September 18, 2017
2017 National Conference
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WACA 2017 National Conference
November 15-17
Washington, DC
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Staying at the Capital Hilton
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Keynote Speakers 
Governor Bill Richardson
The Richardson Center for Global Engagement 

Nancy Lindborg
United States Institute of Peace

Senator Jeff Merkley

Capt. (Ret.) Florent Groberg
Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient

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WACA Member Publication Discounts 2017
#PeaceDayChallenge 2017
International Day of Peace is September 21
The United States Institute of Peace's Peace Day Challenge exists to raise public awareness of the International Day of Peace and to affirm peace as a real and practical alternative to the violence we see in the news.
It is all about inspiring a day of action, focused on building peace through real-life activities, and then sharing on social media at #PeaceDayChallenge.
In the last two years, the Peace Day Challenge reached tens of millions of people around the world on social media, and last year alone recorded activities by schools, organizations, and communities in 41 U.S. states-a number of which were organized or promoted by local World Affairs Councils! 
Watch the Peace Day Challenge video:
Here is what you need to effectively participate in USIP's Peace Day Challenge this year:
Cover to Cover Author Series: October
Harvard Kennedy School professor and former  Washington  policymaker Meghan O'Sullivan  ( full bio ) will discuss   Windfall: How the New Energy Abundance Upends Global Politics and Strengthens America's Power.   O'Sullivan's new book reveals how fe ars of energy scarcity have given way to the reality of energy abundance in the boldest profile of the world's energy resources since Daniel Yergin's The Quest.
Register for the call
Read O'Sullivan's recent article on the geopolitics of energy in Bloomberg View, and join us for  October's Cover to Cover   Thursday, October 5, at 2:00-2:30 PM ET .
Academic WorldQuest 2017-2018

The Carlos and Malú Alvarez 2018 Academic WorldQuest National Competition will be held on April 27-28, 2018. AWQ 2017-2018 topics can be found here.

This week: stay tuned for the official
AWQ 2017-2018 Study Guide
and other important updates!

Sponsored by: United States Institute of Peace

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World Affairs Councils Highlights
Monday, September 18

World Affairs (Northern California) hosts Peter Bartu, Professor of International and Area Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, for "The Future of Post-ISIS Iraq." Details 

World Affairs Council of the Mid-Hudson Valley hosts Dr. Ray Raymond, Professor of Government and History at SUNY Ulster, for "The Constitution Is Not an Optional Extra: Principles for a New U.S. National Security Policy." Details
Tuesday, September 19

Juneau World Affairs Council hosts Dr. Mustafa Elhawi, Associate Professor in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development at al-Aqsa University in Gaza City, for "Environment Knows No Boundaries." Details 

World Affairs (Northern California) hosts Abby Ginzber, Producer and Director, and Ken Schneider, Producer and Film Editor, for a documentary film night, "And Then They Came For Us." Details 

Colorado Foothills World Affairs Council hosts Ved Nanda, Honoroary President of the World Jurist Association, for "India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq." Details 

World Affairs Council of Jacksonville hosts Christopher Cox, former Chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission , for "The New Global Economic Reality: How North Korea and Terrorism Play Key Roles." Details 

Worcester World Affairs Council hosts Paul R. Pillar, Nonresident Senior Fellow of the Center for Security Studies in the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, for "Israel and the Palestinians: The Enduring Conflict." Details 

Global Minnesota hosts a panel of experts for "Doing Business Globally: Addressing Tax and Legal Challenges." Details 

World Affairs Council of New Hampshire hosts Elmira Bayrasli, author of From the Other Side of the World: Extraordinary Entrepreneurs, Unlikely Places , for "Global Tripping Points: Immigration & Entrepreneurship." Details 

Foreign Policy Association hosts a panel of experts for "Clean Energy: Bolstering National Security at Home and Abroad." Details 

Greater Cincinnati World Affairs Council hosts Herbert Quelle, German Consul General, for "The Importance of Elections for Europe and the World." Details
Wednesday, September 20

World Affairs (Northern California) hosts James Stavridis, Dean of The Fletcher School at Tufts University, for "Power Dynamics at Sea." Details 

WorldDenver hosts Kongdan Oh, Senior Asia Specialist at the Institute of Defense Analyses, for "North Korea." Details 

