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Working with WBS Codes
Default WBS Codes

As you define the breakdown of tasks in a project, WBS Codes are automatically assigned to Summary Tasks and Tasks to represent their position in the hierarchy. For example, here is a WBS Chart showing WBS Codes:
As you add/delete items and move Summary Tasks and Tasks around, these codes are automatically updated based on their new locations. This is the default way WBS Schedule Pro works. Read on for additional ways to do WBS Coding in your projects.

Using the Project Summary Task

An overall "Project Summary Task" can be displayed in WBS Schedule Pro by selecting the Home tab and clicking Project Summary Task. The Project Summary Task has a WBS Code of 0 and is always the top-most box. If you did not show the Project Summary Task, your top box would be 1 and anything under this would be 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc. The Project Summary Task is handy for showing whole WBS numbers (1, 2, 3, etc) on the second level of the hierarchy.

Custom WBS Coding

Typing a WBS Code at any summary level automatically updates the WBS Codes down the hierarchy. For example, entering "A" into the WBS field of Project ABC and "B" into Project XYZ not only changes the WBS for those Summary Tasks but updates all WBS Codes below.
This is a convenient way to create your own custom WBS coding without using a WBS Code Mask.

Clearing WBS Codes

To clear a custom WBS Code and reset it to its default value, select the WBS Code and backspace to remove that custom code. To reset all WBS Codes, switch to a Task Sheet, select the WBS Column, right-click and select Clear Column.

Using a WBS Code Mask

Select the Project tab and choose WBS Codes to define a WBS Code "Mask" to define a coding scheme that conforms to this definition at each level defined.

As new tasks are created and/or moved, WBS Codes are automatically created or updated based on the WBS Code Mask definition.

WBS Codes and Microsoft Project 

When using WBS Schedule Pro with Microsoft Project, the WBS coding is done by Microsoft Project. Entering WBS Codes in a plan linked to MS Project behaves as if you typed it into MS Project directly.
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WBS Schedule Pro Tip: Did you know?
You can Prevent Boxes from Breaking on a Page when Printing 
In a WBS Chart or Network Chart, you can force boxes to automatically move to another page if the boxes were to land on a page break. To do this, select the File menu and Page Setup. Then, select the Adjust for page breaks checkbox:

Print Layout
To see where the page breaks are going to be positioned in a WBS or Network Chart, select the View tab and Print Layout*. Changing to the Print Layout View in a WBS or Network Chart displays the page breaks on the screen without having to use Print Preview. 

Bonus Tip: Without Adjust for page breaks selected you can still use the Print Layout view to see where page breaks occur and then manually drag boxes to another page. This gives you more control over box placement. Click the edge of a box in a WBS or Network Chart and drag it to move it across a page. For more information on Moving boxes, see the Moving and Repositioning Tasks section of Help within the software. 
* The Print Layout option for Network Charts was disabled in versions of WBS Schedule Pro prior to version 5.1.0016. If Print Layout is disabled in your Network Charts, update to the latest version.
WBS Schedule Pro 5.1.0016
The latest version of WBS Schedule Pro is 5.1.0016. Go to File-About to see which version you have.

If you are using 5.1.xxxx but earlier than 5.1.0016, use the File-Check for Updates feature to quickly and easily upgrade to the latest version.

If you have 5.0.xxxx you can download 5.1.0016 from our website. Going from 5.0 to 5.1 requires an Uninstall and Reinstall but after that, use the Check for Updates feature for future updates!

The above are Minor updates and are always FREE for 5.x users. See below for upgrading versions prior to 5.x.
Click here to Download Version 5.1.0016

See a list of Version 5.1 Features, Fixes and Enhancements
Fix for error message "Encountered Improper Argument"
When going from Microsoft Project to WBS Schedule Pro we fixed several instances where the message "Encountered Improper Argument" was displayed and no chart appeared. This was a major inconvenience that is now fixed! This issue was difficult to pinpoint but we are happy to report it is finally resolved.

This fix is available in WBS Schedule Pro version 5.1.0016 as described above.
WBS Chart Pro 4.x and PERT Chart EXPERT 2.x users
It's been well over a year since the release of WBS Schedule Pro. If you haven't upgraded, what are you waiting for? The new WBS Schedule Pro software has so much to offer with combined WBS, Network & Gantt Charts plus many new and exciting features.

Click here for Upgrade Ordering Information
Top 10 Most Popular New Features in WBS Schedule Pro
  1. Combined WBS, Network and Gantt Charts for all-in-one planning and scheduling.
  2. Excel Export for quick and easy spreadsheets.
  3. A Notes Pane for adding extensive descriptions to your tasks.
  4. Free-form Text boxes for annotating charts.
  5. Microsoft Project 2016 compatibility.
  6. The Word Export for exporting WBS Dictionaries.
  7. New and easier ways to create Headers and Footers for printing.
  8. More Right-Click access to menus and features.
  9. Advanced Task Linking including the Many-to-One and One-to-Many Link feature.
  10. The Grouping feature for showing alternate hierarchies.
Microsoft Project 2016 Compatibility
WBS Schedule Pro and Project 2016 - Only WBS Schedule Pro version 5.1.0014 or later is fully compatible with Project 2016. See the Download page for information on updating.  

After updating, if WBS Schedule Pro and Microsoft Project don't seem to be working together, start Project 2016 and leave it running. Then, start WBS Schedule Pro, select the Microsoft Project drop down arrow and select Setup Microsoft Project. Close both programs and restart them. This should help. If not, see the FAQ page for additional help.

The old WBS Chart Pro and PERT Chart EXPERT software are not compatible with Project 2016. Yet another reason to upgrade!
Using Network Charts
A Network Chart in WBS Schedule Pro
Here are some tips for using Network Charts in WBS Schedule Pro 
  1. To create a Link between two Tasks, click within a Task box, drag the mouse over another Task and let go. This creates a Finish-to-Start relationship where the first Task's Finish date determines the second Task's Start date.
  2. Clicking within a Task and dragging to white space in the Network chart creates a Link from the existing Task to a New Task.
  3. Hovering over a Link displays a popup form with Link information (this feature was added in 5.1.0015).
  4. Doubleclick a Link to change the Link Type, add Lag/Lead (negative lag) or to Delete the Link. 
  5. On the Home tab, deselect the Grouped checkbox to hide the horizontal Summary Task/Group Headers in the Network Chart and show only Tasks. To see these Groups again, select the Grouped checkbox.
  6. Click the Format tab and select the Timescale checkbox to add a Timescale to the Network Chart.
  7. By default, a Task is dynamically positioned relative to its Predecessor when linked. This is the Auto Layout feature.
  8. Click the edge of a Task Box and drag it to manually move it elsewhere in the Network Chart. This can be helpful to better visualize and unravel complex link lines.
  9. Moving Tasks in the Network Chart "Locks" the chart and boxes are no longer dynamically placed.This is the Locked feature of Network Charts.
  10. If a Network Chart is Locked the word "Locked" is displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  11. If Locked, click the Format tab and select Auto Layout to automatically position boxes again.   
Video Tutorials
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  4. Using Network Charts in WBS Schedule Pro (8:47) - A detailed description of the Network Chart features.
To all new WBS Schedule Pro users, long-time users and potential users, thank you for keeping up-to-date with us. As always, we welcome any questions, suggestions and/or comments.

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