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WIF Seattle Sponsors Finding Hillywood
at Seattle International Film Festival  

Dear WIF Seattle Members and Supporters:  


As part of our mission to support women in the film industry, Women in Film Seattle sponsors a feature by a female filmmaker at Seattle International Film Festival each year. This year WIF is proud to sponsor Leah Warshawski and her film Finding Hillywood. We've been following the trajectory of this film since Leah, a Women in Film member, screened a preview at WIF two years ago. We're thrilled that Finding Hillywood was the first film chosen for SIFF's African Pictures Program, for which the festival was awarded a grant from The Motion Picture Academy.

Finding Hillywood is a feature documentary about the beginning of Rwanda's film industry and a real life example of how art heals. It is a film that reminds us how the experience of film can inspire, enlighten, delight, and transform a people and a nation. It tells about Rwanda, a country we are used to seeing through a very different lens, but Leah Warshawski, co-director Chris Towey, and their team provide a different perspective. We see a land of stories and new story-tellers, a land of a thousand hills, with a film festival of its own, now in its eighth year.


We also meet a most tender and charismatic main character named Ayuubwhose love of film has helped guide his people toward a more peaceful future. The Finding Hillywood team is in the process of raising funds to bring him to SIFF via Northwest Film Forum. We invite you to meet him in person. (To donate funds, use the link below or contact Northwest Film Forum.)


Finding Hillywood has its world premiere at SIFF Wednesday, May 29 at 7pm (Egyptian Theater) and screens again Wednesday, June 5 at 4pm (Egyptian Theater). To quote Seattle International Film Festival,"Hillywood, the Rwandan Film Industry, is given the spotlight in this affectionate portrait featuring the filmmaking community, the blossoming film festival culture, and the joy of the people as they experience Rwandan cinema on the big screen."


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Virginia Bogert 
President Emerita, Women in Film Seattle