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WORD for the Week for February 4, 2018
Fifth Sunday After the Epiphany
Come and Worship!

WORD for Sabbath Beginnings | 8am Border Chapel 
Scripture Text: Matthew 14:22-34 (NRSV)

Worship Leader: Rev. Dwight Haberman

Holy Communion:  Believing Faith - "Until the 1600's to believe in God and Jesus meant to belove God and Jesus. Think of the difference it makes. It does not mean to believe statements about God and Jesus are true but to belove (love) God and Jesus." Marcus Borg

Does this awareness change your heart and way of living at all?

WORD for Sacred Journey | 8:30am Art Gallery
Scripture Text: Matthew 14:22-34 (NRSV)
Reflection: In Sacred Journey we ask these questions: Is it possible to proclaim our beliefs and also accept that we might be mistaken? How would that change the way we in the church often argue about what beliefs are correct? 

WORD for Traditional Worship | 10am Sanctuary 

Scripture Text: Matthew 14:22-34 (NRSV)
Preaching: Rev. Judy Zabel
Reflection: Speaking Christian: Believing and Faith

Two words we toss about quite a bit in the Church are: belief and faith. What do these words really mean? Do we believe because we believe that...or do we believe because we believe in... Do we have faith that... or faith in...? What did these words mean before the year 1600? You may be surprised. What does this mean for your every day life?

It is Super Bowl Sunday. Please keep in mind:

1. Parking will be the same as every other Sunday. Walker ramp will be open for us and you can get a voucher as usual for free parking. Alliance is still open and streets should be open as well.

2. We are planning for a spectacular Sunday with our usual full schedule. Think of it as pre-game worship.

3. We will have brunch as usual. Volunteers are needed to help serve. Go to our website to volunteer. Thanks.

4. You will get home way before the game starts but if you want to come to Hennepin for our Super Bowl Community Meal, please do. We are showing the game in the Social Hall and we will have snacks until the game ends.

I'll see you all on Sunday! Go Team!

For the Children:  Everyone has been scared at one time or another. Maybe we were lost and didn't know where to find the people who love us. Or perhaps we were in a new situation like the first day of school or meeting a new friend and we didn't know what was going to happen. Times like these, we might get scared. Times like these, we can rely on Jesus. When we are scared or nervous, we can close our eyes, take a breath, and pray for Jesus to be with us. Have you ever tried this? Have you ever done it with someone else when she or he is scared? It's okay to be scared because feelings are okay. And it's more than okay to know Jesus is with us. It's a very good thing!

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