W/NP Wisconsin warehouse packing day   May 19 
FINALLY more comfortable packing weather!! 

Join us for a preview of "George's Place" (the new warming room) and to give a very warm Wisconsin welcome between 10 & 11 to our special guests from Nicaragua!   (Click here for details)

W/NP Wisconsin Warehouse    we will start about 9 am and continue until done ..... stop out, help sort items, pack a box, have a snack, bring a snack, stay awhile or simply stop in and see how the shipping process works.    Directions to warehouse
Firefighters United
Nicaragua, though one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere, it is rich in hard working people who take pride in their beautiful country. Nowhere is this more evident than in the firefighters who work with minimal equipment. Fortunately, this is changing thanks to the generosity of  donors who chip in to purchase vehicles and to the Wisconsin fire departments with their donations of equipment and supplies, 

Click here  to help purchase this vehicle for Nicaragua. Every donation makes a difference.  
Learning Center Updates
This young girl is taking beauty and sewing classes because she wishes to change her way of living. Currently she makes tortillas, she wants to accomplish something different in her life and by learning new skills is the only way she can change her life. She is an example to follow! 

Click here for full report from the El Timal, Tipitapa Learning Center
Sagrado Corazon de Jesus Learning Center report

Article Headline
Thank you  everyone who collected footballs for the  Guerreros De Nicaragua , (Coach Eduardo's main focus is to provide youth healthy opportunities with flag football and youth teams).  We would REALLY like to send many more footballs and sports equipment in the upcoming shipment.  Sarah Jisko  can tell you her method of asking the Packers for footballs, so don't be shy to ask around - the teams and players in Nicaragua will put all the sports equipment to good use!! Drop items off at the W/NP warehouse on May 19th.  
Are you a member of Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners?
Memberships run calendar year, contact wnp@uwsp.edu to check your status

Student- $10
Individual- $25
Family- $40
Amigo- $100
Life- $500