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The Moluccas are truly magnificent!
Navigating along the coasts of Buru and Seram, we are approaching the end of our cruise " Magical Moluccas" (Bitung to Ambon via Halmahera). This itinerary is rich in discovery and encounters. With a true feeling of exclusivity we have done some diving truly rich and varied: Volcanic landscapes, intact corals, enormous schools of barracuda and jacks plus rare macro fauna.... It's all there. The photos will be published soon on our Facebook page and also in next month's newsletter.
For this April newsletter, we invite you to share your memories on Facebook, take advantage of a new airline pass for Indonesia, relive our recent cruise to the Sangihe Islands, head to your local newsagent, dive this summer in Komodo or Alor, and take advantage of our current special offers.  

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If you have an account on the world's biggest social media site, Facebook, we invite you more than ever to share your experiences onboard WAOW on 2 specific pages.

-Page WAOW Charters: To comment and add notes from your cruise, post your photos and videos and stay informed on current news. This page is open to everyone to see.

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KOMODO - Last Minute 

For those who wish to go diving in May, take advantage of our last minute offers on our cruises to Komodo. 2 departures are available and you'll  save 750 CHF / 700 EUR / 750 USD per person!

From 1st to 12th May 2017 
" West meets East" cruise from Maumere to Bali - 11 nights
( Flores, Komodo, Sangeang, Sumbawa )
Reduced price from 5506 CHF

From 16th to 26th May 2017
" Dragons & Gods" cruise from Bali to Labuan Bajo - 10 nights  
( Sumbawa, Sangeang, Komodo )
Reduced price from 4950 CHF

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Discover ALOR

Lovers of preserved reefs and exclusivity will be swimming in happiness in Alor. Still rarely visited, this area of the Indonesian Archipelago enthralls you with dives full of color and life. 

Operating from Maumere to Maumere, our cruise the " Gems of Alor" will take you to Pomana, Adonara, Lembata, Pantar and Alor, during 10 days.  With 4 daily dives you will alternate between "muck" dives for macro and drift dives along the walls. A photographic overload guaranteed for those on the hunt for rare species.

Our only cruise to this destination in 2017 will take place from September 15th to 25th. There are a few remaining spaces available.

For more information, click here.

New at Garuda Indonesia:
Wonderful Indonesia Travel Pass

Good news from Garuda Airlines. The Indonesian national carrier has just launched its pass "Wonderful Indonesia". This pass permits you to book your domestic flights (3 minimum-8 maximum) within Indonesia at a preferred rate. (Up to 30% discount on each flight). It is available for those passengers flying internationally with Garuda or partner airlines.

There are 4 versions of the pass:
Adventure PassValid for Bali, Lombok, Labuan Bajo, Nias, Ternate, Surabaya, Banywangi, Sumbawa, Medan, Padang, Raja Ampat and Bandung.
Underwater Pass: Valid for Bali, Lombok, Labuan Bajo, Manado, Raja Ampat, Derawan, Ambon, Ternate, Wakatobi, Saumlaki, Semarang and Sabang.
Heritage Pass:  Valid for Solo, Yogjakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, Banyuwnagi, Bandung, Bali, Tambulaka, Padang, Nias and Makassar.
Explore Pass: Valid for all destinations listed in the three previous versions.

Please remember that the airline offers divers advantageous baggage allowances for those travelling internationally with Garuda. 7 kilos hand luggage and 30 kilos checked-in, plus an additional 23 kilos checked-in. These allowances flow also onto the domestic bookings. What more can we ask for?
Those travelling on other international airlines will still have the advantage of 20 kilos checked-in baggage plus an additional 23 kilos for dive gear. To take advantage of these offers pre booking must be made with the airline mentioning these offers.
For more information please consult the Garuda Indonesia website and contact the reservation number closest to your home address.

New press articles...

WAOW is being highly featured in several magazines dedicated to diving.

