Check out what exciting tastings are going down at Wades Wines in 2018!
February 2018 Tasting Schedule
Thurs. Feb. 1st, Fri. Feb. 2nd, Sat. Feb. 3rd, & Sun. Feb. 4th
  Eagle Rock Brewery Tasting
Treana Wine Tasting
 The same trinity of elements, sun soil and ocean that inspired the Hope family to move to Paso Robles nearly four decades ago was also the inspiration for this iconic label. Treana makes wines using grapes that flourish in their Paso Robles vineyards as well as other unique regions of the Central Coast.

 Thurs. Feb. 8th, Fri. Feb. 9th, Sat. Feb. 10th, & Sun. Feb. 11th 
Fremont Brewery Tasting
Aged Syrah Wine Tasting
Many people don't realize that high quality Syrah can age for nearly as long as Cabernet Sauvignon.  Like Cabs, as they age, Syrah's become smoother and more complex, with multiple  flavor  layers.  We have some great Syrahs that have been sitting in our temperature controlled warehouse for about a decade, waiting for just this tasting.  Take this rare opportunity to experience these exquisite wines.
Thurs. Feb. 15th, Fri. Feb. 16th, Sat. Feb. 17th, & Sun. Feb. 18th
 Silva Brewery Tasting
Wagner Family Wine Tasting
Wagner family wines (Caymus, Mer Soleil, Belle Glos, Conundrum, & Copper Cane) are family owned and operated wineries that started when Grandfather Carl founded Wagner Winery in the Rutherford district of Napa Valley in 1915.  

 Thurs. Feb. 22nd, Fri. Feb. 23rd, Sat. Feb. 24th, & Sun. Feb. 25th 
  Dark Beer Tasting
Klinker Brick  Wine Tasting  
 Fifth generation grape growers Steve and Lori Felten are often asked why they gave their winery the unusual name of Klinker Brick. Klinker bricks (named for the unusual sound they make when banged together) grace many of Lodi's historical buildings. These highly regarded bricks were chosen by 1920s craftsmen architects for their distinctive qualities including unique shapes, high density and dark, rich color. High density, and dark, rich color also help describe the winery's exceptional lineup of red wines such as their Old Vine Zinfandels made from vines ranging from 40 to 120 years old.
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Thurs.-Fri. 4:30pm to 9pm
Saturday 2pm to 9pm
Sunday 2pm to 6pm

Please remember all drinks need to be consumed before our closing times.

Management reserves the right to substitute items being tasted.

Tastings subject to change on Sunday.
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