Why SGT?
This is why we do what we do.

"I've tried every workout, every gym out there and nothing's worked!"

Small Group Training (SGT)
at 614Fitness was born out of our desire for better: provide a better fitness experience... a better gym atmosphere where small groups of like minded people develop and grow with the support of both the group and experienced professionals.

Safe:   This means a lot at 614Fitness. Not only keeping you safe from injury, but also creating a safe space for each member to challenge themselves, get out of their comfort zone, possibly stumble and ultimately succeed.

Directed: With a qualified trainer w orking in a small group allows you to get maximum results, personalize and modify each exercise and make amazing progress.

Intentional:  Each SGT class is professionally designed to maximize your workout.

Focused: Every week features a functional fitness workout and rotates through our four pillars of SGT to maximize your fitness:
  • First week of the month: Challenge
  • Second week: Strength
  • Third: Cardio
  • Fourth: Balance and Stability
Varied: Every time a member comes in to the studio the workouts are going to be different, challenging, dare we say fun and new. Boredom is the death knell of any fitness program.

Every time you sign up for SGT on the schedule, you are signing up for the flagship workout of 614Fitness. A workout designed to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Upcoming Events
June 10th -  Polaris Mall
Our Favorite 5K.
Motivation May
Change is Good
Change is Growth
During the entire Month of May we will be celebrating Motivation.
Starting with:
Wednesday, May 2
Save the Date!
This evening clinic will be devoted to your goals and gaining some insights on achieving them. Hear from our trainers about their fields of expertise.
May will be filled with lots of motivation...
Stay Tuned for MORE!
Spring Schedule
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