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The discovery of the Sangihe volcanoes
After having explored the South of Halmahera (which as usual provided us with exceptional diving) and the Molucca Sea, we arrived in the North Celebes ready to navigate further to the North in the direction of Sangihe. We went past the famous Lembeh Strait with its famous rare macro-fauna, but will also pass by the marine park of Bunaken before rejoining Siau and Sangihe, more isolated. Once there we will encounter mangroves, rarely visited reefs and importantly, volcanoes still in activity. The excitement for both our passengers and crew is evident and we are looking forward to encountering the biodiversity drawn to the resurgent volcanoes. We won't miss the opportunity to communicate our experiences with you in our next newsletter.  

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Last Minute for the Moluccas, Halmahera and the Banda Sea 

Are you looking for adventure and an immediate change of scenery? You will be pleased to know that there are a few remaining spaces on our cruises in April, where we will successively cross the Molucca Sea, Halmahera, Seram, Banda Sea and the Wakatobi National Park

Two exclusive cruises off the beaten track with a wide variety of diving : rare macro-fauna (pigmy sea horses, nudibranchs, octopus, shrimp, ghost pipe fish, frog fish, rhinopias...) sharks, rays, napoleon wrasse, barracuda... The visibility is often excellent at this period of the year which is an evident advantage to appreciate the diversity of the land and seascapes encountered during our voyage.

From 1st to 13th April 2017 
" Magical Moluccas" from Bitung to Ambon 
( Lembeh Strait, Halmahera, Buru, Ambon
Save 750 CHF / 700 EUR / 750 USD

From 16th to 28th April 2017
" Banda Discovery" from Ambon to Maumere 
( Lucipara, Wakatobi, Gunung Api, Komba )
Save 750 CHF / 700 EUR / 750 USD

To book now, contact us!

In May, why not do 
as you please? 

The month of May is a perfect time to discover or rediscover the Komodo National Park. The dry season is now well established and all islands are green, still spared the heat of the summer. The anchor bays offer breathtaking landscapes and the marine life is intense beneath the surface: schooling jacks and trevallies, tunas, turtles, manta rays, reef sharks, healthy corals, colored sponges and the whole biodiversity that has made the reputation of this area. Komodo remains one of the best diving spots in Southeast Asia. We will operate 2 cruises in May 2017 and there are some remaining places at reduced prices.

From 1st to 12th May 2017 
" West meets East" from Maumere to Bali 
( Flores, Komodo, Sangeang, Sumbawa
Save 750 CHF / 700 EUR / 750 USD

From 16th to 26th May 2017
" Dragons & Gods" from Bali to Labuan Bajo 
( Sumbawa, Sangeang, Komodo )
Save 750 CHF / 700 EUR / 750 USD

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Musical cruise in Raja Ampat

Are you a music lover? Let yourself be seduced by our musical cruise in  Raja Ampat, West Papua. From the 6 th to the 17 thJanuary 2018 you will have the opportunity to navigate accompanied by the renowned Italian singer  Roberta Mameli, who honors us with her presence accompanied by the musicians  Michel Kiener ( Harpsicord) and  Luca Pianca (Lute and Guitar). 


Each evening, after a sumptuous dinner, we propose a recital which will cover a large part of musical history, from the 16 th  century of Monteverdi until the 20 th  century, passing by Mozart, Haydn, Granados, Villa-Lobos and many others. The artists present have a complete repertoire and there will be several surprises awaiting you.

This exceptional cruise with be punctuated by land excursions and nautical activities for the non-divers, while two dives per day will be offered to those who are certified divers. The itinerary of this cruise will allow you to visit the most beautiful landscapes of    Raja Ampat including Misool , in an enchanting and remote setting. 

For more information simply  download our PDF brochure or by  clicking on the link.

New wreck and coconut "fishing"

On passing close by the Island of Tifore , we cast our eyes on a beautiful beach to spend the end of the day. We went ashore to ask permission to the local village nearby. With a warm welcome we were asked for a small donation (15 liters of fuel, 2 packets of cigarettes and I bag of pasta)... plus a small favor.

These fishermen told us about a coconut transport Pinisi that had sunk one month before in front of the village. They said they would be really happy if we could dive and bring back about 10 bags of coconuts.

The following day Lorine, Rudy and Nick went on site to check it out. Perfectly sitting on its keel, the boat was in 48 meters of water perfectly intact with a large loading hold, crane and two motors on the foredeck. It was simply needed to enter the hold and move the bags to the opening so they could be attached and lifted to the surface by a crowd of very excited locals.

Happy fishermen and divers who had discovered a great wreck for the next cruise.

Adventure at Sea 

During a crossing of the Halmahera Sea we were hit by a strong storm and heavy seas. At the end of the afternoon a big wave smashed the boarding ladder on the side of the ship. The base, which allows us to board the diving tenders, was hanging above the water held together by different connecting lines and chains.

We immediately looked for a protected area which took nearly 5 hours, due to the fact the wind, waves and current caused us to reduce speed in the limited visibility. We didn't want to 
worsen the situation. All the crew jumped into action to recuperate the remainder of the boarding ladder. Once in the protected bay all the team, led by our carpenter Aliman, got to work on the situation. 

Motivated, competent, precise and hanging above the water, they created in 5 hours a type of brace to reduce the fracture with the help of two pieces of iron wood solidly connected. A strong solution which should last until dry dock this June.
The following morning we continued on our way on calm seas.
A fabulous crew, efficient, impressive, admirable and admired by all, including the passengers.
What a pleasure to see.

Early Booking 2017 & 2018

Komodo National Park uncontestably remains one of the most beautiful diving regions within the Indonesian Archipelago. From savanna style landscapes to idyllic beaches, the numerous islands within the park border the reefs, where the marine life density is nothing short of sensational: manta rays, reef sharks, tuna and jacks, hump-head parrot fish, napoleon wrasse and an immense collection of coral.

So you are able to take full advantage,  we have decided to extend the date of our early bird offers for Komodo 2017 and 2018. 

Choose your cruise for the upcoming season and  save up to CHF 500.00 per person.

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" Magical Moluccas" Cruise
Bitung - Ambon - 13  Days / 12  Nights   
From  1st to 13th April 2017
Save 750 
CHF /  700 EUR /  750 USD 
Reduced price from 6062 CHF / EUR & USD rates according to the exchange rate of the day.

" Banda DiscoveryCruise
Bitung - Ambon - 13  Days / 12  Nights   
From  16th to 28th April 2017
Save 750 
CHF /  700 EUR /  750 USD 
Reduced price from 6062 CHF / EUR & USD rates according to the exchange rate of the day.

" West meets EastCruise
Bitung - Ambon - 13  Days / 12  Nights   
From  1st to 12th May 2017
Save 750 
CHF /  700 EUR /  750 USD 
Reduced price from 5506 CHF / EUR & USD rates according to the exchange rate of the day.

" Dragons & GodsCruise
Bali - Labuan Bajo - 11  Days / 10  Nights   
From  16th to 26th May 2017
Save 750 
CHF /  700 EUR /  750 USD 
Reduced price from 4950 CHF / EUR & USD rates according to the exchange rate of the day.

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Photos Credits : All photos have been taken during cruises onboard WAOW.      
Julia Deville - Christian Pidoux - Jean Fran├žois Barthod - Didier Brandelet - Michel Mayor - Rudy Priatna