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January 12th, 2012
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"EVOLVE 10: A Tribute To The Arena" is this Saturday, January 14th, at the former ECW Arena in South Philadelphia. It will air at 8pm EST. on worldwide live iPPV at www.WWNLive.com and can be pre-ordered right now. This issue of the WWNLive.com Email Magazine is devoted to this Saturday's historic show, as the most famous independent wrestling venue in the world holds its final wrestling event.

We also have an article penned by EVOLVE Co-Founder Gabe Sapolsky. This Saturday marks Gabe's 10th anniversary of booking shows, making an an extra special event personally for him. Sapolsky writes a surprising story about Eddie Guerrero on the very first Ring Of Honor show here.

Now A Word From Our Sponsor: The DGUSA.tv Store and 267-519-9744 will have tickets on sale through Friday night for this Saturday's Philly event. Your shipping will be refunded and the tickets will be held at the door for you. GA tickets are $20 in advance, $25 at the door on the day of the show. 3rd row tickets also just went on sale and are selling fast. We recommend reserving your tickets now. There are also three new DGUSA DVDs on pre-order.

EVOLVE is ready for a "statement show" this Saturday. Let's take a closer look at it now.

EVOLVE 10 Preview

match-by-match look at this Saturday


EVOLVE has a huge opportunity this Saturday in Philadelphia. Since it is the last wrestling show at the former ECW Arena there will be extra attention and more eyeballs on the product. This is EVOLVE's chance to win over new fans and make a "statement" with this event. Here is a match-by-match look at this Saturday's card featuring today's new stars and great upcoming talent:

Open The Freedom Gate Title Match
Johnny Gargano defends vs. Ricochet

Gargano and Ricochet were the 2011 breakout stars with vast improvement, incredible poise and title victories to back it up. Now they have arrived and are two of today's most exciting new stars. We highly recommend watching these two, free videos for everything you need to know about this match:
Johnny Gargano Wins DGUSA Title & Previews Match vs. Ricochet
Ricochet Is Ready For Title Match At Final ECW Arena Show

Style Battle Rematch
Sami Callihan vs. Bobby Fish

Callihan enters the match 3-2 while Fish has a misleading 1-4 Record. This is a rematch of the Style Battle tournament at EVOLVE 8. The two fought in the 2nd round of the tournament with Callihan gaining the win. However, the story is deeper than that as Fish had just been in a 25-minute epic contest against Austin Aries while Callihan had extra time to rest in the locker room from his first round match. Now both competitors enter the ring at 100%. This is an important match for Callihan, who can climb to an impressive 4-2 mark or fall to a medicore 3-3 Record. Fish needs to start picking up wins to match his ability.

Tag Team Action
Super Smash Brothers vs. Chuck Taylor & Rich Swann

This is the first payoff of the DGUSA/EVOLVE union as now the buzzworthy stable of Ronin come to EVOLVE in the form of Chuck Taylor & Rich Swann. This bolsters the tag team division. Taylor & Swann want to start off on the right foot with a winning record as they try to get in contention for The Open The United Gate Tag Team Titles. Meanwhile, Player Uno and Player Dos have been building momentum in EVOLVE and a victory here will solidify them as a force.

Special Challenge Match #1
AR Fox vs. Jigsaw

This first-time-ever match could steal the entire show. The fearless, high-flying AR Fox is primed to be the man in 2012 with a 2-0 Record and the win at Style Battle. Jigsaw, a respected veteran from CHIKARA, now wants to make his name in the singles division. This is going to be a great wrestling match.

Grudge Match
Cloudy vs. Cheech

They reigned on top of the EVOLVE tag team division until Cheech's shocking turn on Cloudy at EVOLVE 9. Now they will fight it out this Saturday. This must watch video explains it all.

Special Challenge Match #2
Pinkie Sanchez vs. Uhaa Nation

Pinkie Sanchez wants to build on his 1-0 Record, but he is faced with the new sensation Uhaa Nation, who will make his EVOLVE debut. Nation has just returned from a tour of Dragon Gate in Japan and has quickly won over everyone who has seen him wrestle. Sanchez is representing all the D.U.F.'s out there.

Tag Team Attraction
Caleb Konley & Scott Reed vs. John Silver & Alex Reynolds

The Scene of Konley & Reed have quickly emerged as a very promising team. The cocky duo with Larry Dallas bring a 1-0 Record up against the new team of Silver & Reynolds. Silver & Reynolds are two of the more promising talents in the Northeast and this will be a big opportunity for them.

In Need Of A Win
Jon Davis vs. Kyle Matthews

The title of this match says it all. The powerhouse Davis started to make his mark in 2011, but his 0-1 Record means that he needs to win. Matthews impressed DGUSA officials last March and now will get an opportunity to win his way on the full time roster.
Just Added
Ahtu Has An Open Contract
The big, muscular Ahtu, who is sponsored by Larry Dallas, has an open contract this Saturday. 
EVOLVE 10 on January 14th will be a night of opportunity. It is the first show since the DGUSA/EVOLVE union. It is the 2012 premiere. It is time to make a statement.

