January 20, 2017 
Hi all,

It's about this time of year I start thinking about spring - wouldn't some sunshine be nice? I'd love to hit a golf ball or stick my toes in the lake. I'd like to see some green. So, I got a little excited this week when Zone A decided to hold a "Leadership Boot Camp" on June 15th at my cottage. That's going to be a FUN meeting!

The WR3 Membership/PR Committee has thrown down the Zone challenge: you sign up 10 people and you get to pick the time and place on June 13 or June 15 and we will bring the training to you. And yes - the place can be a fun place, like your cottage!

For more details, here's the flyer.

--Kathy Rohde
Regional Director

What's YOUR Best Story?


I'm a Member because . . .

I believe that our teaching profession is stronger when we work together. In my second year, Act 10 changed the look of the profession and I struggled with what my future held. By being a union member, I feel empowered to initiate change and to fight for what I believe in--all because of other strong leaders in Region 3!

Jessica Rosenberg-Fredrickson 
Pulaski EA 
Professional Development

 Are you looking to choose your own Professional Development? Would you like to learn from your fellow Professional Association Members across Wisconsin? Here are just some of the great sessions being offered at WEAC's Professional Issues Conference March 3-5. For a full list click here.
  •          Degrees, Not Debt!
  •          Strike a Pose!  Intro to Photo Editing and Manipulation
  •          Parents and Community on Your Side
  •          Your Mother, Your Boss and your Ex: Teachers and Social Media
  •          Spanish for Educators to Communicate with ELL Students and Families
  •          Intro to National Board Certification
  •          ESP Academy

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DPI's WECAN software is being updated. If you have been utilizing the Job Application software in WECAN, this important information is for you and your members. The Job Application software will be updated effective January 27. The information stored in any current accounts will not transfer with the software update. If you are utilizing It might be most advantageous for you to login to your account. Copy, Paste, and Save this information elsewhere by January 26. Updates to the WECAN system will require creating a new login and re-entering this information.
In addition, the WECAN update will no longer support the PDP process. Therefore, DPI is directing everyone with a PDP started in WECAN to move their PDP to the QEI platform.  WEAC is excited about this move as our association has been long-time supporters of QEI. Our members also receive the Gold Level membership for no charge (a $125 value) as a benefit of their membership. Although all the information for how to transfer their PDP can be found online in the QEI's FAQ section and on the DPI website, this is an opportunity to support our members and potential members through the process in person.
Consider bringing this session to your district and
sponsor it by your local association.

Help me get started in QEI!
Did you know that the WECAN PDP platform is going away? Bring your computer and we'll help you:
  • Walk through the steps of account set-up
  • Transfer your PDP info from WECAN
  • Introduce you to the helpful features of QEI
Select one of the great options below to bring this informational and hands-on learning to your district:
  • Training of the Trainers: Engage one of your members who is familiar with the PDP process and QEI platform to be trained to lead this session in your local.
  • Online Training of the Trainers: Monday, February 13, 6-7 pm @ your own computer or device. Sign up here to get the video conferencing link.
  • Face-to-Face Training of the Trainers: Monday March 13, 6-7 pm @ WEAC Region 3: 1136 N. Military Avenue, Green Bay. Dinner provided on site with your registration. Sign up here.
Or, contact our Professional Development Uniserv Director, Sara Stangler, at stanglers@weac.org to invite a WR3 IPD Committee member to present to your local, or to make other arrangements. 


Coming to Sheboygan! WEAC                                                                           Region 3 PDP Reviewer Support 

Saturday, March 11 
Mead Public Library 
710 N. 8th Street 

PDP Writing Workshop : 9:00 am -12:00 pm.
Learn or review how to write your PDP with the guidance of PDP reviewers. Utilize the workshop time to start creating your individual PDP.
Register now.

PDP Goal Approval or Verification: We'll put together your in-person PDP reviewer team. Register now to reserve an appointment time beginning at noon. 
Free member benefit for all Region 3 & WEAC Members
Fees apply for Non-Members: Writing Workshop $50; Goal Approval $150; Verification $200
Online Registration Required!  https://goo.gl/forms/A5vg2gaslwhFGcCA2 
Save the date:  WEAC Summer Leadership Academy is July 24-26 in Eau Claire

Mark your calendar now for the 2017 WEAC Summer Leadership Academy, July 24-26 at UW-Eau Claire. "Summer Leadership Academy not only gives you a local perspective, but a state and national focus on issues important to you as an educator," says trainer and WEAC Retired member Pat Schmidt of Wautoma. "It encourages you to get involved not only in your school community, but to take a stand on issues at a much deeper level."   READ ON  
Political Action
This is an 11.0101(10)(b)(1) communication with WEAC members

The WEAC Region 3 Board of Directors meeting previously scheduled for February 25th has been cancelled so that all Locals can send Presidents + other interested members to this event:

WR3 will pay $15 registration fee for all members attending.

