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Bye Bye Komodo !
Our season in the Komodo National Park is about to come to an end. We are actually setting sail for these beautiful waters for the last time this season. And what a season it was, with several manta ballets at Manta Alley and Shotgun, white tip reef sharks on Castle Rock and as always beautiful reefs full of colour. If you would like to join us in this exceptional National Park you can cruise with us from May 2018 when we return. Reservations made in advance will take advantage of our offers of " Early Booking".  
From the 12th September we will be navigating towards Alor and onto the Banda Sea before spending several months in West Papua. The adventure continues. 
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RIP, Captain Alan... 

For those of you who knew him,
Alan, the initial Captain of WAOW, in which we placed our full confidence, was sadly taken from us at the age of 44 after a painful fight with sickness. Those of us who knew Alan are extremely saddened by this news. 
He was a very well respected Captain due to his human qualities and professional abilities. These were seen thru the simplicity in which he shared even the most humble tasks with his crew, and his extraordinary intuition in making the right choices. His passion and dedication, his love of the ocean, his knowledge and magical navigational competence, have inspired an entire new generation of sailors now working on the dive liveaboards in Indonesia. In addition to his professional skills were his human qualities, reflecting on his face and in his voice: calm, kind and respectful. Alan was a friend and a dear companion, and will always remain at the heart of the WAOW family. 

Our thoughts and our support are with his four children and his wife, currently pregnant with their fifth child, stunned by the loss of both a father and a husband, who was so happy and so proud of his family. 
Our shining memory of Alan will always be, his smile. 
Julia and Michel Deville, Gerard Schoch, and all of the WAOW team.

2 spots for the Banda Sea

Due to a cancellation we now have 2 spaces available in a deluxe cabin for the upcoming cruise " Spices and Snakes" f rom 28th September to 10th October 2017

Very popular, and often booked out 2 years in advance, this itinerary  allows you to navigate the Banda sea for 12 days (Maumere to Ambon) discovering the reefs of Alor, the sea snakes of Gunung Api, the hammerheads at Jackpot, (it's the season) the isolated drop offs of Palau Suanggi and Palau Ai, and finally the macro fauna in Ambon Bay, without forgetting about an enchanting visit to Banda Neira in the spice Islands.

Please contact us rapidly if you would like these last spots.

Moluccas & West Papua
Still a few places at reduced rates 

From the 13th to 25th of  this October, we are proposing an exclusive and original cruise of 12 nights, between Ambon and Kaimana. This cruise " Moluccas and West Papua" combines Ambon Bay, South Seram (muck dives), The Banda Islands (coral, rare fauna and drop-offs), Palau Ai and Suanggi (pelagic action), Koon Islands (drop-offs, wide angle dives, density of marine life), and the famous Triton Bay (rare fauna, sumptuous coral and whale sharks). Apart for the breath-taking scenery awaiting you there are also two land visits as well: A visit of Banda Neira in the Spice Islands and the Belgica Fort, followed by a Kaimana jungle excursion to discover a beautiful waterfall and potentially see the tree kangaroos. 
A perfect cocktail to measure all the diversity and riches of this part of the Indonesian Archipelago.

Raja Ampat 
Last available places for 2017 

The reputation of Raja Ampat is already world renowned : this karst labyrinth surrounded by thick jungle and bordered by idyllic beaches guaranties an experience of dream like proportions. The immense marine biodiversity found in these waters astounds all those who have the chance to put on a set of fins. 
If you would like to visit this extraordinary region before the end of the year, please note that we have a few remaining places on our cruise " Raja Ampat - The Four Kings" which will take place from December 9th to 20th 2017 and f rom December 23th, 2017 to January 3rd, 2018

Contact us from today to organise your escape.

A happy guest! 

