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SIGN UP NOW!  2015 National Conference 
Leading America: Foreign Policy
Challenges and the 2016 Election
November 11-13, 2015
Washington, DC 

Confirmed Speakers include:   

Keynote: Syria in Crisis
Founder and Director 
Organization for Democracy and Freedom in Syria 

Keynote: The Future of Europe
Delegation of the European Union to the United States

Ambassadors  Luncheon Keynote:
Chairman, Goldman Sachs' International Advisors, Former President of the World Bank Group and U.S. Trade Representative

Great Decisions Keynote:
Dean  Emeritus, Yale School of Management     
Author,  From Silk to Silicon: The Story of Globalization Through Ten Extraordinary Lives (forthcoming in March)

Representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to the United States 

Oceanographer and Navigator, U.S. Navy

Gwen Holdmann 
Director, Alaska Center for Energy & Power

Staying at The Fairfax 

We have secured a special group rate at The Fairfax at Embassy Row.
  • Superior King: $249/night (Single/Double occupancy)
  • Superior Two Doubles: $269/night (Single/Double Occupancy)

The Fairfax at Embassy Row is conveniently located in the Dupont Circle area. A Washington, DC landmark, The Fairfax's intriguing history spans more than 80 years.

Thank You to Our Generous Sponsors:

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2015 Conference Scholarship Recipients  
The National Board of Directors of the World Affairs Councils of America is delighted to announce the 2015 National Conference Scholarships Awards.

The 25 selected recipients who receive this unique opportunity to attend the National Conference will be able to connect and liaise with our network of Council leaders, members and friends and to engage with top policy makers and experts in discussions of critical international issues.
See the list of this year's scholarship recipients  here.
Academic WorldQuest 2015-2016 
Information for this year's Academic WorldQuest program is now available!

Click here for the Study Guide, information on the  Carlos and MalĂș Alvarez 2016 Academic WorldQuest National Competition, and more.

Councils: Please register your local competition by submitting your Pledge Form  by October 31

Thank You to Our Generous Sponsors:


EU in the U.S. Program Series 
"EU in the U.S." is administered in partnership with the Delegation of the European Union to the United States to raise awareness, understanding, and knowledge about EU policies, the EU's role as an international actor, and the value of strong EU-U.S. ties. More Information .

Events this week:
The Euro Challenge 
The EU Delegation in Washington, DC has announced an opportunity for 9th and 10th grade high school students to learn about the European Union and the euro. 

The Euro Challenge competition introduces students to the European Union and the global economy. Teams create presentations that explore real-world economic problems and allow students the opportunity to step into the shoes of international policy makers by crafting recommendations and solutions. 

For more information click  here.
Migration Crisis 
With WACA's facilitation, several Councils over the coming months will host  Anne Richard, Assistant Secretary of State for Population, Refugees, and Migration ( bio). A/S Richard will speak at some about the record number of refugees and migrants, and what Americans can do about the crisis.

Event this week:

Best Practice Webinar: Free for All Members! 
Rethinking Strategic Planning 

It's critical for a nonprofit to have a strategic plan. This free  webinar, offered by BoardSource, will help you to understand how    to succeed in combining strategic thinking and practical planning in a new, purposeful, and useful way.

Featured Speaker:   Melanie Schmidt, Principal of Timpano Group LLC. Schmidt  has more than 20 years of professional experience and offers expertise in management consulting, facilitation design, group dynamics, organizational strategy, brand development, and communications.

The WACA Board and National Office has made it possible for all Councils to take advantage and sign up for complimentary BoardSource membership. By doing so, all Council leaders, staff, and Board members will be able to register for this webinar, and enjoy an array of benefits that will help strengthen your Council's performance!

This BoardSource webinar will be held 
Thursday, October 29, at 2:00-3:00 pm ET

If you have activated your BoardSource membership, simply

November Cover to Cover 
Our monthly  Cover to Cover  conference call  will feature award-winning journalist and former speechwriter for the  Department of State Rena Pederson   on  The Burma Spring: Aung San Suu Kyi and the Struggle for the Soul of a Nation. The call will take place on Thursday, November 5, at 2:00 PM ET.    

Historic general elections will take place in Myanmar (Burma) on November 8, 2015.  Rena Pederson ( Full Bio ) brings to light fresh details about the charismatic Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi, the inspiration for the country's first steps towards democracy. Suu Kyi's party will be a major contender in the elections, a breakthrough after years of military dictatorship. Using exclusive interviews with Suu Kyi since her release from 15 years of house arrest, as well as recently disclosed diplomatic cables, Pederson uncovers new facets to Suu Kyi's extraordinary story. 
Council Highlights This Week  
Monday, October 19 

The World Affairs Forum hosts "The Dilemma of Sectarianism in the Middle East"  Details

The World Affairs Council of the Mid-Hudson Valley hosts "Great Decisions: India Changes Course" Details

The World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth hosts "Meridian YP-Mexico at a Crossroads: The Halfway Mark for the Pena Administration" Details

Tuesday, October 20 

The Alabama World Affairs Council hosts "James Clad"  Details

WorldDenver hosts "Dominic Tierney, The Future of War" Details

The Colorado Foothills World Affairs Council hosts "Dominic Tierney: The Right Way to Lose a War: America in an Age of Unwinnable Conflicts" Details

