Build for Unity Project 100% Funded through local interfaith community!
Construction and volunteer sign-ups will open  next Thursday!
We have an exciting announcement to make regarding the Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento Build for Unity Project...

  As of this week, we are now officially 100% funded for the project and ready to begin construction!

We have been so incredibly inspired over the last 9 months watching our different local faith communities rally together to build hope and unity within our community.  Together through donations from individuals, churches, mosques, temples, synagogues, various places of worship, and faith-based organizations all over the Greater Sacramento area - we have raised over $176,000 to fund the construction of two future Habitat homes and show our community the incredible things that can happen when you put aside differences and work together for a greater good.

Habitat founder Millard Fuller once said, "If you just yell, there are no homes being gotta pick up a hammer and start driving nails."  

Next week, we will be sending another email to our Build for Unity partners with instructions on how to sign-up to help volunteer and take part in the construction of this incredible project!  In the meantime, on behalf of our entire staff and the families we serve, thank you for your incredible support of this very special project! 

We look forward to continuing to build hope, homes, and unity with you!  More updates soon to follow...