We couldn't resist sharing the recent commentary from one of our passengers.  (Translated from original French message)
Dear Michel
I have just today finished the cruise "Total Komodo" that started on 7 August 2017.
I would like to share with you my impressions and my feedback after this week of diving on Waow, which was exceptional and fantastic for me. Here are the reasons why:
Having come essentially for the discovery of Komodo, the quality and diversity of the diving was strongly felt. But the quality and diversity of the diving in KOMODO is not available for all the cruises in this area. Its seems that not all cruises in this area cover the areas that Waow does, which is what Ken (friend) mentioned during the cruise. The 73 springs of Ken and about 40 liveaboard trips make his opinion pretty credible.
In second position, I would like to mention the beauty of WAOW and the quality of the finishing. I am not sure who defined and maintained the levels of finishing of the boat but she is just beautiful, everywhere. The cabins and the bathrooms are spacious, even luxurious. Having stayed in cabin 3, I am speaking about the lower deck cabins. Those on the main deck, they say, are even bigger. 
I think next is the quality of the service onboard. All the meals were excellent. It is also an excellent idea to have included a glass of wine with the evening meal. After 4 dives, its more than sufficient : we really do wish we could have more. Without being extraordinary, the wines were good. I am also a fan of Chilean wine. J
The service was very good, all the staff were, every day, impeccable, smiling and happy. Not the slightest casting error in the staff detected, they seem comfortable in their skin, in general. It's important. In addition, 23 crew to look after 11 passengers....that's very pleasant. The rooms, the common areas, the dive centre, the boat was impeccable every day. 
All of this may not have been possible without the cruise director and his assistant. I was very impressed by the leadership and seriousness of Guislain who, I believe, is not yet 30 years old. (that's what he says in any case) With velvet gloves we feel the iron hand,....wood maybe. Very good in his role as the conductor of the orchestra and Dive Master. Wulan also was an excellent interface between the clients and the Indonesian staff, plus the supervision of these staff who are young and jovial. 
And finally I cannot forget the quality and the stamina of the 3 Dive Masters (Refly, Nick and Guislain). Their underwater guidance was always very good. Not only did we have the feeling of security but they have the art of seeing and showing us creatures that we would never have found without them. After having done 4 dives per day, for one week, my ears and my body are tired. I don't know how they do it to dive all year round. Respect. 
I would like to clarify that this very positive feedback is detailed and free. I'm not looking for a job nor for a fee bottle of Chilean wine. J
I wanted to let you know directly that your investment in Waow inspires respect : when most would only be concerned with the financial return on investment. Waow is a dream for us. That probably was (and is always?) for you too.
I saw some very beautiful photos on the big screen in the dining room, from a certain Julia D. Another proof that you know how to surround yourself with good people, with a minimum, a very nice sense of the aesthetic. 
So, as the lines above are all in unison, I searched, searched for a long time for something to improve. Without it making me lose any sleep, I had a lot of trouble to find something very significant, but I suggest to see if it is possible to install an additional sound proofing on the generator used at night. But, it really is just to propose something because I really did sleep well at night.
Voila, Thank you for what you have done with Waow. 

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Gems of Alor" - Alor Exceptional
Maumere - Maumere     - 11 days / 10 nights   
from  15th to 25th September 2017
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CHF /  910 EUR /  1000 USD  
Reduced price from 4700 CHF / EUR & USD rates according to the exchange rate of the day.

" Mollucas to Papua- Last Minute
Ambon - Kaïmana  - 13 days / 12 nights   
From  13th to 25th October 2017
Save 750 
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Reduced price from 6062 CHF / EUR & USD rates according to the exchange rate of the day.

" Raja Ampat & Triton Bay- Last Minute
Kaïmana - Sorong  - 12 days / 11 nights   
From  28th October to 8th November 2017
Save 750 
CHF /  700  EUR /  750  USD 
Reduced price from 5506 CHF / EUR & USD rates according to the exchange rate of the day.

" Raja Ampat - The 4 Kings- Last Minute
Kaïmana - Sorong  - 12 days / 11 nights   
From  9th to 20th December 2017
Save 500 
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Julia Deville - Glen Cowans - Franz Hajek -  Didier Brandelet - Jorgen Rasmussen 
Steffan Kilby - Jerome "Jay" Monney - Bernard Radvaner - Steve Noble