Welcome to our February 2017 Newsletter

January has been a very busy month for all the team at WAOW.
Firstly, our ship crew has again headed up to Cenderawasih Bay for the encounters with the whale-sharks. A full house again with several beautiful specimens on hand for the complete joy of all the passengers aboard. We took advantage of being in the bay to explore new sites, to do several land excursions, one of which was to see the majestic bird of paradise.
For the commercial team there were several dive shows to exhibit at, and attend, including Paris, Dusseldorf and Zurich. Many of you joined us on the stands of the various shows showing an interest in WAOW. We take this opportunity say a big "Thank You".
For this newsletter, we would like to propose a musical cruise in Raja Ampat in 2018, unveil our new itineraries for 2019 and finally, offer some last minute specials for departures to Raja Ampat including Misool, Halmahera, The Moluccas, Sangihe and the bay of Ambon.

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Last Minute Specials

Need to travel, right now, and to dive sites well off the beaten track? WAOW is waiting just for you. Take full advantage of our last minute specials and submerge yourself in the wonders of Indonesian diving in total exclusivity with WAOW.
Each itinerary, in different ways, is as prestigious as the others with a concentration of magnificent sites. Nowhere else will you find a biodiversity and variety of sea and landscapes on one single cruise.
" Halmahera's Crown" from Sorong to Bitung in March. (South Raja Ampat, Misool. Halmahera, Molucca Sea and Lembeh Straits)

" Sangihe- Pearl of the North" from Bitung to Bitung in March. (Lembeh Straits, Bunaken, Bangka, Sangihe underwater volcano's)

Croisière  " Magical Moluccas " from Bitung to Ambon in April ( Lembeh Straits, Halmahera, Buru, Ambon )

" Banda Sea Discovery" from Ambon to Maumere in April (Lucipara, Wakatobi, Gunung Api, Komba)

Musical cruise in Raja Ampat

Are you a music lover? Let yourself be seduced by our musical cruise in Raja Ampat, West Papua. From the 6 th to the 17 th January 2018 you will have the opportunity to navigate accompanied by the renowned Italian singer Roberta Mameli, who honors us with her presence accompanied by the musicians Michel Kiener ( Harpsicord) and Luca Pianca (Lute and Guitar). 

Each evening, after a sumptuous dinner, we propose a recital which will cover a large part of musical history, from the 16 th  century of Monteverdi until the 20 th  century, passing by Mozart, Haydn, Granados, Villa-Lobos and many others. The artists present have a complete repertoire and there will be several surprises awaiting you.

This exceptional cruise with be punctuated by land excursions and nautical activities for the non-divers, while two dives per day will be offered to those who are certified divers. The itinerary of this cruise will allow you to visit the most beautiful landscapes of    Raja Ampat including Misool , in an enchanting and remote setting. 

For more information simply download our PDF brochure by clicking on the link.

Program for 2018 & 2019

As you have maybe noticed on our cruise program, WAOW will navigate in the region of the Komodo National Park until 2018, between the months of May and October. If you would like to discover, or rediscover, the fantastic diving in the park with us, don't wait too long to contact us. (We still have some remaining spaces and some early bird specials)

From 2019, we have made the decision to concentrate our cruising on the Banda Sea, West Papua, Molucca Sea and North Celebes Islands. Our adventurous spirit and thirst for new destinations has inspired us to create new itineraries. 

New Itineraries for 2019  

Always further away, always more complete, the new itineraries we have created for 2019 will not disappoint the dive-adventurer spirit we have in each of us.

TOTAL BANDAAmbon / Saumlaki or visa-versa. A concentration of the most beautiful marine oasis sites lost in the middle of the Banda Sea, where the pelagic fauna (notably hammerhead sharks, silky and thresher sharks) share the rarely visited reefs with the infinite number of smaller species Indonesia is renowned for. A "Must" for all the "wide-angle" divers.

BEST OF BANDA - Ambon/Ambon : 
Here again we find a concentration of the best sites of the Banda Sea, including those at Lucipara. The deep blue and action are definitely on the agenda

TOGGIAN to LEMBEHGorontola/Bitung. This itinerary is ideal for photographers looking for macro-fauna and special underwater atmospheres. Drop-offs covered with rare sponges, frog fish, nudibranchs, octopus (Mimic, wonder and bobtail) and all the selection of marine biodiversity found within the archipelago.

For more information, simply click on the itineraries.

Early Booking 2017 & 2018

Komodo National Park uncontestably remains one of the most beautiful diving regions within the Indonesian Archipelago. From savanna style landscapes to idyllic beaches, the numerous islands within the park border the reefs, where the marine life density is nothing short of sensational: manta rays, reef sharks, tuna and jacks, hump-head parrot fish, napoleon wrasse and an immense collection of coral.

So you are able to take full advantage, we have decided to extend the date of our early bird offers for Komodo 2017 and 2018. 

Choose your cruise for the upcoming season and save up to CHF 500.00 per person.

Happiness onboard WAOW 

We can't resist to share recent comments written by two of our passengers:  

Returning the Geneva was somewhat difficult after this magnificent cruise.
We wanted to congratulate all the team for putting together a project that can only be described as perfect.
Due to my work I am very fortunate to discover many tourism offerings on all continents. Honestly here, Waow, is just Waow... This says it all. The attention to detail, the understanding of the crew, the quality of the cabins, the chef, the tender boats, the preparation and maintenance of the equipment, the log book sent after the cruise, the surprise photo signed by the crew, the home cinema system with the massive collection of films and music... I am looking looking but I can't find...ah yes, the king size bed in cabin 1 was leaning 3 or 4 degrees towards the center of the boat. This was corrected by putting something under the mattress but the suffering that I endured for 2 nights rolling towards my wife...yes you understand that I am joking but the bed did have a slight angle on it. J
In brief, we are "hooked" and will return on WAOW just as quickly as we can.
From the bottom  of our hearts thank you for this unforgettable experience and for the magnificent attention to detail. Thanks also for sharing these compliments with all the crew even if we already filled out the questionnaire form onboard. (If it rates more than 5 it's our fault as we often wrote 6/5!)
With our fond regards
P & B

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Sorong - Bitung - 12  days / 11  nights   
From  4th to 15th March 2017
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CHF /  700 EUR /  750 USD 
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Bitung - Bitung - 12  days / 11  nights   
From  18th to 29th March 2017
Save 750  
CHF /  700 EUR /  750 USD
Reduced price from 5506 CHF / EUR & USD rates according to the exchange rate

Bitung - Ambon - 13  days / 12  nights   
From  1st to 13th April 2017
Save 750 
CHF /  700 EUR /  750 USD 
Reduced price from 6062 CHF / EUR & USD rates according to the exchange rate

" Banda Discovery" cruise
Ambon - Maumere - 13  days / 12  nights   
From  16th to 28th April 2017
Save 750 
CHF /  700 EUR /  750 USD 
Reduced price from 6062 CHF / EUR & USD rates according to the exchange rate

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Photos Credits : All photos have been taken during cruises onboard WAOW.  
Julia Deville - Jorgen Rasmussen - Didier Brandelet - Jerôme Monney - Glen Cowans - Franz Hajek