November 17, 2015
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President's Letter 
Dear Council Leaders, Members, and Friends:

On behalf of the WACA Board of Directors many thanks to all of you who supported and participated in last week's very successful 2015 National Conference. Our emotions Friday, however, quickly turned from joy to horror.

Just hours after the Conference ended, news broke of the despicable series of terrorist attacks perpetrated by ISIS in Paris. The coordinated assaults have claimed 129 lives and injured more than 340, many of whom remain in critical condition. The world is outraged: as France intensifies air strikes on ISIS sites in Syrian territory, Moscow is shifting its own retaliatory focus toward the Islamic State, which claimed responsibility for bombing a Russian charter flight that left 224 dead. A backlash against refugees is mounting.

The new, horrible context brings into sharper focus many of the key issues discussed in depth by our assembled speakers and attendees. Leading America: Foreign Policy Challenges and the 2016 Election and the reactions to Paris - including U.S. counterterrorism policy and remarks by presidential candidates - will frame many Council programs and conversations in the coming weeks and months.

Already, Joyce Davis, President and CEO of WAC Harrisburg, has contributed this op-ed.

To our sponsors below, we express gratitude for making the Conference possible. Thanks also to our think tank hosts at Brookings, Carnegie Endowment, CSIS, and Peterson Institute, as well as to our diplomatic reception hosts, the Spanish and Czech ambassadors and Kurdistan Regional Government representative.

We will share video clips of our program with the Council network shortly. From the Leadership Day workshops, we will also share presentations; the first, below, is from Caryn Stein, VP of Network for Good, on innovative fundraising.

To end on a hopeful note for the future, see the photo of our scholarship undergraduate scholarship recipients with WACA Board Director Carlos Alvarez (center).  In solidarity, their hearts and ours go out to Paris.

With appreciation,

Bill Clifford,
President and CEO

Thank You to Our Generous Sponsors:

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Conference Leadership Day Presentation     
Special thanks to  Caryn Stein, Vice President of Communications and Content at Network for Good, for being a guest speaker at WACA's 2015 National Conference  Fall Leadership Meeting. Caryn has kindly agreed to share with all our Council members her presentation " What's next? Fundraising Trends in a Changing Digital Landscape" including newly added resources she mentioned during the meeting.       

You are invited to participate in Network for Good's free webinar on  Wednesday, November 18, at 2:00 PM EST . Do you want to raise more funds before the year ends? join expert Jonathan Gibbs for must-have tools to make #GivingTuesday a success. Learn how to convert and keep more donors with a compelling donor experience.

Spotlight on Turkey  
Spotlight on Turkey, sponsored by the Turkish Cultural Foundation in  collaboration with the World Affairs Councils of America runs a full calendar year and focuses on giving an overview of Turkey's rich culture. It consists of a spring Teacher Workshop, a Teacher Study Tour in the summer, and public cultural programs in the fall.  More Information  
Best Practice Webinar: Free for All Members! 
Building a Collaborative Board Team  

This webinar    will explore team building and the importance of determining a common purpose, developing trust, managing power and group dynamics, and fostering an innovative culture focused on leading together for better governance and ultimately the public good.

Featured Speaker:        David Styers    is    a senior governance consultant for BoardSource. He serves as the manager of program and business development at the Presidio Institute, where he presents leadership development programs and convenes events that equip and connect champions for change. He is a Certified Governance Trainer, Civic Change Leadership Trainer, and Youth Leadership Trainer. 

The WACA Board and National Office has made it possible for all Councils to take advantage and sign up for complimentary BoardSource membership. By doing so, all Council leaders, staff, and Board members will be able to register for this webinar, and enjoy an array of benefits that will help strengthen your Council's performance!

