Advisory Boards
In this three hour presentation you will learn everything you every wanted to know about Advisory Boards. How do you set one up? What are they for? Who should be a part? How do you set one up? What are they really for? How do you best utilize one? And much, much more. 

As a founding partner of right angle, Rachel has consulted with many Fortune 100 and international companies, federal agencies, and small to mid-market privately held and family-owned businesses. She has facilitated strategic planning for Federal Agencies and many privately held businesses, as well as non-profits. The WFA Board is included on this list as she has facilitated the past two WFA Strategic Planning Retreats held in late 2016 and 2017.

Rachel is a certified Chief Training Officer by American Society of Training and Development, as well as a certified business coach and Family Business Advisor (Family Firm Institute).

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