Women's South Carolina Golf Association
Wine and 9 Summer Series
The WSCGA Wine & 9 Summer Series is growing everyday with new venues that want to be a part of this opportunity to promote fun golf for everyone. Each venue has there own unique spin on the events and design the formats to what they want for the area. These events are open to all women! WSCGA Members, non-members, handicaps, and no handicaps; our goal is to grow the game and encourage everyone to play.

The link below will take you to the WSCGA Wine & 9 website for more information on each event. Since each Wine and 9 Venue is unique - we are building the links weekly with details for that event. So please check the site frequently for updated information and new additional sites added.

The Clubs below are some of the courses that have committed to hosting a Wine & 9 this summer, to learn more about that site click on the courses logo to go there site.
May 24th - $25 - 5:30pm Shotgun
August 30 - $25 - 4:00pm Shotgun
Details TBD
Details TBD
Details TBD
Details TBD
September 6 - $20 - 5:30pm Shotgun
June 21 - Details TBD
July 19 - Details TBD
June 19 - $25 - 5:30pm Shotgun