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May 20, 2013

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LIVE community wide intention meditation.
During the peak of this Full Moon, May 24-26th, the veil between dimensions will be thin. Scroll down and follow the links to learn more about the Legendary Portal Opening during this time.
TODAY Ascending and Descending Beings with Carl Franklin 

Carl Franklin

Carl is a metaphysical researcher who bring cutting edge awareness and unique intelligence forward for his clients in his
Life Script Readings and unique workshops. This month's program will focus on Information from the URANTIA Material regarding Ascending and Descending Beings. Join Carl for this program live and learn more about the Upcoming Urantia Webinar Series and how to determine if you're an Ascending or Descending Being Bring your questions forward. Watch the Video Intro on Urantia 
Monday, May 20th
5PM PT | 7PM CT | 8PM ET
(206) 402-0100   677086#  
The Urantia Material
UrantiaThe authors introduce the word "Urantia" as the name of planet Earth and state that their intent is to "present enlarged concepts and advanced truth."  Among other topics, the book discusses the origin and meaning of life and humankind's place in the universe.  This valuable resource is unique among literature presented by higher intelligences.
4 Part Webinar begins Tuesday, June 4th 
with Metaphysical Researcher Carl Franklin
Business Intuition with Susan Rueppel

Susan Rueppel

Are you ready to clarify your unique, creative direction in the world? During this webinar Susan Rueppel, Chief Intuition Officer, will show you how to use your innate intuition to access the divine intelligence of your business (or project) for the best insights, answers and decisions so you can grow your soul-based business, book or project with clarity and confidence. Participants will receive a mini-Intuitive Business Accelerator Consultation on the webinar. Thinking of starting a business or already have one? This is a must have experience of CLARITY for your work in the world. 


Tuesday, May 21st
12PM PT | 2PM CT | 3PM ET  

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Tantric Pulse Source of You with Karen Holbrook
We have been taught and programmed into switching off, limiting and destroying our inner pulse, a vital sexual sensual energy. It is also the very life force that drives us into ever greater awareness, conscious choices and expanded potential. Free your misconceptions judgements and points of view that limiting the brilliance and awesomeness of you. Join this Wisdom Wednesday discussion to engage powerful intentions that align you with the deep inner pulse that has been seeking to create through you all along.
Wednesday, May 22nd

12PM PT | 2PM CT | 3PM ET
(206) 402-0100     753491#
Lunar Rhythm
Personal & Communal Intention Activation
Wesak Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
During the peak of this Full Moon, May 24-26th, 
the veil between dimensions will be thin.  
Karen "Kazzy" Holbrook will be hosting a special Lunar Rhythm Meditation and Intention Activation for this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Energy. This is a special invitation to become an active contributor within the community. Align your personal intention with the community intention to generate a pulse that expands our outreach and increases our capacity for inner knowing and alignment to cosmic forces that wish to create through our gifts. Learn about the Legend of WESAK and access the communal intention to submit your own intention for this energetically supportive portal.
Join the LIVE Event Friday, May 24th

9AM PT | 11AM CT | 1PM ET 
(206) 402-0100   PIN Code: 677086#
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Psychic Gifts

New information and great examples of working with psychic and intuitive awareness.

 Download a 60+ page PDF slide presentation that you can refer to as you develop your own talents in this arena.

WESAK Full Moon
Gita Saraydarian presents a summary of "Wesak: Greater Energy", The summary covers the keynote of Wesak, and the three aspects of the Wesak energy: purification, destruction, and organization. Meditation of blessing and light follows.

Urantia Book Video Introduction and Testimonials from Students
What is the Urantia Book? Why have you never heard of it before? Find out from real students of this life changing book, and hear how its teachings are changing the world we know.

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