Wisconsin Federal Contractor Forum- Washington, D.C.
April 25, 26, 27 

We have planned the Wisconsin Federal Contracting Forum around the interest and concerns of Wisconsin companies.  Our goal is to help you plan effectively for your company's government business by offering you the most current information available on your programs and giving you access to experts and insiders who can answer your questions.

Attendees will have the opportunity to get insights on future spending plans and priorities, understanding the current funding process and obstacles, network and learn from government officials and experienced federal contractors and resources.

Businesses interested in attending please contact Hilary DeBlois to discuss your specific areas of interest.

For additional information and to register visit

SAME Small Business Conference
Northbrook, IL


Acquisition Hour: Export Controls -ITAR & Associated Requirements
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Acquisition Hour: Overview of the FAR
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What it Takes to Write an Effective Proposal
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Important to ALL Small Businesses

Federal contracting officers must, to the extent practicable, encourage maximum participation by small business, veteran-owned small business, service-disabled veteran-owned small business, HUBZone small business, small disadvantaged business, and women-owned small business concerns.  Federal prime contractors who have Small Business Subcontracting Plans also have small business requirements.

One of the primary sources for locating small business sources is the US SBA Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) search.  A small business can establish this profile during their System for Award Management (SAM) registration or through the US SBA General Log In System (GLS).   [On a side note - the DSBS will be migrating to the new and developing sometime this summer.]  The GLS will facilitate easy updates to your profile.

Take a look at your DSBS profile.  It should be complete and current.  Our staff is finding many companies are missing information, have dated information and do not reflect the potential of the business.
Some suggestions:
  • Make sure your indicated CONTACT and CONTACT INFORMATION is current and correct. 
  • The default search results include the CAPABILITIES NARRATIVE field.  Over half of the fields in DSBS show this field blank.  This is the first thing that someone searching for sources will see - this field should be completed and reflect what your business can do.
  • Keep your SAM registration current.  The default search only selects businesses with an ACTIVE status.
  • Enter all of your NAICS codes.  When someone searches on the NAICS code field, only firms with that NAICS code will show in the results.
  • Consider including information on your quality program, export capabilities, and other fields. 
  • Do be aware that this is a publicly accessible site and information is visible to anyone (though sensitive information remains private). 
The DSBS is an important marketing tool in the government market.  If you need assistance in setting up your profile or would like someone to review and help you update, please contact Kim Garber at (414) 270-3600 or 

With Gratitude

Over the last two months, we have had the pleasure of hosting a 4 part webinar series presented by Phil Bail, CPCM, NCMA Fellow, on CONTACTOR PURCHASING SYSTEM REVIEW (CPSR).  We want to thank Phil Bail of Phil Bail and Associates for sharing his expertise and experience on this topic with the Federal contracting community.  We encourage you to contact Mr. Bail if you need assistance on the CPSR.  Phil can be reached at
FY 2016

Total Wisconsin Federal Awards to Wisconsin Companies $3.73B
Total Wisconsin Federal Awards by Place of Performance $3.32B

Top 10 Counties By Place of Performance (millions):
  •   Winnebago $1,430.00 (Oshkosh Defense)
  •   Dane $548.43 (WPS Insurance Corp)
  •   Milwaukee $283.74 (Industries for the Blind)
  •   La Crosse $211.01 (Logistics Health)
  •   Outagamie $163.48 (Tower Industries)
  •   Waukesha $114.90 (Konecranes Nuclear Equipment & Service)
  •   Rock $106.00 (AMTEC Corp)
  •   Brown $82.73 (Krueger International)
  •   Monroe $82.00 (Versar, Inc.)
  •   Kenosha $49.77 (Ocenco)

TOP 5 NAICS Codes (millions):
  • 336212 - Truck Trailer Mfg. $939.99
  • 336992 - Military Armored Vehicle $314.94
  • 332992 - Ammunition $213.86
  • 621111 - Office of Physicians $204.94
  • 522390 - Credit Intermediation $183.83

Top First Time WI Contractor (millions):
  • Calumet Diversified Meats - $2.37
  • Silver Lake Construction - $1.90
  • PGB LLA - $1.49
  • American Patriot Construction Service - $1.02
  • Quality Lockout - $0.93

Top 5 Small Business Contractors (millions)

  • Tower Industries - $125.52
  • AMTEC Corporation - $87.40
  • Didion, Inc. - $34.40
  • Statz Corporation - $23.96
  • Avantti Builders Group - $20.03

Get Ready DOD EMALL Open Period April 3 -28

DOD EMALL is an electronic commerce ordering platform that is in place to serve DOD customers worldwide. These include DOD military and non-military customers, DLA and customers of government entities (including Federal, State and/or Local).

EMALL is a standing solicitation and is currently posted on FBO under the following solicitation number: SP4708-15-R-0001. Contracts awarded are Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity firm fixed price contracts with Economic Price Adjustment. They will be awarded for a base period plus four option periods of one year each. Additionally offerors may offer zoned pricing for up to 10 geographical areas.

A unique element of this solicitation is that offers may only be submitted during two specified open periods per year. Offers submitted outside of these open periods will not be evaluated and will be returned to the offeror. The open periods for 2017 are:
  • 03 April - 28 April
  • 03 October - 31 October
The scope of this solicitation is commercial items as defined in FAR Part 2.  Additionally items are limited to a subset of 436 DLA managed PSC/FSCs which are specified in Table A 6.2.1 of the solicitation.  
The solicitation lists types of items that are also excluded from consideration. It is the offerors responsibility to determine the acceptability of the items offered. Items which have a NSN assigned will not normally be added to the EMALL catalog as will items that require source inspection and others. Additonally items which are determined to be Essentially the Same as items listed on the AbilityOne list of products will also be excluded from being added to the EMALL catalog.  
Offerors are required to provide with their offer a list of contracts (government and/or commercial) performed in the past two years. This would include items on Other Federal Agency (OFA) procurement instrument such as a GSA and/or Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) Multiple Award Schedule (FSS) contract or other similar vehicle. An offeror who is a dealer/reseller without significant sales to the general public is still eligible for the EMALL program however, the solicitation details the information that will be required.  
To be eligible for the award, the offeror must be determined to be responsible (FAR 9.1), the items submitted must be determined to be within the scope of the solicitation and at pricing that can be determined to be fair and reasonable. Also, please note that the EMALL platform is in the process of undergoing changes which includes a name change from EMALL to FedMall. Currently, FedMall is projected to launch in late June of 2017. For assistance contact Marc Violante at or (920) 456-9990.