W/NP Wisconsin warehouse packing day   April 21 
Come join in this Thursday at the  W/NP Wisconsin Warehouse   we will start about 9 am and continue until done ..... stop out, help sort items, pack a box, have a snack, bring a snack, stay awhile or simply stop in and see how the shipping process works.  

Stevens Point/Esteli Partner City gathering    April 22
Within the organization, W/NP has a unique Partner City program linking communities in Nicaragua with communities in Wisconsin. This structure provides grass roots opportunities in people-to-people activities at the local level. Each of the Partner City committees operate in a unique way that fits for the people involved which fosters a mutual sharing of cultural exchange, ideas, energy, and concern for each other.  

Stop in at the  Sunset Point Winery  this Friday, starting after 4:30 pm, to chat with like minded friends about the current projects and upcoming events with the Stevens Point/Esteli Partner City.  
(Portage County Cultural Festival, Cultural Commons Park Project, Projects in Esteli.....

Click here for more info about the  Stevens Point/Esteli Partner City 
April FUNraiser (whole month of April) 

Appleton Partner City Scoopie Night April 25 
Scoopie Night is a promotional activity at Culver's restaurant. It is named after the ice cream mascot, Scoopie. Partners volunteers offer their services to carry food trays to the tables and to take the carry out orders to the cars. A percentage of the money earned between 4:00 and 8:00 PM is donated to Appleton Partners. We also put up a picture display to promote W/NP. We usually have two Scoopie nights each school year. 

Linda Weber, W/NP President 
George Hanson 
"It is with great sadness we share the unexpected loss of our dear George Hanson. George was an exemplary volunteer, extraordinary cookie baker, and a huge part of Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners. His dedication to the W/NP shipping process was relentless - always there with his truck to pick up various donations needing transport to the warehouse, regularly picking up sewing machines from Norm's along with boxes for the warehouse, and of course George was the master loader of containers - especially good at fitting in all the bike boxes! He always brought delightful and entertaining humor to the packing and loading days, making hard work fun and enjoyable for all!   Hanson was chair of the W/NP Finance Committee and part of the "Tireless Foursome" award with his wife and Tony and Lorraine Danczyk.  George was simply a fun, amazing, kind, generous and joyful person to be around. He will be greatly missed by many and may his example live on for the rest of us.

Are you a member of Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners?
Memberships run calendar year, contact wnp@uwsp.edu to check your status

Student- $10
Individual- $25
Family- $40
Amigo- $100
Life- $500

Stove Project 
Wood stove smoke is a problem for ladies and the rest of their families, especially children, in rural Nicaragua as well as in the large cities.......

Click here for   assorted photos from recent stove workshops in Managua, Villa Japon, El Timal, Sabana Grande and El Comejen. Although it is great to work together when possible, you will notice there are no gringos in the photos, kudos to Fred who commented, " ..the second goal will be teaching people in the community to make these stoves on their own after we leave. One possible solution that we are going to think about is showing two or three how to work together to make stoves for eac h other. This will be possible because the stoves are designed to be constructed with hand tools, locally available materials, and traditional construction techniques..... we have seen once again, how working together produces great progress and drives hope for the future." - Fred Scales