World Affairs Council of Greater Reading hosts Dr. Randall Newnham, Associate Professor of Political Science at Penn State, for "Brexit Questions." Details

Thursday, September 21

World Affairs (Northern California) hosts Alexa Koeing, Executive Director of the Human Rights Center, for "The Rise of Nationalism in American Foreign Policy." Details 

World Affairs Council of Sonoma County hosts Susan Ziadeh, former U.S Ambassador to Qatar, for "Bridging the Gulf: U.S Foreign Policy and the Arabian Gulf." Details 

Colorado Springs World Affairs Council hosts Kongdan Oh, Senior Asia Specialist at the Institute of Defense Analyses, for "The Enigma that is North Korea - Dictatorship, Nuclear Weapons, and the Threat to Regional Peace." Details 

World Affairs Council of Atlanta hosts Kevin Tuerff, author of Channel of Peace: Stranded in Gander on 9/11 , for "The Untold Story of 9/11 and the Global Migrant Crisis." Details 

Peoria Area World Affairs Council hosts Dr. Erika Quinn, Associate Professor of History at Eureka College, for "The Politics Mourning: A German Woman's Diary, 1939-1948." Details  

Indiana Council on World Affairs hosts Abdülhamit Bilici, former Editor in Chief at Zaman Newspaper, for "Turkish Freedom of the Press in Peril: Journalists Oppressed." Details  

World Affairs Council of New Orleans hosts Doug Bandow, Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute, for "America vs. North Korea: Which President is More Dangerous?" Details 

International Affairs Forum hosts Alfredo Corchado, award-winning Mexican-American Journalist, for "US/Mexico: Wall or No Wall, a Border in Turmoil." Details 

Global Minnesota hosts Sauli Väinämö Niinistö, President of the Republic of Finland, for a special luncheon. Details 

World Affairs Council of Charlotte hosts Dr. Bernard Weinstein, energy economist, for "Greatest Challenges Facing the U.S. and World in Terms of Energy Resources, Renewable Energy, and the Latest Technologies for Reducing Global Emissions."  Details 

World Affairs Council of Greater Hampton Roads hosts Kevin Hulbert, President of the XK Group, for "Game of Wits: Opportunities in a Chaotic World. " Details 

World Affairs Council of Seattle hosts Kaswara Al-Khatib, CEO and Chairman of UTURN Entertainment, for "UTURN: Turning Saudi Entertainment Upside Down." Details 
San Diego World Affairs Council hosts George Novinger, former Deputy Chief of Mission at the American Embassy in Damascus, for "Current Trends and Background on the Syrian Conflict." Details  
Olympia World Affairs Council hosts Seth Weinberger, Professor of Politics and Government at the University of Puget Sound, for "Bombing the S**t Out of ISIS: President Trump's Approach to Counter-Terrorism." Details

Friday, September 22

San Diego World Affairs Council hosts Alex Taban, Founder of South Sudan Film Ltd., for "South Sudan: Crisis and Conflict in the World's Newest Country." Details 
Sunday, September 24 
World Affairs (Northern California) hosts Francis Fukuyama, Nomellini Senior Fellow at the Freeman Spogli Institue for International Studies, for "Democracy: Challenges and Hazards for Its Future." Details
Travel the World from WAC Philadelphia

Travel with Council Leaders - hear them lecture on Travel the World tours from the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia!

2018 travel schedule includes trips to: 
  • Dr. Carla Thorson, Senior Vice President, Programs, World Affairs Council Northern California, Southern Africa: Feb. 10-Mar. 5
  • Kay Maxwell, Executive Director, World Affairs Forum (Stamford), Ancient Kingdoms of China: May 5-19
  • Patrick Ryan, President, Tennessee World Affairs Council, Tuscany: May 29-Jun. 6
  • Jim Falk, President and CEO, World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth, Cruise the Rhine, July 11-29
  • Anna Berry, Executive Director, World Affairs Council of New Hampshire, Cambridge, Oxford, and the Cotswolds: July 20-28
  • Derrick Olsen, President, World Affairs Council of Oregon, Treasures of Ecuador: Aug. 27-31
  • Megan Torrey, Executive Director, World Affairs Council of Hartford, Himalayan Kingdoms, Sept. 11-25
  • Mimi Gregory, Vice President of Programs, Naples Council on World Affairs, Inside Botswana: Oct. 4-16
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