The World Affairs Council of Connecticut hosts "Welcome Reception for new Brazilian Consul-General in Hartford" Details

The World Affairs Council of Jacksonville hosts Anne-Marie Slaughter for "Global Hot Spots & Blind Spots"  Details

The World Affairs Council of Palm Beach hosts "The Human Cost of War Against the Islamic State" Details

WorldBoston hosts its 6th Annual Consuls Reception  Details

The World Affairs Council of Western Michigan hosts "Breaking Up Has Been Hard to Do: Yugoslavia as a Case Study" Details

The Cleveland Council on World Affairs hosts "The Power of Farmers Fighting Global Hunger" Details

The World Affairs Council of Philadelphia hosts "Giving Them the World: Creating Globally Minded Citizens, One Philadelphian at a Time" Details

The Utah Council for Citizen Diplomacy hosts "Dr. A. Trevor Thrall - Millennials and U.S. Foreign Policy" Details

The Windham World Affairs Council hosts "After the Earthquake; The Constitution: How Catastrophe Helped Create Possibility in Nepal" Details

Wednesday, October 21 

The World Affairs Council of Northern California hosts "Diplomat Luncheon - Tearing Europe Apart? The Euro, Germany and Greece"  Details

The Peoria Area World Affairs Council hosts "Film Screening: The Man Who Saved The World" Details 

The World Affairs Council of Western Michigan hosts two events: "Lessons Learned: An Evening with Bill Moody" Details; and "Afroculinaria" Details

The Montana World Affairs Council hosts "The Evolving American Muslim Identity" Details

The World Affairs Council of Philadelphia hosts "Killing the Messenger" Details

The World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth hosts "His Excellency Jose L. Cuisia, Jr." Details

The World Affairs Council of Tacoma Hosts "Nicaragua an Appreciative Inquiry Perspective" Details 

Thursday, October 22

The Juneau World Affairs Council hosts "The Politics of Water"  Details

The World Affairs Council of Northern California hosts "Human Rights in Israel: Safeguarding the Future" Details

The San Diego World Affairs Council hosts "Mideast Conflict Humanitarian Im pacts" Details

The World Affairs Council of Monterey Bay hosts "How to Think about Cyber Security" Details

The World Affairs Council of Central Illinois hosts "Meg King - Demystifying Cybersecurity" Details

The World Affairs Council of Kentucky and Southern Indiana hosts "America's Role in Helping Refugees at Home and Abroad" Details

The Foreign Policy Association hosts "Reflections on Financial Crises: A Conversation with Timothy Geithner and Terrence J. Checki" Details

The World Affairs Council of the Mid-Hudson Valley hosts "Electing Violence: Explaining Post-Election Violence in Africa"
The World Affairs Council of Rochester hosts "Jordan Ryan - Foreign Nations Recovering from Conflict and Building a Democratic Process" Details

The Columbus Council on World Affairs hosts "U.S. - Europe Relations: Trade & the Refugee Crisis" Details

The World Affairs Council of Oregon hosts "2015 United Nations Day: Can We Create a 'Sustainable' Future?" Details

The World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth hosts two events: "Dr. Rick Hodes" Details; and "Senator Jorge Viana - Vice President of the Brazilian Senate" Details

Friday, October 23

The Alaska World Affairs Council hosts "International Cooperation in the Arctic"  Details

The World Affairs Council of Atlanta hosts "Challenges Facing Europe: Germany's Perspective" Details

The World Affairs Council of Houston hosts "Doomed to Succeed: The U.S. - Israel Relationship" Details

The World Affairs Council of San Antonio hosts "Wine Tasting: North vs. South" Details

The Windham World Affairs Council hosts "Stephen F. Minkin - The Tragedy and Destruction of the Bangladesh Floodplain" Details

Travel the World from WAC Philadelphia
Just Announced:  Council Leaders to Lecture on Travel the World tours from the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia!
Kay Maxwell , Executive Director, World Affairs Forum Stamford, Vietnam and CambodiaOctober 12 - 27, 2015

Dr. Carla Thorson, Senior Vice President of Programs, World Affairs Council of Northern California, CubaDecember 6 14, 2015.
Ambassador Mark Johnson , Board member, Montana World Affairs Council, The Mediterranean Through the Centuries: October 14 - 25, 2015. 
Dr. Jerry W. Leach,  former President, World Affairs Councils of America, Legends of the Nile: February 23 - March 5, 2016.
Jim Falk , President and CEO, World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth, Inside MoroccoMarch 4 - 17, 2016.
Ambassador Heather Hodges , President & Ambassador-in-Residence, Cleveland Council on World Affairs, Lima & the AmazonApril 16 - 24, 2016.
Mimi Gregory , V ice President and Program Chairman,  Naples Council on World Affairs, Cruising the Rivieras & Islands of France, Spain and ItalyOctober 5 - 13, 2016.
Craig Snyder , President and CEO, World Affairs Council of Philadelphia, Inside Oman, UAE and QatarNovember 2 - 16, 2016.
Contact  www.wacphila.org/travel or call 1-800-942-5004 x209 or x217.

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