Firstly, with our Quebec friends: The explorer, photo director, filmmaker and presenter Nathalie Lasselin was aboard WAOW last October for a discovery of the Forgotten Islands. Regular contributor to the magazine " En Profondeur " she has consecrated an article, where the first of the series is currently in newsagents.
In France, the upcoming edition of " Plongeurs International (In newsagents May 2 nd) will include an article dedicated to WAOW, written by the well-known photo journalist Didier Brandelet and in collaboration the with agency Ultramarina. Didier joined us in Komodo last July and will share his cruise with you plus his passion for diving in an exceptional National Park.

Sangihe - Pearls of the North 

We initially titled our cruise "Exploration" of North Sulawesi, The Pearls of the North. Exploration finished, the term Volcanic Cruise seems to suit better.
Leaving aside normal diving for Indonesia, (but exceptional for those who don't know Indonesia yet) such as Lembeh Straits, the mecca of macro diving, Bunaken National Park, the Tangkoko Park with its Tarsiers and Macaca Nigras, the village of Makalehi, a niche world in a crater around a fresh water lake officially known as the cleanest in Indonesia (that I can confirm). Now let's just talk about the volcanic explorations.
First underwater exploration: The recent lava flow (1994) of the Ruang Volcano. From the summit to the sea there is an impressive ridge of black lava, striking and without vegetation which contrasts the slopes of the volcano covered in vegetation. It is only necessary to dive to see the opposite. Underwater it is surprising to see the amazing life on the extension of the lava flow. Fish and coral of all varieties and all colors, while the sides are plain and only of black sands.
The second exploration had nothing to do with the idea in my mind based on what I had been told. Completely the opposite and beyond my expectations. First shock getting into the water on an external slope of the underwater volcano of Mahangeta ng that rises to with 5-6 meters of the surface. Gentle slope to follow down with 40-50 meters visibility in the crystal clear waters, covered in corals (Mycedium Steeni) having a diameter of more than one meter resembling the petals of a rose. Not one empty space, truly extraordinary. On ascending we have a second contrast where the volcanic explosion occurred and desolation. Apart  from some fish on the summit, no more coral and no more life. Volcanic rock destroyed as if hit with a missile and pinnacles facing strange directions. The only activity some volcanic rumbling, another sign of life, the mirrors of thermoclines rising between the rocks and the fleeting bubbles. We are swimming in a true jacuzzi of desolation.

But on the subject of the jacuzzi, we can do better. After the last dive of the day, near the Island of Siau, our guide Refly took us to a true natural bath. A rectangle of 12 X 8 meters, three walls sc ulptured into the volcanic rock faced with an opening to the sea. With  a depth of 1.5 meters on black sands and with 30 centimeters of vapor at the surface the water was at 38 degrees. An incredible sensation of happiness that we came back to later for the cocktail hour. A memorable cocktail hour spent swimming to sea, then back into the hot bath with a setting sun and the silhouette of WAOW in the distance.
Another memorable dive, without a volcanic anecdote this time, was the jetty of Tahulandang as a muck dive. First surprise, we needed to swim around the aft su perstructure of a wreck recently sunk in front of the jetty and breaking the surface. We would explore it at the end of the dive, but first the jetty. One of the most beautiful that I have seen with crystal clear water, oblique light from the thick piers covered in pink gorgonians, schools of batfish, trumpet fish and others. Arriving at the wreck we followed the hull and came up onto the deck covered in a cargo of cement and without much interest. On the contrary the rear superstructure half submerged had clear waters, great light and allowed for some great p hotographs of both parts, one submerged and the other via transparence. On heading towards the rudder a nd propeller, second surprise, another wreck laying on the starboard side and just as recent as the first. This wreck was just as photogenic as the first and some divers began getting low on air. In any case we returned the next day and dived it again. Well worth it.
could also speak to you about the wrecks of the Molas and Odong and the dives at Talisei, Bangka, Biaro, Para and Neung.

Imagine walls completely orange and yellow with an incredible density of soft corals. Sangihe is not as well-known as Komodo and Raja Ampat, but merits a detour for its differences, its surprises, its curiosity and its advantages. We were alone in the world, except for Bunaken , 10 days of cruising without another dive boat to be seen.

We will be back in Sangihe in November 2018 and March 2019. If you wish to share that exceptional cruise with us, please contact us.
Michel Deville
Owner of the WAOW

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