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October 2017
Not-For-Profit External Financial Reporting  
P art Two

By Elise Zuleger, CPA
Accounting Associate
In this second of a five part series, we will focus on the statement of financial position and its components.

Statement of Financial Position
The first statement that must be reported, if the not-for-profit organization (NFP) has an external reporting requirement, is the statement of financial position. The statement of financial position is comprised of three sections - assets, liabilities, and net assets. This statement can be equated to that of a for-profit company's balance sheet. The premise of assets equaling liabilities plus equity is generally the same. The only difference is in the equity section; instead of equity, NFPs have net assets.

The assets and liabilities of a NFP are the same as that of a for-profit company. The assets are at the top and typically descend in order of liquidity. Liabilities follow the assets and they also typically descend in order of liquidity.

Net Assets
The last section on the statement of financial position is net assets. Since NFPs do not have owners, there is no equity. Any excess of revenue over expenses must stay within the NFP. This section is a bit different from the equity section of a for-profit company in that there are sub-categories within the net assets. The sub-categories of net assets are: Unrestricted, Temporarily Restricted, and Permanently Restricted. The order of this is important because it shows the liquidity of the net assets, similar to assets and liabilities.

Unrestricted Net Assets - those assets that do not have any donor-imposed restrictions on how or when they can be used, and the NFP is free to use them in any way it sees fit.

Temporarily Restricted Net Assets - these contributed assets carry donor-imposed restrictions that require either a certain amount of time to pass and/or the NFP using the assets for a specific purpose.

Permanently Restricted Net Assets - these contributed assets carry donor-imposed restrictions stating that the corpus be invested in perpetuity and only the income be made available in accordance with donor restrictions.

In the not too distant future (effective for year ending December 31, 2018) there will be changes is five areas of nonprofit financial statement reporting, which include:

* Net asset classes
* Liquidity and availability of resources
* Expense reporting
* Statement of cash flows
* Investment return

In the coming months we will keep you abreast of the above-mentioned changes.  If you have any questions regarding the above information, please give us a call.
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