General Manager Newsletter | June 2016 
In Memoriam
NPR Photographer David Gilkey (right) and International Translator Zabihullah Tamanna (left) were killed on Sunday June 5, 2016 when their Humvee was hit by rocket propelled grenades during an assignment. David was an NPR photojournalist who had covered war and conflict in Afghanistan since 9/11. He was devoted to showing the public these wars and the people caught up in them. Read more

"The things to do were amazing and the places to see were epic, but the people, the people are what made it all worth the effort."
David Gilkey
Celebrating 50 Years
"We really appreciate the informative news stories; unbiased news that took us out of Laramie, out of state, out of the country. WPR will continue to be a mainstay in our house for ourselves and our pets."
Leah Hardy , Laramie, WY
Grand Teton Music Festival 2016 Season
Grand Teton Music Festival Concerts, recorded live at Walk Festival Hall in Teton Village, air Wednesday nights at  8:00 p.m. on WPR and Classical Wyoming with your host Micah Schweizer. Get the festival schedule here.
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Best Of Wyoming and Events Calendar
Planning a summer road trip or just need help picking a neat place to visit as a Wyoming resident? Check out WPM's Best of Wyoming interactive map or the WPM's new events calendar for ideas!
50th Anniversary Historical Timeline
Take a journey back in time by exploring Wyoming Public Media's 50th Anniversary Historical Timeline. This interactive timeline starts at the very beginning of public radio in Wyoming and will take you through more than 90 years of history.

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Fond Farewell
WPM's intrepid, nationally recognized Education Reporter, Aaron Schrank, headed to San Antonio's Texas Public Radio. During his time at WPM, Aaron's work generated additional funding from the Ellbogen Foundation and several other donor entities. He was also the recipient of two Edward R. Murrow Awards.

WPM received four 2nd place national awards at the annual Public Radio News Directors Inc. (PRNDI) Conference. We received 2nd place in the Enterprise/Investigative category for a story by Miles Bryan titled "Should We Put Kids On The Sex Offender Registry?". We also received 2nd place in the best Sports Feature category for Bob Beck's story, "Bullfighters Take Their Jobs Seriously".

Open Spaces received 2nd place for News/Public Affairs Program at the Public Radio News Directors Inc. Conference. This is the 8th time in 10 years Open Spaces has either won 1st or 2nd place.
HumaNature won 2nd place for best station podcast at the Public Radio News Directors Inc. Conference. Podcasting is a new category for this years' awards.
WPM's Podcast HumaNature and Host Caroline Ballard were featured on the HowSound podcast from PRX/Transom.
Wyoming Public Media would like to officially welcome a few new members to our team.
An Oregon man is killed when he slips into a hot springs hundreds of yard off the boardwalk in Norris Geyser Basin. A Canadian tourist is fined $735 for picking up a bison calf that had to be euthanized. Another group of Canadians faces criminal charges for filming themselves walking on Grand Prismatic Spring. Two visitors have died already this summer season, but the risky behavior continues.
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Christina Kuzmych
General Manager
Wyoming Public Media
"Thank you for your loyal support as listeners, members, and donors. We accomplished so much together this year in programming, production, and technology. More people tuned in to Wyoming Public Radio than ever before, and our online service was accessed by more than 1 million unique individuals. More stories and feature aired nationally than ever before, sharing Wyoming stories nationally and globally. Two new podcasts were created and gained national attention. Success happens only when all parties are truly committed to a common goal, and in Wyoming, this commitment is a given. When this newsletter reaches you we will be closing out the fiscal year. If you haven't already made your pledge to WPM, take the opportunity now and donate to WPM. Again - thank you!
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