September 10, 2017
Play Ball!

Our Fall season - albeit a wet one to start - is now well underway! Soon, the temperatures will be dipping and the sun will be setting earlier and earlier, but we're glad you joined us for our 2017 Fall Ball program.

As always, be sure to check our website for updates as we play through the season!
5PM Game Start Times

We know it's a challenge, but daylight becomes scarce in the fall so games need to start earlier. Beginning the week of September 18th, weekday games (except Tee-Ball) will begin at 5PM to ensure adequate daylight. Please check your schedules for details.
Weather Announcements Can Be Tricky

Sometimes, Mother Nature doesn't cooperate and makes weather announcements difficult. Generally, the league makes game day announcements at 3:30PM on weekdays, 8AM Saturdays and 11AM Sundays.

Weather can sometimes change after we make our announcement - and even be different in one part of town vs. another. This might not allow the league to make an update and thus coaches and parents should follow our weather policy and be prepared to report to the fields.

And remember, field changes are sometimes necessary as a result of other factors, so please be sure to call the Weather Hotline (614-523-6220) or check our Twitter Alerts ( @WYBSLalerts) before leaving home for all games.
Make-Up Games

When necessary, make-up schedules are set by the League and posted on the  website. Coaches should not schedule make-up games nor change schedules once set.

Our "make-up week" is Saturday through Thursday. For example, a Thursday night rain-out will be made up 3-4 days later on Sunday or Monday. A Saturday rain-out will be made-up 8-9 days later on the following Sunday/Monday.

Final make-up schedules are generally posted on Thursday evenings (after scheduled game times) but when postponed or suspended games occur, you should plan to play based on the above guidelines. Note: this is only a guideline and may be modified based on field availability (especially with High Schools) and managing the number of consecutive playing days scheduled.

Important Parking Reminder

When parking at City parks, please remember to be safe and always obey traffic & parking laws. And please, respect neighbors who live by them by using sidewalks and dedicated paths to and from the fields. 

Specifically at Towers Park, stay within the marked "turf parking (A)," use the Spring Road lot (B) or street parking reflected below. Also, parking restrictions are posted on some city streets and are always in effect.
Towers Parking


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