for the Swallow in preparation for installation. Well, things did not go quite as planned. We keep running into problems with the intake portion
of the valve train.   For those of you who are 
not familiar with the Curtis OX5 the intake 
valve is pulled open instead of being pushed down by a conventional valve rocker.  

For more information on this and to check on 
our progress on everything in the shop please attend one of our restoration shop tours during 
the WAAAM traffic jam at 11am and 2pm on Second Saturday.

The good news is: we have made progress on 
the installation of the fabric covering on the Stearman 75/NAVY N2S3 finishing the 
stitching and taping on the upper wings and starting covering and stitching on the lower 
wing and center-section. 

And on that note, WAAAM would like to welcome our two new volunteers to the restoration shop:  Susie and Linda (in the 
photo above) who are excited to help out with 
rib stitching despite its steep learning curve.

Hope to see you all at the WAAAM Traffic 
Jam this coming second Saturday,


WVFA  Flying Club

1953 PA-20 Pacer

The WAAAM Volunteers  
Flying Association! 

for more info

Issue 6, 2016
Visitor Quote:

"We've been to museums all over the country, but this one
 is by far the best!"

WAAAM  Recent Visitor

Bragging Rights!  Whoohoo!!

We won the 2016 
Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor! 

What does this mean? It means that 
travelers think we are awesome!!! People visited the museum and then told the 
internet that people should come and visit, too. Because word of mouth (including shouting into the void of the internet) is 
the number one way folks find out about 
us, this is really helpful. This is the fourth year in a row we've been among the best 
of the best from around the world.

And the reason:  We have some of the 
best, most dedicated, and friendliest volunteers to be found!  Thank you to 
each and every one of our top-notch volunteers for all the hours, days, weeks 
and months you spend making WAAAM 
one of the best museums to visit!

Judy Newman
Judy N ewman
Director of WAAAM.  

Summer is here and the visitor traffic is really 
picking up. 

volunteers have 
been busy with classes for Model T's, 
0's cars, 40's 
cars and still driving for 
Second Saturdays and the Sternwheeler 
on Thursday. 

Our Steam Tractor is ready for the 4th of
, with inspections 
and passed.
Life is good. 

construction project of the new addition i
s progressing on schedule. The 
slab will be poured this week and then we are into 
the building. It is quite a sight to see, i
f you have not been out 
back to watch. 

Our next Second Saturday is the WAAAM Traffic Jam which 
happens Fri. evening and Saturday. See you all there. 

I would like to 
thank our volunteers who have worked extra schedules and projects in 
order to cover all the events that are happening. Without our 
volunteers, life at 
the museum would be very sad. 

Two of our WAAAM Volunteers, Marci and Robin, plus their two kids are driving across 
the country for an epic family 
road trip all 
the way to Elmira, New York 
for the once-
International Vintage 
Sailplane Meet.

They headed out July 3 and will be gone 
for nearly two weeks. Folks can follow 
their adventure on WAAAM's Facebook Page. (Photos of their departure and a 
time lapse video of them disassembling 
one of 
WAAAM's gliders to be put in a trailer is 
also on FB.)

Thanks to all.

Calling all volunteers! 
We need you Saturday July 9 to assist 
with  the  2016 Traffic Jam!
Thanks for all you do!

Learn How to 
Drive a  Model-T  Ford Class 

Hurry and sig n up now  for th is fun class!

Students can drive through the decades 
with our 30s, 40s, and 50s classes too. 

Coming up: the last few Model T Driving 
School classes - and 
the 1950s Decades  Driving Class. 
There is still space available 
in the 1950s class and the September 
Model T Ford Class.

Classes are a great way to get behind the wheel  of some of these antique and 
vintage cars  without having to shell out
 the money to own  one yourself.
The money earned from these classes goes to maintaining our fleet of WAAAM owned vehicles.

Get behind the wheel and drive into history at WAAAM

Here is a link to the book talk about 
Historic Columbia River Highway, 
for folks to enjoy if they missed it:

It's All Happening Here!
July 11-14
Aviation Camp for Kids

July 9
Second Saturday
5th Annual WAAAM
Traffic Jam
Car Show & Swap Meet
-WAAAM Style-

July 23
Limited space

August 6
Driving through the Decades 1950s 
Class info- limited space 

August 13
Second Saturday
Motorcycles and Vintage Snowmobiles

September 10
Second Saturday
Annual Hood River Fly-in

September 10 & 11
Annual Hood River Fly-in
Year of the Stearman

September 17 

September 24th
Limited space still available

October 8
Second Saturday
The 30's! Cars & Planes
Dress the Part

November 12
Second Saturday
Military Uniforms

November 24
Thanksgiving Day
Museum is Closed Today

December 10
Second Saturday
Christmas during Wartime-
Keeping the home fires burning

December 25
Christmas Day
Museum is Closed Today


Hood River Soaring - A New Generation Take s Flight
Hood River Soaring now offering glider flying lessons and scenic rides.
The new glider club, Hood River Soaring, 
a cquired its first training glider - a Schweizer 
2-33A - in May and began offering lessons.  

On Saturday, July 2nd, one of the club's 
youngest members, 15 year old 
Nathan Fuentes, made his first solo flight!  
Congrats to Nathan!

Hood River Soaring is dedicated to making 
the sport of soaring more accessible to all including special outreach to youth.  In just 
two months, it has started training of eight 
new glider pilots.  Four are in the youth category between ages 13-25.
Scenic rides are also being offered in the 
2-33, which allows the passenger to enjoy 
a front row seat.  The club is developing its website to make ride scheduling available online.  

Meanwhile, the best way to schedule 
scenic ride is to send an email to  scenicrides@hoodriversoaring.org.

To learn more about Hood River Soaring and 
to find out how you can get involved, please visit the website at www.hoodriversoaring.org 
or send an email to  contact@hoodriversoaring.org.
Hood River Soaring is an Oregon non-profit 501(c)(3) educational, scientific, and 
charitable organization.
Board of Directors: President - Paul Woolery, Maintenance Officer - Scott Gifford, Treasurer 
& Safety Officer - Kelly Cooper, Secretary - Mark Johnson, Safety Officer - Judy Newman


Don't forget --
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goes directly to WAAAM!

We shop online all the time and using 
i s an extra way to give back to WAAAM  
at  no extra  cost to you.
 Mother's Day, Graduation, Father's Day, 
Birthdays  or anytime is a great time to use AmazonSmile to donate to WAAAM via your 
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Shop the WAAAM Gift shop 
for unique Auto and Aero gifts 
for yourself 
or your favorite 
driver or pilot.

We got your mugs, T-shirts, jackets, books, kids toys, metal signs, 
models, hats, puzzles, collector and one-of-a-kind stuff.  

The price is 
right and WAAAM 
members always 
get a 10% discount! 

No admission is required to shop.
WAAAM Members  receive a 10% discount

Enjoy all that WAAAM has to offer and show your support, too.

Solo    (individual)                                                                                                                                                $50 

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