March 8
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themeGreat News from WES's Sister Community, El Rodeo
Our sister community of El Rodeo, El Salvador recently sent an update on how they are all doing! To see the latest update from the folks there, check out the article on our website. If you're interested in joining the Global Connections Team, we invite you to reach out to Ross Wells at

daywithoutwomenWES Participates in a #DayWithoutAWoman
In solidarity with those striking today as a part of the International Women's Day, the staff here at the Washington Ethical Society are participating. Senior Leader Amanda Poppei, Director of Lifelong Learning Melissa Sinclair, and Music Director Bailey Whiteman will be attending the annual meeting of the Chesapeake UU Ministers Association, the Greater Washington Religious Educators Council, and MUUSICA together. They will all be wearing red and organizing a recognition portion of the meeting. Communications and Administrative Coordinator Robyn Kravitz will be on strike today. You may notice that you will not get a quick response from the WES office. And while we know that may make coordinating activities and schedules take longer, we as a staff are very thankful to serve a congregation where we are given the time and space to support this cause.

If you are looking to join in with the staff on a #daywithoutawoman, we invite you look at the recommendations from the Women's March organizers. Below is Women's March call-for-action (
1) Women take the day off, for paid and unpaid labor
2) Avoid shopping for one day (with expections for small, women- and minority- owned businesses).
3) Wear RED in solidarity with A Day Without A Woman
article2Ice Cream for Breakfast
Another amazing WES auction event was hosted by the Kaufman family this past weekend.  Described as:
Run--do not walk--to the Kaufman house to celebrate Ice Cream for Breakfast Day! It will include a bowl of ice cream with tons of toppings AND waffles. Who said that breakfast should be healthy? Healthy-schmelthy, it hits all the food groups!

Will you be attending a WES Auction event? Be sure to snag some photos and send them to Robyn ( along with a description of the event. We love highlighting all of the different events going on in our community.
news1This SATURDAY: WES Tonight!

WES Tonight! will open its doors this Saturday March 11, at 6:30pm. It will be a Washington Ethical Society produced and performed variety show. Sometimes laughter is the best medicine. And in our current climate, laughter may be just the thing to inspire and empower us as we continue our #resistance work!

WES Tonight! Tickets are $30 each in advance ( The suggested ticket price covers the cost of the show, drinks and light fare, and a donation to the WES Refugee Response Team. We invite you to add a donation to your ticket price as a donation to the support of refugees in our area. We appreciate your support and generosity! However, if the suggested ticket price is prohibitive, please contact us at

Ticket price at the door day of the show will be $40.

Doors will open at 6:30pm.

Bar and light snacks will open at 6:45pm - as well as lobby entertainment.

Doors to the main hall for seating open at 7:15pm.

Show starts at 7:30pm.

Intermission will be mid-show and bar/light fare will be available at that time as well.

This Sunday's Platform
9:30 & 11:30am. 

"Teen Platform" WES Teen Group.
You won't want to miss the WES Teens put on their annual platform as they explore the theme of risk from their own perspectives, and how it applies to their own lives as teenagers in the greater Washington DC area.  The teens will also offer an opportunity for audience participation in a fun game show.  Are you willing to risk it? Music from Lea.

This Sunday at WES

WEStalks, 11am, Social Hall.
"We Will not be Ruled by Fear: Taking Risks for Social Justice," Andrew Batcher.  We've all seen the pictures of the young man in front of the tank at Tiananmen Square.  Or courageous folks desegregating lunch counters in the Jim Crow South, who were yelled at, pushed, and drenched in food.  For Indian independence from the British, millions broke the law by making or buying Indian produced salt.  Social justice is a story of mass courage; courage that is called for now.  

Board of Trustees Meeting, 1pm, Social Hall. All are welcome to attend meetings of the Board of Trustees! Agenda and materials are available in the Members' Access section of our website.

Coming of Age - May All Teens Thrive Information Meeting, 1pm, Classroom 1A & 1B. 2017-2018 Coming of Age Program information meeting for families who will have children entering 6th-9th grades next year (the next two to three cohorts of COA) This is a unique program that runs September through May, currently every other year for 8th and 9th graders and their parent(s). We are especially excited to share with you all some structural and financial changes for this upcoming year! Contact  Melissa with any questions. 

People of Color Meeting, 1pm, Adler Study.