This BoardSource webinar will be held 
Thursday, November 18, at 2:00-3:00 pm ET

If you have activated your BoardSource membership, simply
Council Highlights This Week  

Tuesday, November 17 
The Richmond World Affairs Council hosts "Syria: An Analysis" Details 
The Cleveland Council on World Affairs hosts "The U.S. & Cuba: Can the Best of Enemies Kiss and Make Up?" Details 
The Juneau World Affairs Council hosts "Off the Beaten Path: The impact of Tourism on the Indigenous population of Costa Rica"  Details
The Utah Council for Citizen Diplomacy hosts "Suzanne Massie - What We Don't Know about Russia Today" Details  
The Colorado Foothills World Affairs Council hosts "North Korea and the World: What's Next?"  Details
The World Affairs Council of Jacksonville hosts "The Strategic Situation in the Middle East"  Details
The World Affairs Council of Atlanta hosts "Innovations in Global Education"  Details
The World Affairs Council of the Quad Cities hosts "Civic Engagement in a Democracy" Details
The International Relations Council (Kansas City) hosts "Technology: Empowering Refugees, Changing Refugee Camps"  Details

The World Affairs Council of Philadelphia hosts "Lights Out: Is America Prepared for a Cyber Attack?" 

The World Affairs Council of Houston hosts "Japan and China: Intimate Rivals" Details  

Wednesday, November 18 
The World Affairs Council of Austin hosts "Public Discussion Featuring EU Ambassador to the U.S." Details  
Foreign Policy Association hosts "Demographic Vulnerability: Where Population Growth Poses the Greatest Challenge" Details
The World Affairs Council of San Antonio hosts "2015 Foreign Diplomatic Corps Reception" Details 
The World Affairs Council of Orange County hosts "The Change in the Balance of Power in the Middle East: U.S.-Iran Diplomacy"  Details
The World Affairs Council of Connecticut hosts "Working Towards a Sustainable Future"  Details
The World Affairs Council of Northern California hosts "Global Business Forum at the Social Innovation Summit: Mobile and Broadband Affordability" Details
WorldBoston Hosts "International Energy Today: Transition and Transformation" Details 
The Minnesota International Center hosts "Global Conversations: India Changes Course" Details 
The International Institute of Buffalo hosts "Babel Community Night: Ethiopia" Details

Thursday, November 19
Alaska World Affairs Council hosts "World Matters: Stories of Young Alaskans Abroad"  Details
San Diego World Affairs Council hosts "Iran, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and the International Atomic Energy Agency"  Details
WorldDenver hosts "Y-P Networking Event"  Details
The World Affairs Council of Delaware hosts "Foreign Policy Association Discussions"  Details
The Indiana Council on World Affairs hosts "Distinguished Speaker Series"  Details
The Colorado Springs World Affairs Council hosts "Unraveling the Middle East"  Details
WorldBoston Hosts "Strengthening European and Transatlantic Security" Details; and "Making Sense of ISIS and Sectarianism"  Details
The International Affairs Forum (Traverse City) hosts "Diplomacy in an Election Year: What's at Stake?"  Details 
The World Affairs Council of New Hampshire hosts "Portsmouth Speaker Series: World Affairs at the Library" Details  
Friday, November 20 
San Diego World Affairs Council hosts "Arab Film Festival" Details
Peoria Area World Affairs Council hosts "The 7th Annual Festival of Trees" Details
The Vermont Council on World Affairs hosts "H.E. Eirik Marmei, Ambassador of Estonia to the United States" Details
The Greater Cincinnati World Affairs Council hosts "Ohio Third Frontier Technology Validation and Start-up Fund"  Details  
The World Affairs Council of Oregon hosts "2015 World Quest Global Knowledge Fundraiser" Details
The World Affairs Council of Hilton Head hosts "Why Nigeria Could Become One of the World's Leading Economies by 2030" Details  
Travel the World from WAC Philadelphia
Just Announced:  Council Leaders to Lecture on Travel the World tours from the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia!
Dr. Carla Thorson , Senior Vice President of Programs, World Affairs Council of Northern California,  Cuba December  6  14, 2015.

Dr. Jerry W. Leach,  former President, World Affairs Councils of America, Legends of the Nile: February 23 - March 5, 2016.
Jim Falk , President and CEO, World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth, Inside MoroccoMarch 4 - 17, 2016.
Ambassador Heather Hodges , President & Ambassador-in-Residence, Cleveland Council on World Affairs, Lima & the AmazonApril 16 - 24, 2016.
Mimi Gregory , V ice President and Program Chairman,  Naples Council on World Affairs, Cruising the Rivieras & Islands of France, Spain and ItalyOctober 5 - 13, 2016.
Craig Snyder , President and CEO, World Affairs Council of Philadelphia, Inside Oman, UAE and QatarNovember 2 - 16, 2016.
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