The Final Segment

we will give The Arena a proper farewell


The final segment on this Saturday in Philly will be "A Tribute To The Arena" hosted by Joey Styles. This will take place after the Johnny Gargano vs. Ricochet main event, which will be the last official match in the former ECW Arena.

Joey Styles
Joey Styles

"A Tribute To The Arena" will not follow EVOLVE rules and regulations. Anything can and will happen. It is the only way The Arena can go out. All we know now is Styles, the legendary voice of ECW, will start things out by introducing someone who is important to the history of the building. There will be extreme surprises.


One name we can confirm is New Jack. If we know anything about New Jack, it's that he is unpredictable and he never goes anywhere just to talk.


In other news, there will be a very unique picture opportunity this Saturday before the EVOLVE card. Fans will be able to get a picture in the ring with Joey Styles, who will pose like he is interviewing them. This will be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get your pic taken in the middle of the ring of the former ECW Arena. Some of the most memorable, chaotic and legendary things in ECW history started with a Joey Styles interview in the ring. Now fans can get their picture taken in that same location with Styles himself.


EVOLVE officials still aren't sure exactly what will happen in this final segment, but "A Tribute To The Arena" will give The Arena a wild and memorable farewell.

10 Years 
By Gabe Sapolsky

I still remember the feeling I had when I walked into The Murphy Recreation Center almost 10 years ago to book the very first Ring Of Honor show. I'll steal the line from Rush that "ignorance gave me confidence to go up against reality." I was kinda young, a little crazy and very determined to make the most of it.

The memories from that night are vivid. I had gone over the show 1000 times in my head. Everyone was prepared. Things were going smoothly until Hall Of Famer Eddie Guerrero came up to me upset and mad.

"I'm not putting Super Crazy over," he said bluntly.

I replied that it was for a title we set up with Victor Quinones in Puerto Rico. I'll never forget the firm tone of his soft voice when he replied, "I don't give a fuck about Victor Quinones and his title."

As he finished the sentence the words popped into my head, "I can't believe this is happening on my very first show with Eddie Guerrero."

We walked away from each other and then sat down about 15 minutes later and had a great talk. Eddie was remorseful he got angry. He was frustrated because every indy promotion was just using him to put over their own talent and he reached a boiling point at that moment. I couldn't blame him. He was then very cooperative and a pleasure to work with. I never told that story before, mainly because I didn't want it to come off disrespectful to Guerrero, but ten years later I have to because that was my first major lesson as an actual booker.

At that moment I started to learn about all the intangibles, problems, road bumps and headaches that come with booking shows. Things you could never expect happen all the time. You always have to be ready for a plan to fall apart. I also learned about the incredible feeling of when everything comes together. I'll never forget the first "ROH" chant that night and thinking "holy shit, this worked." Nothing compares to that.

Booking is a roller coaster ride of emotions. It's not about writing things on paper. It's about dealing with people. Now that ride has lasted for ten years. The ups are amazing and the downs are as low as it gets. No matter how good or bad things become, I always make sure to step back and realize how lucky I am. I appreciate it all.

It comes full circle for me this Saturday. I get to book the final show in the former ECW Arena, the place where I made my first dollar and grew up in the business. To say I'm hyped up is an understatement. The pressure is on. We have to deliver one final, memorable pro wrestling event in those hallowed halls. The EVOLVE talent roster has re-energized me and I know they will deliver. This is a statement show.

The list of people I need to thank for making this all possible is endless. I'll keep it real simple. My beautiful, funny, intelligent wife is first and foremost for standing by me and supporting me even when I was at my most unbearable. She is my best friend. My mom and dad for being so supportive and for being the best parents anyone could ask for. I haven't thanked JT Smith or Tod Gordon enough over the years. I wouldn't be here now without their help and the lessons I learned from them in my early days. Of course there is Paul Heyman, who continues to be the best mentor anyone could ask for. Sal Hamaoui, the most underappreciated figure in all of wrestling, has been a true friend and incredible business partner. One wrestler (of the countless that need to be thanked) I want to make particular mention of is Bryan Danielson. He was the MVP and a crutch for me from the very first ROH show all the way through DGUSA and EVOLVE. I hope he makes millions now in WWE. He deserves it. I could continue, but I would have to write a book of all those who have helped, befriended me and made the last ten years happen. Please just know that I appreciate you.

Most importantly, there is all of you out there reading this. You made it possible. You have traveled up and down the road with me. I started the first DGUSA show with a video to the song "Besides You In Time" by Nine Inch Nails. That was very symbolic because you have all been there besides me in time, some of you from ECW to ROH to FIP to DGUSA to EVOLVE. You have my most sincere thank you, respect and appreciation.

Ten years is mind blowing to me. I'm not as young anymore, I'm not nearly as crazy, but I'm even more determined than I was when I first walked into the Murphy Recreation Center. Thank You.
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