Alternative WI State Budget Released 
by:  Robert Kraig, Citizen Action of WI
Yesterday was a big day for beginning to change the debate in Wisconsin. Citizen Action of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Council of Children and Families (WCCF) led the coalition roll out of an alternative state budget.
A Wisconsin Budget for All includes aspirational new investments like a free technical college education, paying caregivers a living wage, employing thousands of unemployed workers in green occupations to remove lead pipes and reduce carbon pollution, and many more exciting initiatives. To read the whole budget click here. You can also see more information on a dedicated Facebook page here.
Our coalition press conferences in Madison and Milwaukee releasing the budget drew large scale media coverage, including   Wisconsin State Journal, Wisconsin Public Radio, Associated Press, and many other outlets across the state. (More regional news conferences will follow in the next two weeks). You can also listen to a 60-minute interview with Joy Cardin. I did this morning on Wisconsin Public Radio.
Our goal in developing this alternative budget is to show that big important new investments that strengthen Wisconsin communities are possible if we clean up the tax code and eliminate special interest giveaways. Our long-term purpose is to increase the public sense of what is possible if we pull together and adopt bold reforms that address our most pressing problems and help us realize the full potential of Wisconsin life.
This kind of initiative takes a great deal of time to plan. Citizen Action and WCCF have been planning, and holding intensive meetings with partners, for over 18 months. If you represent an organization and want to sign in on support of A Wisconsin Budget for All, please let us know.

A Wisconsin Budget for All is supported by Wisconsin Council on Children & Families; Citizen Action of Wisconsin; 9to5 Wisconsin; Wisconsin Council of Churches; Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups; National Association of Social Workers, WI Chapter; Interfaith Coalition for Worker Justice, Lutheran Office for Public Policy in Wisconsin; Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC), SEIU Wisconsin State Council, Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, Community Advocates Public Policy Institute; Wisconsin Alliance for Women's Health; Wisconsin Federation of Nurses & Health Professionals; League of Women Voters of Wisconsin; Madison-Area Urban Ministry; Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice; and Wisconsin Friends Action Network.

Attention Retirees
Mark Your Calendars

WEAC-Fox Valley Retired would like to extend an invitation to all WEAC-Retired members within the Region 3 geographical area to attend our winter meeting on February 15th.

Presenters will include Tim Gierke from the Appleton social security office, and Certified Senior Care Adviser Michelle Graf, with a presentation entitled "Your Active and Healthy Brain."   (More details provided here) 
Wednesday, February 15, 2017
1:00 - 3:00 p.m.
D J Bordini Center
5 Systems Drive
Appleton, WI
(located across the street from Fox Valley Technical College on Bluemound Drive)  
Member Benefits
Schedule It!
Click HERE to see our Region 3 Calendar. It includes WEAC and Region 3 governance meetings, Professional Development events, and many other workshops, meetings, and events sponsored by our office.

Here's the other stuff:
  • The Ashwaubenon School District in collaboration with the Brown County Child Abuse and Neglect Initiative is hosting a screening of the acclaimed documentary Paper Tigers on February 8, 2017, from 6-8 pm at the Ashwaubenon Performing Arts Center. 
    The screening will be followed by a short discussion.
    Admission is complimentary but registration is required to attend.
    For more information about the event and to register, please go to http://events.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=ixkdbgcab&oeidk=a07edext2zpeb145609

  • Go Public! Why Our Public Schools Need Our Help, and How We Can Support Them - Monday, January 30, 7 PM @ Brown County Central Library Auditorium.  For more information, visit the League of Women Voters @ http://greatergreenbay.wi.lwvnet.org

  • "Sunday Funday" will NOT be held January 22nd because of the Packer game. WEAC President Ron (Duff) Martin will be the special guest on Sunday Funday, January 29th! Come one, come all! Sponsored by the Wausaukee Education Association, they will have concessions and sledding on Sundays from 12-2 weather permitting at the football field.

  • WEA Member Benefits Financial Planner, Thursday, February 16 from 9-5 at the Region 3 office. To make an appointment contact:  Brenda Echeverria 1-800-279-4030, ext. 3300.

  • Women's March on Madison, January 21, Noon-5:30 PM @ Library Mall, 728 State St., Madison

  • QEI Online Training of the Trainers - Monday, February 13, 6-7 PM

  • Retired Winter Meeting - February 15, 1-3 PM @ D J Bordini Center, Appleton

  • PDP Reviewer Support - Saturday, March 11 @ Mead Public Library, Sheboygan

  • QEI Face-to-Face Training of the Trainers - Monday, March 13, 6-7 PM @ WEAC Region 3
WEAC Region 3