Also, my address is contact (at) thepeoplesinitiative (dot) org.  I am writing it out because this domain and address may be on a temporary block, so my newsletters have not been going through.  You can still email me at that address though, I just won't be sending en mass from it.

Hello All, I wrote this yesterday but fell asleep before I could send it out,

OMG, I am SO HAPPY!!!  Our fabulous legal team BEAT THE PANTS OFF OF PG@E today at a hearing for a "motion to remand".  What is a motion to remand and why was this so important?  This particular motion to remand was PG@E trying to move our cases from state to federal court.  There are a MULTITUDE of reasons why we could not afford to let that happen, one of them being the level of evidence in product liability that plaintiffs must meet in Federal court is called "Daubert" which was an industry set standard and extremely hard to my opinion, it basically was set up to protect corporations from liability when they harm people with their products.  However, being as we are now going to move forward as planned in state court, the level of evidence we will have to meet is called "Frye" which is a more balanced level of evidence and something we are in my humble opinion, going to be able to do just fine!  This is also going to help us out when it comes time to go to court with Edison, which is JUST around the corner. Today was an enormous  victory for us!  :)  Have a very happy Halloween and stay away from those spooky smart meters!!  :)

xo, Liz

Also, there is a new cell phone book out which I hear is fantastic!  I don't have Kindle so I can't get the downloadable version but intend on reading the hard copy.  I am told our cell phone/brain cancer warning label work in mentioned in a few places and we have been offered a pre-book release discount for people on our list.  This book is not yet available on Amazon, but you can get it online by clicking here 
and you can get a 10% discount by putting in this code:  PPL10

Since they are putting out 2 books at the same time, here is a quote from the distributor:
"For consumers who know about EMF health hazards, Hold the Phone will be a good place to start.  For those interested in learning more about the science supporting these health hazards, Hold the Phone: Here's Why is the place to start.  For a comprehensive picture, I recommend reading both. They are well-written and easy to read without a lot of complex jargon, and fit together perfectly."

For those in the LA area, please be sure and come to our screening of Take Back Your Power this Fri, Nov. 1st, @ the Library, 122 N. Topanga Cyn. Blvd. Topanga, CA 90290. Potluck vegetarian, organic snacks @ 7:00 PM, screening starts @7:30 SHARP as we have an excellent guest speaker panel for Q and A and limited time frame.  Guest speakers are: Filmmaker - Josh Del Sol via Skype, Jerry Day (Emmy Award winning producer and Anti Smart Meter Specialist), Liz Barris (launched mass tort lawsuit against utilities in CA for heath effects from smart meters/smart grid) 
Julie Levine (displaced from her home due to smart gird).   


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A toxin powerful enough to cause vomiting and even death swam silently in the drinking water at Lakewood Estates:
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"Maybe we don't have money, but we have clean water and we are healthy and we just want to be left alone."
"While Britain decided this year to support shale gas exploration, France has a total ban citing ecological concerns"

Special Thanks for Articles From:  Environmental Health News,, EMR Updates - The Microwave Factor, Naperville Smart Meter Awareness,  Olle Johansson, Dave Hubert, Warren Woodward, Maureen Homan,