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W/NP Annual Holiday Open House 

Thursday, December 14  9 am - 5 pm 

Complimentary Nicaraguan Coffee and snacks
Beautiful Holiday Gift ideas
Great time to see the updates at the office and mingle with friends
Shipment Updates
It's been a busy year at the W/NP warehouses in Wisconsin and Managua. 
Special thanks to everyone's help in whatever way it might have been! 

CLICK HERE for more pics of front awning construction

CLICK HERE for pics - Wisconsin Loading containers 

CLICK HERE for pics - Nicaragua Unloading containers

HUGE thanks to the Rainbow Team from Tipitapa, they put in a very long day!! 

2018 W/NP  Travel Groups   CLICK HERE  for registration form
  • January 11 - 21 Martin Eyeglass Projects (Jalapa)
  • January 25 - February 7  Appleton Partner City
  • February 15 - 25 Lions Eyeglass Mission (Chinandega
  • February 22 - March 3 Learning Center Trek (San Juan del Sur, Masatepe and Tipitapa) NOTE: 8 tickets left @ $467 deadline Nov. 26
  • May 21 - June 4  University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point 
Cost $800 - $1400 + airfare   (single/double occupancy, type of trip and length of stay)
Brychell Foral, W/NP Summer Intern,  presenting her experience with W/NP at the WI Sociological Assoc. Conference Oct. 2017

CLICK HERE for her unbiased summary titled
                        Real People, Real Help, Real Difference
Learning Center updates

Chinandega will be hosting the last monthly Learning Center meeting of the year, bus will be leaving W/NP Office in Managua at 6:30 am, contact the office if you are interested to go along 2-268-7586  or 8-730-6068

CLICK HERE for last meeting report, previous reports can be viewed  HERE
CLICK HERE for library report - Plantain Lasagna, yum!!

"Enclosed is a check made out to W/NP to be used for two "Stove-Chimney Projects".  Annette and I both agreed that we no longer need to give each other a gift at Christmas time.  We feel that the world needs a little more charity for those really in need of the basics.  This donation will give two Nicaraguan women and their families the opportunity for a safer and healthier life style."   Annette & Steve

You can do the same, select from below or choose your own. 

CLICK HERE and write your preference in the comment section, 
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