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European Union Policy & Outreach Project

Dear Council Leaders, Supporters, and Friends:

Since early this year, the World Affairs Councils of America and a group of prominent think tanks and international affairs organizations led by Business & Strategies Europe, a Brussels-based consultancy, have been pursuing a European Commission tender for the three-year EU Policy and Outreach Partnership (EU POP USA) Project. More than 25 consortia applied to the European Commission and subsequently eight were invited to submit detailed proposals.

I am pleased to inform you that after an intense, highly competitive process the consortium of B&S Europe, WACA, CSIS, Chatham House, GOPA Com, and IREX won approval for the EUR €2,999,246 ($3.34M) tender.

Uniquely qualified
We and our consortium partners demonstrated in our proposal a unique combination of qualifications and strengths to deliver outcomes over three years that would go beyond "one-off" events to forge long-term EU-U.S. cooperation: expert speaker forums in DC and beyond the Beltway; policy research and briefings to targeted stakeholders; study tours; and strategic media engagement.

The amount of funds that will flow from the contract to WACA and to Councils selected to participate in the EU POP USA project, is still to be determined. It will in any case be the largest grant revenue stream, in both absolute and annual terms, in WACA's three-decade history. Reflecting WACA's significant role in the consortium, the contract also allows us to hire a new staff member (see job announcement below).

The United States and the EU are strategic partners across a wide political, economic, and security agenda. Our well-integrated economies together represent nearly half of global GDP. The European Commission recognizes that a strong EU-U.S. partnership is crucial to building a more democratic, secure, and prosperous world. Yet the relationship at times has been taken for granted on both sides, and misunderstandings as well as real policy differences exist.

The coming years will present a number of challenges and opportunities. Brexit, migration, climate change, relations with Russia, trade and the global economy, the U.S. election and America's international role all raise questions for transatlantic cooperation. The efforts by WACA and local World Affairs Councils to convene and inform U.S. audiences and stakeholders about the EU's initiatives and policies are important for finding common ground on which to continue EU-U.S. cooperation.

Timetable and scope
The consortium's planning will accelerate in mid-September, and we expect to announce opportunities for Councils to participate in the project after the November election.

Since 2013, WACA has been fortunate to work on the EU Delegation-funded "EU in the U.S." Program Series. When this project concludes in December, 25 World Affairs Councils will have participated, some multiple times. Compared with that speaker series, the EU POP USA project will be more policy-focused and offer greater geographical reach, with high expectations for program delivery placed on participating Councils. Provision of WACA grant funds to Councils will be commensurate with these greater demands.

WACA is in good company with our EU POP USA partners. I'm confident that this new EU project will provide many tangible and intangible benefits for individual Councils and their communities, as well as the Council network as a whole.

I also especially wish to recognize Althea Georgantas for her excellent work in drafting our part of the winning proposal and in joining me in negotiations with our partners. The support that she, the WACA team, and our Board of Directors provided me to see this across the finish line was invaluable. It is a moment to savor, and, as always, we have some very exciting, important work ahead.

Warm regards,
Bill Clifford
President and CEO  
Job Vacancy: 
Special Projects & Logistics Officer (WACA)

The World Affairs Councils of America is hiring a full-time Special Projects and Logistics Officer to manage operational details for numerous  events in Washington, DC and other U.S. cities in support of a three-year EU public diplomacy program  being coordinated by B&S Europe in consortium with leading think tanks and international affairs  organizations. 

The primary role of the special projects and logistics officer will be to work with the WACA network of local World Affairs Councils and dedicated Council event management staff to organize events, including all aspects of planning, implementation, and evaluation.

See the full job description.

To apply: Send your CV and cover letter to Bill Clifford at with the title "Application EU POP USA - Special Projects and Logistics Officer." The application deadline is  September 19 Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews.
Part-time Job Vacancy: 
Media and Online Media Expert (B&S in DC)

B&S Europe, on behalf of the European Union, seeks a media expert to work with national and local journalists in traditional and social media to promote a series of EU-U.S. public diplomacy events, research and exchanges in collaboration with the EU Delegation Press & Public Diplomacy unit and consortium partners, including WACA.

Primary responsibilities include:
● Media outreach and public relations activities
● Online media and promotion
● Social media and content management

Reporting to the project Team Leader, and in coordination with consortium partners, particularly B&S Europe and GOPA Com, this media expert will develop a comprehensive media relations strategy and a communication toolkit for the EU POP USA project with multi-track messaging to reach key DC based audiences (journalists, academics, policymakers) and, separately, regional stakeholders in geographic areas near consortium events outside Washington.

See the full job description.

To apply: S end your CV and cover letter to Andrey Toromanov at , with title "Application EU POP USA - MOME." The application deadline is September 20 . Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews.

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