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WORD for the Week for June 10, 2018
Third Sunday After Pentecost

Farewell Sally - You will be missed dearly!!
Come and Worship!

WORD for Sabbath Beginnings | 8am Border Chapel 

Scripture Text: Exodus 3:1-8 (NRSV)

Worship Leader:  Rev. Dwight Haberman

Holy Communion: Standing on Holy Ground

WORD for Sacred Journey | 8:30am Art Gallery

Reflection: At Sacred Journey this week we will hear how the Holy Spirit rests on the people through scriptures Nehemiah 9:20 and Acts 2:1-4, 11-12 as we ask the question: "What's going on here?" and celebrate the many ways the Spirit has blown through this community since its inception. Sally Howell Johnson will reflect on how the Spirit has been challenging and surprising this group of the faithful for 24 years as she says a heart-felt farewell to the community as she retires. There will be great music with jazz musicians Mary Louise Knutson, Steve Blons, and Daryl Boudreaux.

WORD for Traditional Worship | 10am Sanctuary 

Scripture Text: Exodus 3:1-6 (NRSV)

Preaching: Rev. Sally Howell Johnson

Reflection: In the traditional service, we will hear the call story of Moses in Exodus 3:1-6 which will guide our worship together. How is Moses' story like our own? How is it like Hennepin Church's story? What can we learn from once again hearing God's call in his life? Reverend Sally Howell Johnson will share in the message of "Standing on Holy Ground" celebrating 33 years of ministry in this congregation.

For the Children and Their Parents/Guardians: Today is Rev. Sally's last Sunday as one of the clergy of our church. We will miss her and all she has brought to our church for so many years! In Sunday's Bible reading for worship, Moses has his last day of being a shepherd as he becomes a servant of God. Some of you probably had your last day of school recently or you're about to have it soon. Along with that last day, maybe you had some tough goodbye moments. Maybe you'll miss being in your teacher's class or you have a friend you won't see for a long time (or maybe a friend who is moving away and you don't know when you'll ever see them again). Maybe you're one of those kids who just plain loves school and are sad to leave for the summer. Last days can be tough. What have been your toughest "last day" experiences? What is a "last day" you look forward to having? God is with us all of our days - from our first to our last and every day in-between. How can you remember God is with you in any tough "last days"?

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