upcomingweeksThe Upcoming Weeks at WES
Wednesday, March 8

  • WES Chorus rehearsal, 7:15 to 9pm, Social or Main Hall. WES Chorus meets weekly to rehearse, under the direction of Bailey Whiteman, Music Director . All music abilities welcome!
Saturday, March 11
  • Courage for Racial Justice, Courage for Collective Liberation: A Program for White People featuring Chris Crass. All Souls Church, 9am-1pm. Registration is $25/person, financial assistance available.  Snacks are included. Our nation needs more people working for racial justice, and white people have particular roles to play. This inspiring and interactive program is designed to help white folks deepen our commitment to racial justice, ground our work in the broader struggle for liberation, and connect with the emotional and spiritual resources needed to be courageous, resilient, and effective over the long haul. Our keynote speaker is author, educator, and movement-builder Chris Crass. Crass is the author of Towards the "Other America": Anti-Racist Resources for White People Taking Action for Black Lives Matter and also Towards Collective Liberation: Anti-Racist Organizing, Feminist Praxis and Movement Building Strategy.  He is a Unitarian Universalist and works with faith-based communities to help build up the spiritual Left. Register now at
  • Second Saturdays Are for Service at Wider Circle, 12-2pm, A Wider Circle. All are welcome! Noon to 2 pm. Join your WES friends as we help sort, clean, and move items for a good cause. Wider Circle: 9159 Brookville Rd # C, Silver Spring, MD 20910
Tuesday, March 14
  • Jam Session, 6pm, Library. At the WES Jam Sessions, interested musicians gather to practice music (possibly with the intention of playing during platform or other events) or just to develop musical skills in a group context. Attendees bring the music they want to play, and play what is brought. All instruments, musical genres, and skill levels welcome! For more information, contact Music Director Bailey Whiteman (
  • Adult Education Council Meeting, 7-9pm Adler Study. This group meets monthly on the second Tuesdays of the month for people interested in creating classes, trips, events for our adult community at WES. If you would like attend, please do. You can also contact Melissa Sinclair for more information.
Wednesday, March 15
  • WES Chorus rehearsal, 7:15 to 9pm, Social or Main Hall. WES Chorus meets weekly to rehearse, under the direction of Bailey Whiteman, Music Director . All music abilities welcome!
Thursday, March 16
  • Social Class and Social Justice, 7pm, Adler Study. 1% of the world owns 51% of the wealth.  50% of the world owns 1% of the wealth.  How does this affect our access to health, food, shelter, education, and leisure?  How does our position at work, in school, in our communities, affect our daily mindset?  What does justice look like, in terms of our share of the goods, of prestige, of decision-making?  The top 1% lives an entirely different class reality from the bottom 50%.  What are the social classes we divide people into, what is the purpose of this division, and what is the justification for this division?  Join WES member and Cedar Lane Social Justice Coordinator Andrew Batcher for this problem-posing workshop, where we will explore these and other questions, and deepen our understanding of social class, social justice, and how it relates to our lives.
Friday, March 17
  • Still Thirsty After All These Years, Scion Restaurant, 1200 East-West Highway. 5:30pm or whenever you arrive to 7:30.  This group is for WES adults beyond the demographics of the "Young and Thirsty" group, but still thirsty for connections, entertainment, and new experiences. We will meet for Happy Hour on the third Friday of every month. Contact Nancy McGuire ( or Shan Evans ( for more details.
  • Screening of Before the Flood, 7pm, Cedar Lane UU . On Friday, March 17, at 7 pm at the UU of Cedar Lane, the Earth Ethics Team will show the 2016 Leonardo di Caprio film Before the Flood. This is a 96-minute documentary film about climate change . There will also be an optional potluck at 6:30pm. For additional information, please contact Linda Silversmith ( or 301-641-9508).
Sunday, March 19
  • Platform Service, 9:30 & 11:30. "Money Makes the World Go Round (?)" Amanda Poppei, Senior Leader.
    Often when we think about risk our mind goes to the stock, risk and reward, high-yield bonds. But sometimes, even talking about money can feel like the biggest risk. Amanda will explore our complicated relationship with money, income, socioeconomic status, and more. Music from Nicole Rumeau and Joshua Long.
  • Tai Chi, 11am, Social Hall. We invite you to join us out on the front lawn (or in the Main Hall if weather doesn't cooperate) for a 30-minute session of Tai Chi. No experience necessary and perfect for all ages and abilities.
  • Schmoozapalooza Lunch, 12:45pm, Social Hall. WES continues our lunch on every third Sunday for all who want to hang out after platform and gab with friends. Gather around tables in the Social Hall and keep on talking. Nosh on a great lunch, with vegetarian options always available. Requested donation $5. Schmoozing with your friends and licking your fingers--what better way to keep on talking, parse the platform, and catch up! (If you plan to attend the 9:30 platform, why not help out the Shmooze team and then join in the good food? Contact Julie Grimes at to get involved).
  • Sunday Book Club, after lunch, Classroom 2. Vicki Fang will lead a discussion of What We Talk about When We Talk about Anne Frank, by Nathan Englander.  For more information, contact Rachel Hartig,  
Monday, March 20
  • Jam Session, 6pm, WES Office. At the WES Jam Sessions, interested musicians gather to practice music (possibly with the intention of playing during platform or other events) or just to develop musical skills in a group context. Attendees bring the music they want to play, and play what is brought. All instruments, musical genres, and skill levels welcome! For more information please contact Music Director Bailey Whiteman (
  • Federal Employees Gathering: Support, Solidarity, and Strategy, 7pm, Library. Join other federal employees to share experiences and learn together. Friends outside of WES are welcome but must come with the recommendation of a WES member to ensure a sense of confidentiality and safety in the group.
For a more detailed and long range calendar, we invite you to check out the calendar on our website:
Second Sundays Are for Service
For March 12's Second Sundays Are for Service, SEEK needs donations of old t-shirts, sweats and fleece as well as baby socks to support the Humane Rescue Alliance. Children will be making rope toys and catnip toys for dogs and cats awaiting adoption.