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Back to the Island of Gods!
After crossing 4 seas in the last 2 months, Molucca, Seram, Banda and Flores, our cruising season is coming to an end. WAOW is back in Bali and all the crew are preparing for dry dock, which will last a little over a month. With the size of the vessel and her equipment a fair amount of work awaits us to complete full maintenance. We will then set sail again in the direction of the Komodo National Park. 
You will see within this newsletter the complete list of the major maintenance work being done, but we will also look back on some beautiful diving done during the recent cruises. We will finish with a special offer to discover Alor this coming September.

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ALOR - Special Offer 

All of the photographers agree, and say: the region of Alor and Pantar are a true paradise for lovers of underwater biodiversity, due to the large quantity of dives where it is found.

The reefs are beautiful and covered with fixed fauna in abundance, and patrolled by a myriad of antheas, surgeon fish and fusiliers. Place your mask closer to the reef and the spectacle continues: clown fish, nudibranchs, bobtail squid, ghost pipe fish, rhinopias and orangutan crabs are more easily visible than most other places. Here also the sensation of exclusivity is present. Few boats operate in this area and you will often be the only visitors when going ashore to the villages of traditional fishermen.

Take advantage, from today, of a 
price reduction  of USD 500 / CHF 500 / EUR 460 
and reserve your " Gems of Alor" cruise with us 
from 15th to 25th September 2017.

The Magic of the Moluccas 

Our cruise " Magical Moluccas" carries its name very well. More than 730 nautical miles covered between Bitung and Ambon, with stop overs in Tifore, Halmahera, Mandioli, Seram and Ambon, to discover a great number of both seascapes and landscapes, with a strong sensation of exclusivity.

The mangroves, (amongst some of the most beautiful we have seen so far) the typical village of Boano and the volcanic landscapes of Halmahera were in competition with the profusion of life seen underwater: Ever surprising muck dives at Makian and Ambon Bay, the massive schools of barracuda and bonito at Tifore, the concentration of black-tip sharks and napoleon wrasse at Goraici, big eyed jacks, bat fish and healthy hard corals at Batjan, without forgetting the  beautiful topography in the north of the Banda Sea. (caves, sea mounds and gentle slopes garnished with soft corals) The beauty and diversity were ever present.

Enjoy the  video and the  pictures shot during that trip.

If you would like to join us on this cruise in the future, we will be re-doing this itinerary from 27th October to 7th November 2018. 


After a 2016-2017 season rich in discovery, I think specifically of the cruise (volcanic) to Sangihe in the north of Sulawesi. Waow and some of the crew are now going to take a break to prepare for next season. Outside of the normal maintenance schedule we plan the following:
  • To change, for consumption reasons, our second generator against a new generation one, that uses 20% less fuel.
  • To overhaul our 2 main engines, well earned, after 5 years and 50'000 nautical miles of impeccable service. In Indonesia, rare are the liveaboards that possess twin marinized diesel engines. Most only have one engine and are often recycled marinized truck engines with high emissions. The propulsion configuration of WAOW is a guarantee for both safety and the running of the cruises.
  • To service the two water makers.
  • To service the two engine shafts.
Our intention is also to spoil WAOW with a brand new set of sails. For the moment we have not yet found a supplier with enough stock and sail surface to be able to supply within our time frame. The sails will need to wait 3 months and will be put in place during one of our stop overs.

In any case you will find from July, WAOW, in all her splendour ready for new adventures.

Goosebumps for Mantas

Arriving back in Komodo at the beginning of May we had the possibility to see numerous species, despite the slightly reduced visibility at the beginning of the dry season. Mobula rays at Padar, several types of sharks and eagle rays in the north, lots of turtles at Siaba Besar and a very nice variety of nudibranchs on almost all the dives. The cherry on the cake was definitely Manta Alley and Banta. More than 30 manta rays gave us an unprecedented ballet in 25 degrees water temperature and a medium current. Ideal conditions for appreciating a rare and moving spectacle.  

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Photos Credits : All photos have been taken during cruises onboard WAOW.
Julia Deville - Franz Hajek