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Conducting Business with DLA
Department of Defense (DOD) contracting operations is comprised of 23 Contracting Agencies which in FY2017 awarded contracts totaling greater than $320 Billion. Among these 23 agencies, the Departments of the Navy, Army and Air Force contracted for the greatest amounts of products and services. Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) which is known as "The Nation's Combat Logistics Support Agency" was the fourth largest defense spending agency in FY2017 with awards in excess of $35 Billion. 
DLA's headquarters is located at Fort Belvoir, VA with various offices and resources located in 48 states and 28 countries. Principle buying locations are located in Columbus, OH, Philadelphia, PA and Richmond, VA. The size of DLA's customer base and the scope of contracting needs is hinted at by the values in the following table.  

Aviation - Richmond, VA:  $6,577,598,722.63  18.59% 
Land & Maritime, Columbus, OH:  $3,966,903,076.63  11.21% 
Troop Support, Philadelphia, PA:  $14,675,153,792.77  41.48% 
Disposition, Philadelphia, PA:  $121,287,258.49  0.34% 
Energy, Ft. Belvoir, VA:   $7,224,578,139.22  20.42%
 Other:  $2,810,663,755.61  7.95%
 Total -  $35,376,184,745.35  
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Capabilities Statement Winners  
The 12th Annual Volk Field / Fort McCoy Small Business Conference featured a competition  June 19-20 for the best "Capabilities Statement."  These statements are a one-page summary of a company's business line, including key elements that government buying agencies look for when seeking sources for purchasing goods and services.  There were 17 submitted documents at this year's contest, which were judged by peer business people attending the conference on how well the document communicates core competencies, past performance, differentiators, corporate data, and contact information.
The attendees voted for three winners. 
First place:  Quintec Integration Inc., a Waukesha-based minority-owned small business, specializing in material handling system integration, that supplies conveyor systems, represented at the conference by Marketing Manager Colin Daviau.
Second place:  North Woods, a family-owned small business in Sheboygan that provides environmentally-conscious cleaning, sanitation and maintenance solutions, represented at the conference by Denise Schaller, Chief Executive Officer; Terrence Schaller, President; Jack Near, Vice President; Pre Priyadarshane, Chief Digital Officer; and John Backman, Government Sales Specialist.
Third Place:  Catalytic Combustion Emission Technologies, of Bloomer, a privately owned company manufacturing muffler and silencer exhaust systems and catalyst products, represented at the conference by Vice President David Pike.
Wisconsin Procurement Institute is a Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) that assists Wisconsin businesses in creating, developing and growing their Federal, State and Local government sales, revenues, profits, and jobs. WPI sponsors and supports events like the Volk Field / Fort McCoy Small Business conference throughout the year as forums for education and interaction between government agencies and business.

SBA Inspector General Report on Women-Owned Small Business Contracting Program

From the Inspector General - "This audit report presents the results of our audit of the Small Business Administration's (SBA's) Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) Federal Contracting Program (Program) with the objectives to determine (1) whether contracts awarded on a sole-source basis complied with requirements of the Program and (2) whether firms that received set-aside contracts on a sole-source basis conformed to the self-certification requirements. The purpose of SBA's WOSB Program is to provide greater access to Federal contracting opportunities for firms that are women-owned small businesses and economically disadvantaged women-owned small businesses that meet Program requirements."

Contact Kim Garber at or 608-444-0047 for assistance or questions with the WOSB program.

CLASS DEVIATION - Threshold for Obtaining Certified Cost or Pricing Data

This class deviation rescinds and supersedes Class Deviation 2018-O0012. Effective July 1, 2018, contracting officers shall use $2 million as a threshold for obtaining certified cost or pricing data, in lieu of the threshold of $750,000 at Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) 15.403-4 for prime contracts entered into on or after July 1, 2018. Section 811 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 (Pub. L. 115-91) increases the threshold for obtaining certified cost or pricing data under U.S.C. 2306a (frequently referred to as "Truth in Negotiations Act
")  and 41 U.S.C. 3502 from $750,000 to $2,000,000 for contracts entered into after June 30, 2018.  
A fake solicitation purporting to be from Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) for a "REQUEST FOR QUOTATION" has been targeting GSA STARS II vendors in the public sector.

The e-mails are not from DLA.MIL - The e-mail may appear to be from DLA on first glance; however, the "Reply-To" address of the fake e-mails ends with a "" extension. In some cases, "stars2@americanconsultants. com" has been identified to supposedly send messages on behalf of a DLA Contract Specialist - these are also fake.

Some e-mails suggest the companies use the "stars2" Google Group "" for more information or to unsubscribe from the e-mail communication. The "stars2" group is NOT a DLA affiliated group.

To view full details of the notice along with visual examples, please go to:

In closing, please remain vigilant and be cautious when opening attachments. The specific e-mail attachment was not identified to contain malware, but the financial risks are high if the scammer is able to get a company to send them a virtual grocery list of technical items. Be sure to contact your typical DoD point of contact when engaging business to ensure the best possible communication and safety. Questions or comments can be directed to the DLA CERT's Fusion Cell: CERTFusionCell@DLA.MIL.  
Subcontractor Past Performance Pilot Program 
The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal year 2017 (Pub. L. 114-328), Section 1822, added paragraph 8(d)(17) to the Small Business Act, 15 U.S.C. 637(d)(17), to provide that SBA shall implement a pilot program to establish past performance ratings for small business subcontractors. Under this program, a small business concern without a past performance rating as a prime contractor in the Past Performance Information Retrieval System (PPIRS) may request a past performance rating in the Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS), if the small business is a first tier subcontractor under a covered Federal Government contract requiring a subcontracting plan in accordance with FAR 19.702(a). Ratings of subcontractor performance can be requested on subcontracts that exceed the simplified acquisition threshold, or subcontracts for architecture-engineering services valued at $35,000 or more as provided in FAR 42.1502.  
Preparing for a New SAM Log-in

To help prevent fraudulent activity in the System for Award Management (SAM), GSA is introducing a new security measure by using to authenticate registered SAM users. The first time you log in to after June 29, 2018, you'll be asked to create a new user account. Going forward, you will use your username and password every time you log into . Your current username and password will no longer work.
To migrate your roles, you must know and use your current email address to create your new user account
. If a different email address is provided when you create your new user account, you will need to request your roles again. This could cause delays in updating your existing registrations.  
If you do not know what email address is currently associated with your user account, you have until late on June 29th to find it on under Account Settings. To locate your current email, go → My SAM → My Account Settings → Edit User Information. After June 29, 2018, your current username and password will no longer work to log in to, so take steps now to confirm your email!
Please contact WPI for assistance if needed.  

IRapt Suite implementing new GFP module

The GFP Module is a new WAWF application that consolidates GFP tools into a single application.

The application was rolled out on April 2nd with the attachment function replacing functionality formerly performed in the Toolbox and IUID Registry.

In Mid July the GFP movement function will allow shipment and receipt to be performed in the module instead of IRapt.
Property Loss and Plant clearance are tabled for 2019.
If you need any assistance with iRapt, please contact Ben Blanc at or 414-270-3600
Delivering Government Solutions in the 21st Century - Reform Plan & Reorganization Recommendations

Last year President Trump signed an Executive Order directing the Office of Management and Budget to develop a plan to reorganize the Executive Branch of the federal government.

Read the plan at
Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Information Operations

Bookmark this website for one stop information on being successful as a supplier through the Enterprise Business Systems (EBS). View updated information from DLA  as well as supplier notices and resources.

In addition, print the DLA pocket guide on the Internet Bid Board System (DIBBS) for an easy to use resource.